If you Don’t Have Internet Access at Home

In support of schools, students, & communities during this period, Comcast is making some significant changes in its Internet Essentials program to ensure that all people have an opportunity to be connected:


*Any new IE customer will receive the service free of charge for 60 days.

*All IE customers will receive a free speed increase to 25/3 service.  This will help support a household instead of individuals.


All applicants may go to www.InternetEssentials.com to submit for IE service.


Self-install kits take about 5-7 days for shipping.  If people need a service call installation, they are free.

Additionally, Comcast has also taken these steps:


*All US Xfinity hot spots are open & free to everyone—even non-Comcast customers.

*All data plans have been upgraded to Unlimited for 60 days.

*All disconnects & late fees have been paused—however, the customers must contact us to acknowledge the status of their accounts.

*Please see the above re: free IE service for new customers & an upgraded speed tier for all IE customers.

*With Common Sense Media, we have added educational programming for all school levels on the X1 & Flex services.  Just say “Education” into your voice remote (or find it on the guide).

*For the latest news & information about Covid-19, just say “Coronavirus” into your voice remote (or find it on the guide).


Comcast has a dedicated team monitoring network performance during this situation.  That is in addition to their regular 24/07/365 Engineering & Tech teams.


For more information & updates from Comcast, you may also go to http://www.comcastcorporation.com/COVID-19/

Avoca School District does have a limited number of wi-fi hotspots available to families with a demonstrated need. Please contact your school principal for more information.