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Lending Policy 12.06.22
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A library card must be presented when checking out materials according to Mid-Hudson Library System Resource Sharing rules and is needed to access online resources. Once a card has been issued, a library card holder may present a current driver’s license or photo ID with current address in lieu of a library card. Library card numbers are required in order for staff to access patrons’ accounts over the phone. Some services in the MHLS are library-specific and not available to patrons of all member libraries.

Any individual who resides in the Town of Clinton is eligible to receive a Clinton Community Library (CCL) card free of charge. CCL can also issue cards to other residents within the Mid-Hudson Library System. Patrons’ home libraries will be assigned according to their home address. People who live in the MHLS service area but do not have a local library may also receive a CCL card. Those who live outside the MHLS area may receive a non-resident CCL card at the discretion of the Library Director or a designee.

When applying for a library card an applicant must show proof of residence. Adults need a valid government-issued photo identification with their current address, such as a driver’s license. Alternatively, a photo ID along with a piece of mail addressed to the applicant and received at the current address will suffice. Children up to the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the registration card acknowledging responsibility for any lost or damaged items.

Use of the library card is non-transferrable and cardholders are responsible for all materials borrowed on their card, all use of the card, and all charges accrued.

Library cards expire after 3 years. In order to renew a library card, patrons must produce identification and must clear all outstanding fines and bills.

If a library card is lost, the patron should notify the library as soon as possible and request a replacement. There is no charge for a replacement.        

Online Patron Registration

Patrons may apply for a library card online through the CCL website, Upon filling out the form on the website, they will receive immediate access to online resources databases. Online cards need to be verified according to Mid-Hudson Library System Resource Sharing rules or they will expire after 30 days. ID and proof of residence (as indicated above) can be either scanned and emailed or brought into the library. At that time a permanent library card will be issued and either held in the library or mailed to the patron. Once the permanent card is obtained, the patron will have full access to physical materials as well as online resources.


All library materials circulate free of charge. Items may be borrowed from and returned to any library in the Mid-Hudson Library System. All physical materials should be returned inside the library during business hours or placed in the outdoor book drop. Items returned through the outdoor book drop after the library has opened may not be checked in until the following business day.

All library material circulates for a set time designated by the library. Patrons will be made aware of the loan period by request and when material is borrowed. Reference materials can be loaned at the discretion of the Library Director. Overdue materials will be charged a fee based on the number of days that the material is overdue.

There is no limit on the number of items a patron can borrow at one time.

System Holds

Patrons can request library materials from any library in the Mid-Hudson Library System through the CCL website, or the Circulation Clerk can help a patron do so in the library or by telephone. Patrons will be notified by telephone or email when material on hold becomes available. Items remain in “awaiting pickup” status for 7 business days (days that the library is open). After that time period, the item must be sent back to the owning library or moved on to the next hold.


Any material that does not have a hold on it can be renewed in person, by phone, or online in accordance with the policies of the Mid-Hudson Library System. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the Library Director.

Library materials that are checked out and eligible for renewal will auto-renew once. Two days before the item is due, patrons will receive an email notice to inform them that their item has been renewed and will now be due at a later date. If an item cannot be renewed, a courtesy notice will still be sent with a reminder that the item is due.


As of January 1, 2023, the Clinton Community Library will no longer charge overdue fines for late library materials; however, it is the patron’s responsibility to keep track of due dates, and patrons are expected to return the items on time. Items that are checked out at another library and returned to Clinton may accrue overdue fines if the other library is not fine free. Overdue notices relating to late items will be sent by email in a timely manner.

Lost, Missing, or Damaged Items

If an item remains overdue and unreturned for 4 weeks, the full replacement cost will be billed to the patron’s account. If the patron is able to find the overdue or billed item prior to the Library buying a replacement, the replacement cost will be removed from the patron’s account fully. This cost is calculated from the cost of the item and the materials required to process the item (barcodes, book wraps, cases, etc.). In the event the item is found by the patron after the Library has replaced the item, no refund or waive of charges will be provided and the original item will be considered the patron’s property.

Damaged items, including items with missing parts, are assessed at their current, full replacement costs. Patrons are responsible for replacing any lost items by paying the full replacement cost of the item. Patrons will be notified as soon as possible by mail or email if an item is missing. If an item is returned with a missing part (e.g., a CD is missing from an audiobook), or with damage beyond reasonable wear (e.g., pages torn out, broken binding, water damage) library staff will notify the patron by phone. At the discretion of the Library Director, the Library may accept replacement materials for items charged at the discretion of the Library Director.

In the case of replacing materials from other libraries, patrons shall remit cash or a check made payable to the owning library, which will be forwarded to that library. If a patron offers to replace the missing or damaged item with a replacement copy at a library other than the owning library, that library must contact the owning library to see if they will accept a replacement copy. It should not be assumed that this is acceptable. Replacement copies must be forwarded to the owning agency. [1] Replacement fees may be paid in the library or online. It is the patron’s responsibility to request a receipt when paying for a lost item.

Owing $10 or more in outstanding fines to any Mid-Hudson Library may result in the suspension of borrowing privileges at the Clinton Community Library and at all other Mid-Hudson Library System Libraries. Borrowing privileges resume when the fees are under $10.00.

Approved December 13, 2010
Revised and approved by the Clinton Community Library Board of Trustees April 12, 2021
Revised and approved by the Clinton Community Library Board of Trustees December 5, 2022 reflecting fine-free language

[1] MHLS Resource Sharing Standards