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Updated Seg Fee Campaign - FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions about Mandatory Fees

What’s wrong with mandatory fees? I like some of the services they pay for!

What do you mean by “mandatory fees”?

Why is the TAA campaigning for mandatory fee remission?

Is it legal for the university to pay our mandatory fees?

Can you give me some numbers?

What do other university employees pay?

The four largest components of seg fees are bus passes, access to the Wisconsin union, Recreation Services, and UHS.

Whose fees should the university cover?

Why is tuition remission not enough? Why wouldn’t a stipend increase work instead?

Is there precedent for covering fees? How do our fees compare to other schools?

 Where is UW–Madison going to get the money?

How will this affect undergrads? Why should faculty care about mandatory fees?

My advisor/department are empathetic, what can they do to help the campaign?

Will students lose services if the university covers these fees? Will student groups lose funding if the university covers these fees?

What happens if I don’t pay my fees? Will I get in trouble?

My segregated fees are paid for me by a fellowship, grant, loans or a refund. Can I still support this campaign?

What do UW-Madison grad workers have to say?