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Board Of Trustees Meeting 3/11/20
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Amended Minutes for Joslin Memorial Library Board Meeting

                        5:30 P.M.  Joslin Memorial Library

                                Date:  March 11, 2020

Present:  Jean Joslin, Sally Reisner, Trish Read, Carol Hosford, J. Butler, Anna Church

Absent:  David Babic

Additions and Deletions:  

        Delete Friends of Library Report

Approve Draft Minutes:

 Reviewed January 8th and February 19th .

        Trish moved to accept, Sally Reisner seconded.

Children’s Librarian’s Report

        Some new families have started coming to story hour.  

        The three Valley Children’s Librarians are beginning to plan for summer.  Cory Stephenson is seeking funding from Rotary to support “big ticket” performers around the theme “Imagine Your Story.”

President’s Report:

        It’s the first anniversary of being open again.

        VLA conference is May 28th in Killington.  Jean going.  If others are interested, let Jean know.

        A boiler inspection took place.  All is o.k.

        Jason will get 6-volt batteries for smoke detectors s well as a broom for the front of the building. We need to seal stone under the overhang.

        Jason’s office needs repainting.  Bob & Jay met with painters.  It will probably take a week starting Friday, March 27. Most everything has to  be moved out of the office.  Likely cost:  $4,000 - $5,000.        

                Sally moved to go ahead with the project.  Trish seconded.

Approved unanimously.

        Last year Carpenters’ cleaning company come in to do an extensive cleaning prior to re-opening .  We might want to add on to our present cleaners after painting.  J. & J. doing a good job presently.

        Mad River Properties does yard work. Jean proposed that they do a good thorough cleaning around the outside of the  library.  

        Jane Macan will do the boxes that Sandra Reilly has been doing.  


Treasurer’s Report:  

Financial Report:

We’re still within budget overall.  Green Mtn. Messenger bills should go under 450.1 instead of under postage.  

We have a grant to offset some of expenses of interlibrary loan.  Jason applied to renew the grant.

Librarian’s Report:

        Jason summarized upcoming programs and gave an overview of circulation and patron counts which show good increases over a year ago.


New Business :

        Meetings will begin at 5:30 in the future.

        Vote on new policies:  Collection Development, Mission Statement, Personnel

        Trish moved that we accept the draft policies above. Sally seconded.

Voted unanimously.

        Our bylaws still need to be developed.  Jason will work on these.

        Carol will develop a policy on Evaluation of Employees.

        Jason will also develop guidelines for volunteers.

At 6: 45 Jean moved to adjourn.  Sally seconded.

The next meeting to look at the bylaws and guidelines will be April 8th at 11:00.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be on May 13, 2020 at 5:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Hosford, Secretary