Climbing Programs Manager (Head Coach) Job Description

Title: Head Coach

Reports To: Site Manager

Direct Reports:  Level 1, Level 2, and Specialty Coaches, Climbing Instructors, Private Instructors, Fitness Instructors, Camp Coaches

Department: Climbing Programs

FLSA Status: Exempt

Classification: Full-Time Salary

Location: Reno

The Why:

Mesa Rim’s vision is to improve the quality of life of our community. We believe climbing can be transformative and we're driven to inspire lifelong climbers who seek learning, self-growth, and connection with the community. The Head Coach brings this to life by leading regional educational Climbing Programs in service of the community.

The How:

As Head Coach, you are an experienced climbing coach and leader. You steward Mesa Rim’s industry-leading Climbing Programs vision and actively pursue taking it to the next level. You harness your skills and expertise to guide, inspire, and develop your team members to be their very best in support of that shared vision. As Head Coach, you demonstrate the communication and professionalism standards and hold these high standards for your team.

The What:

Operational Excellence: The Head Coach is responsible for the quality and management of Climbing Programs at Mesa Rim site(s) within the region; Head Coach establishes operational standards and ensures operations of all Climbing Programs run smoothly and meet established goals.

Leadership Excellence: The Head Coach is responsible for leading the continued development of the Mesa Rim Climbing Programs’ vision and guiding, inspiring, and motivating the efforts of their team in support of that shared vision.



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