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Petition to Modify Child Support
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Petition to Modify Child Support

Reopen Filing Fee $50.00 Summons Fee $10.00

*IV-D Cases No Reopen Fee*

This listing of forms contains the standard forms required for filing with the Court. Please be advised that all of the forms on the list may or may not be required in your specific case. Also, the Court may require other forms in addition to the ones listed. The following forms are approved by the Florida Supreme Court and may be found at their website: As you scroll down the page, the forms are sorted by form number. For each form you wish to print, select the format you wish to use (either PDF/Adobe or RTF/Rich Text Format) and the form will appear in a printable version. Also, a photo ID is required at the time of filing. Forms that are found at the Clerk’s Website use: 

Form Number                        Form Name

12.905 (b)                                Supplemental Petition For Modification

                                        Of Child Support

12.928                                Cover Sheet For Family Court Cases

12.910 (a)                                Summons: Personal Service on an Individual

                                        *3 Copies*

12.900 (h)                                Notice of Related Cases

12.932                                Certificate of Compliance with Mandatory


12.900 (a)                                Disclosure from NonLawyer

12.902 (b)/(c)                        Financial Affidavit (short/long form)

12.902 (j)                                Notice of Social Security Number

12.902 (e)                                Child Support Guidelines Worksheet

12.902 (f)(1)                        Marital Settlement Agreement for Dissolution of

                                        Marriage with Dependent or Minor Child(ren)


Clerk’s Website                        Settlement Agreement For Parties Who Were

                                        Never Married with Dependent or Minor Children

Forms for Respondent:

12.903 (e)                                Answer to Supplemental Petition

12.902 (b)                                Financial Affidavit

12.902 (j)                                Notice of Social Security Number

12.915                                Designation of Current Address and E-Mail


Forms for Petitioner:

12.922 (a & b)                        Motion for Default and Default

Clerk’s Website                        Notice for Final Hearing/Non-Jury Trial