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1.        Purpose

Proper District operation requires that adequate, basic insurance programs be provided for the protection of the District and its employees.

2.        Authority

        SC 513, 774

The Board has the authority and responsibility to provide adequate insurance coverage to protect the District's interests. Such coverage shall be in accordance with established guidelines.

In placing insurance, the Board shall be guided by the service of an insurance agent, scope of coverage provided, price of desired coverage and assurance of coverage.

The Board shall appoint an insurance advisor, who may be the agent of record.

3.        Guidelines

Liability insurance for the District shall include coverage for liability as a result of general liability.

Health care insurance shall include coverage for regularly employed staff members for:

  1. Hospital care.

  1. Medical-surgical treatment.

  1. Major medical expenses.

  1. Dental care.

  1. Prescription care.

Group life insurance shall include coverage for administrators and regularly employed staff members.

Disability insurance shall include coverage for administrators.

Transporting Students In Personal Vehicles

District employees transporting students in personal vehicles are not covered by District liability policies. Only properly authorized District employees using District vehicles are covered by the District liability policy.

District employees electing to transport students in their own vehicles do so at their own risk.


In the event of a qualifying event to the employee, the employer has thirty (30) days to notify the plan administrator of the termination, reduction in hours, or death of the employee. This terminates his/her insurance under the plan.

The plan administrator has fourteen (14) days to notify the employee of the right to continue coverage under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 (COBRA).

In the event of a qualifying event to a dependent, the employer has fourteen (14) days to notify the dependent of his/her rights to continue coverage after being advised by the employee or dependent that the event has occurred.

Qualifying Event         Duration of Continuance

                                of Coverage

Termination of employment                Up to 18 months

(except for gross misconduct)

Reduction of the employee’s                Up to 18 months

hours which results in loss of coverage

Death of an employee                        Up to 36 months

Divorce                Up to 36 months

Loss of dependent coverage                                Up to 36 months

because employee becomes

entitled to Medicare benefits

Dependent child no longer meets                Up to 36 months

definition of an eligible dependent

Terminated employees are responsible for the gross rate of premiums charged, with an additional two percent (2%) charged for additional corporate administrative cost.

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