Service Level Agreement

This Agreement represents a Service Level Agreement (“SLA” or “Agreement”) between Europa Labs (“Service Provider”, “Vendor”) and customers owning active and valid licenses of Europa Labs’ Products obtained via the Atlassian Marketplace.


Support includes all issues and questions that are directly related to the Vendor’s Products. Support does not include product training, issues related to other vendor’s products, or Atlassian application issues.

Customer Responsibilities

Customer representatives will communicate through one of the prescribed channels and have reasonable availability when resolving a service request.

Service Request Classification

Service Request priority levels will be defined as:

Level 1 - Critical

The Product as a whole is not accessible or usable. That is, no Product Content is viewable.

Level 2 - Major

A significant part of the Product is not accessible or usable. For example, notebooks cannot be opened in edit mode, but may be viewed in read-only mode.

Level 3 - Minor

A non-core aspect of the Product is not functioning correctly or performance is impaired. Core product aspects include the ability to view, create, edit and run notebooks; and the ability to view, create and open datasets.

Level 4 - Cosmetic/Enhancement Requests

This includes usability or style improvements and requests for new features.

Vendor Responsibilities

Vendor responsibilities include:

First response to acknowledge requests will be within the following timeframes:

Level 1 - Critical

16 hours

Level 2 - Major

24 hours

Level 3 - Minor

2 days

Level 4 - Cosmetic/Enhancement Request

1 week

Hours of support

The Vendor’s support team is located in Melbourne, Australia. Support hours are:

Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Australian Eastern Standard TIme)

Excluding public holidays in Victoria, Australia.

Support Channels

Service requests can be raised via:

Service Desk at

Email at

Documentation can be read at