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April 2022

Ancient Ocean Arcade is open On Saturdays (9am-1pm) until May 22. This installation & event was made in collaboration with Vanessa Santos at the High Desert Test Sites HQ Booth at Sky Village Swap Meet, next to Bobb Carr’s Crystal Cave. Thanks to everyone who came and smiled in the fun house.

Thanks to Sky Village, Elena, Sydney, Vanessa, Vanessa, Neil, Connor, Anita, Patricia, Dani, Szabo, Madeline, Aimee, & Kate.

Thanks to the local artists who helped design our arcade tokens: Linda Sibio / Cracked Eggs, Caroline Partamian / Other Desert Radio, Vanessa Santos, Danielle Kinoshita, Aidan Koch, Emily Endo, Sunny Maher, Jimmy Parkhouse, Saewon Oh, & Ry Rocklen. Arcade tokens are still for sale and money generated will 100% benefit the local community thru:


You can currently see my work at Quality Coins, Berserk Productions, and Sky Village Swap, all in Yucca Valley. Coin Shop behind Kasa, Art Office behind Unity Home, and the Swap Meet.

March 2022
Group Show at Quality Coins in Yucca Valley!

Showing work with a few of my favorite people…



Opens March. 13th 12-3pm

March 13th 2022 - April 10th 2022

7303 Apache Trail, Yucca Valley CA 92284

YUCCA VALLEY, CA — Join us for the opening of Land Line, an exhibition of artists cohabitating, communing,

composting, and making art in their shared high desert homes. The comfort and angst of a bygone

suburban domesticity leaches into the sculpture, painting, and collage of Elena Yu, Jim Kanter, Syd Abady,

Abbey Lee Sarver, Harley Hollenstein, and Connor Thomas Schwab.

From the “For Sale” signs and eviction notices woven into the old screen doors of Syd Abady to the Fly Fishing

Flies criss crossing a pair of brown waders from Elena Yu the exhibition trawls the underwater mortgage.

With the sand painted circuits and soldiers from Jim Kanter to the walnut box compositions constructed by

Connor Thomas Schwab the breakers are tripping. In the deserted tide pool collages of Abbey Sarver and the

tiled earthen containers of Harley Hollenstein the debts of our domestic existence have been collected.

Under one roof Land Line illuminates the vision of six artists sharing the shifting landscape of their desert

community. Come enjoy donuts and coffee at our opening on March 13th from 12-3pm.

Quality Coins is otherwise open by appointment through the office of Ry Rocklen who can be reached at: and via Instagram @qualitycoinsyv @ryrocklen


Work available for a very low price to purchase at GREENPOINT FRAMES, in Brooklyn, NY, until Sat, 4/30/22. Thank you to the angel in charge of the new Mirror Gallery, Adam Collignon. Thank you for believing in & supporting Mirror Manager!

October 2021!
Check out
GEM GLYPHS, now live on the High Desert Test Site webpage.  Scroll through the main site to see.

July 2021

A laser cutting machine in my home studio. A dream came true after many years of wishing & working. Big thanks to everyone who helped me pay for it by purchasing work this spring, specifically Mark Price. Even bigger thanks to Reed Humphrey for helping me get everything set up!