Welcome to the Season 49 mock draft! One of the most exciting times in the off-season is the player draft and this season is very WR heavy, which makes it even more exciting for those who want to upgrade their offense! So we thought we’d make things a little fun by doing a mock draft with the current draft order, breaking down what each team needs most and what will be available in the draft! Enjoy!

*To break ties in the draft, the team with the lower strength of schedule (i.e. their opponents compiled fewer wins) is granted the earlier pick in round one. Division tiebreakers (if the teams are in the same division). Conference tiebreakers (if the teams are in the same conference). Coin flip(s), which occur(s) at the pre-draft Combine.*

Georgia’s blue chip defensive end Jaleel Duncan has climbed up to #1 overall on Mel’s Big Board

1. Tennessee Titans (0-16)
Coach CGrossIII
Needs: QB, OL, HB

The Titans have weaknesses everywhere, as expected. Couple that with the leave of absence the coach gave about a month ago, you have a winless season. Now with a new coach in town and the first pick in the draft, the Titans could go anywhere they want. They really need to upgrade almost every position, but it starts with the Quarterback who as of right now is Luke Falk (65 overall). So i see the Titans going QB with the first overall pick.

Pick: QB: Roy Steltz, LSU

2. Dallas Cowboys (1-15)
Coach Texmexgalvan
Needs: DE, LB, QB

The Cowboys had himself a terrible season 48 after such a great season 47, now he finds himself with the 2nd overall pick in the draft. The Cowboys still have a strong nucleus especially at offensive line. Where they really need an upgrade is at defensive line, and what a treat! Jaleel Duncan should be here for them, and many have him as the best player in the draft, overall!

Pick: RE: Jaleel Duncan, Georgia

3. New York Giants (11-5) *via Chicago Bears
Coach Commissioner Jeff
Needs: CB, OL, DL

Commish Jeff made a blockbuster deal trading OBJ to the Bears to acquire the 3rd overall pick in the draft, hoping Jaleel Duncan will fall to him here. Unfortunately i think they’ll be 1 short, but that’s okay. The next best thing will be at CB where the Giants just lost Janoris Jenkins. Luckily there is a blue chip CB right here with the 3rd pick in Lynn Brooks out of USC.

Pick: CB: Lynn Brooks, USC

4. Washington Redskins (2-14)

Coach Cheese0824
Needs: OL, LB, S

The Redskins are back in the top 5 of the draft once again. They definitely still need a QB but it’s not a pressing need like offensive line, linebacker, or safety. The Redskins have a lot to choose from here, and we’re not exactly sure where he’s going to go. He could go Derek Ricks, Darian Murphy or Josh Laboy. I think the smart move here would be to go with the best offensive lineman available.

Pick: RG: Derek Ricks, Nebraska

5. New England Patriots (2-14)
Coach Hovadagod_23
Needs: WR, DL, S

The Patriots obviously had a tough season without Tom Brady trading for Matthew Stafford (who was traded this offseason to Pittsburgh) and then drafting
Stryzinksi. This is only Stryz’s 2nd season so i don't think the Patriots are going to replace him so quick. What they really need to do is grab one of these stud receivers, and help out that offense. There are 5 on my top list, and Adams is my #1.

Pick: WR: Tomas Adams, USF

6. Carolina Panthers (3-13)

Coach Dpanther95
Needs: QB, WR, CB

The Cam Newton era is over in Carolina and the fans are going crazy. There’s really no other way the Panthers should go here, they need to replace Cam Newton in this draft right now. I think the top QB will be off the board in Steltz here, but there will be another one here that has the potential to be very very good, and that is Hansen Trusnik out of Auburn, what a coincidence.

Pick: QB: Hansen Trusnik, Auburn

7. Oakland Raiders (3-13)

Coach Kalikarpenter
Needs: QB, WR, OL

The Raiders have a whopping three first round picks and deservedly so. They traded David Carr in the off-season and now they have a huge hole at QB. Barring them signing Cam Newton, they’re going to need a QB, and its possible that both blue chip QBs will be off the board by the time the Raiders are up. So what do they do? Go grab a blue chip WR and worry about QB later in the draft.

Pick: WR: Rannell Royals, Michigan

8. Buffalo Bills (5-11)

Coach Trigrdan
Needs: DL, OL, TE

The Bills and Coach Trig had a tough season, another one. The good news is Justin Hebert is now a 90 overall, but the bad news is they need help at offensive line, tight end, and running back. More bad news, they need defensive lineman more than anything. D.J. McFoy or Cory Bilukidi would be a great pick here at number 8. I slightly give the edge to McFoy.

Pick: DT: D.J. McFoy, Ohio State

9. San Francisco 49ers (6-10)

Coach SoSickin432
Needs: WR, HB, CB

The 49ers also have 3 first round picks, and they have a lot of holes that need to be filled. Not listed is linebacker, since they traded
Rueben Foster, also not listed is offensive line which could need some help too. However, the biggest need is wide receiver and he’s in the right spot here to grab my #1 sleeper pick in the entire draft. His name is Henry Beckett out of Southern Illinois, watch out!

Pick: WR: Henry Beckett, Southern Illinois

10. Miami Dolphins (7-9)

Coach Beers
Needs: LB, OL, TE

The Miami Dolphins finally got their QB last season in Malcolm Goodman, so that’s no longer a need. They also jumped out and finished 7-9 which is light years better than Season 47. They do need some help though, and it looks like they’re going to get a fantastic player fall into their lap at #10. Josh Laboy, linebacker out of Wisconsin is arguably the best player in the draft.

Pick: ROLB: Josh Laboy, Wisconsin

11. Arizona Cardinals (15-1) *via New Orleans Saints

Coach GiL_GaRZA
Needs: OL, TE, CB

The champions made a trade in Season 48 that gave them the Saints 11th pick in the draft. What do they need? Well they do have some holes, contrary to belief. It starts at offensive line, but offensive line isn’t one of the strong points in this draft. They traded TE Trey Burton in the off-season and i think that was premeditated to draft the best TE in the draft here at #11.  

Pick: TE: Colin Wedige, Florida

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-9)

Coach Jfon
Needs: S, WR, OL

The Buccaneers have a strong team, there’s no question about that. We’ve made arguments about the Bucs drafting a QB for a couple seasons now but it’s clear that Jfon is not moving away from him. So what are the Bucs going to do here at #12? They could grab a WR to compliment Evans, or they could go secondary and bolster the safety position, which is think they should do.

Pick: SS: Darian Murphy, Ohio State

13. Detroit Lions (7-9)

Coach MrRoclo
Needs: OL, LB, WR

The Lions are very solid at every starting position they do lack depth, but that’s something you can take care of here in the draft. If they need any upgrades it would be at offensive line. Like we mentioned before this draft isn't very strong with offensive lineman, so we expect the Lions to go with the best linebacker available here and that would and should be Damarr Stecker out of Texas.

Pick: ROLB: Damarr Stecker, Texas

14. San Francisco 49ers (6-10) *via Philadelphia Eagles

Coach SoSickin432
Needs: WR, HB, CB

The second pick here for the 49ers and i think this time they should try to help that secondary out. They have a hole at strong safety and there is a very good safety on the board here at #14 and his name is Julius Narcisse, not only a great name, but he’s a hybrid safety that could really make a huge difference in his rookie year.

Pick: SS: Julius Narcisse, Alabama

15. Kansas City Chiefs (9-7)

Coach DoubleD187
Needs: OL, LB, WR

It feels wrong seeing the Chiefs drafting at #15. However, here we are. The Chiefs only have a handful of offensive lineman on their roster, so it’s a no brainer here. They absolutely need to grab the best lineman available and it looks like it could be C Cardarious Dodson out of FSU. He’s an agile lineman, who can play any one of the 5 lineman positions.

Pick: C: Cardarious Dodson, Florida State

16. Cincinnati Bengals (9-7)

Coach Gouch
Needs: HB, WR, LB

The Bengals had a surprisingly good Season 48 finishing 9-7, but their offense was and is lacking. They need upgrades at running back and wide receiver. Unfortunately there really isn’t any HB’s deserving of being picked this high, but we still have a handful of receivers who can go here at #16. I’m thinking either Franklin Norris or Sedrick Perriman here for the Bengals.

Pick: WR: Sedrick Perriman, Tulane

17. Los Angeles Rams (9-7)

Coach RobPowers
Needs: LB, DE, OL

The Rams found their QB last season after trading Jared Goff and putting Shea Patterson in the starting lineup or i’d be campaigning for a QB here at #17. However, the Rams have some other holes. They definitely need linebacking help, and another defensive end. So what’s the best thing available here? I really like the idea of drafting DT Cory Bilukidi here and moving
Brockers to DE.

Pick: DT: Cory Bilukidi, Texas A&M

18. Denver Broncos (9-7)

Coach Sawemoff90
Needs: OL, HB, TE

When you look at the Broncos, you say, wow what a defense! However they need some help on offense. Especially at offensive line. They could also grab a HB here (Heisman Trophy Winner Julian Connor comes to mind) but they really need to help that line desperately. There is a LG out there Jerald Beasley out of Georgia who would be a solid pick here at #18.

Pick: LG: Jerald Beasley, Georgia

19. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6)

Coach Pauly2110
Needs: OL, LB, S

Pauly immediately addressed the retirement of Ben Roethlisberger by trading for Matthew Stafford who immediately turns into the starting QB. In addition to that, the Steelers need some help on the line. However, there’s not much here in the first round for lineman. So what’s the next best thing? There is a top 10 player that should be here for Pauly, his name is Demont Stephens, FS out of Nebraska.

Pick: FS: Demont Stephens, Nebraska

20. San Francisco 49ers (6-10) *via Indianapolis Colts

Coach SoSickin432
Needs: WR, HB, CB

This is the 49ers 3rd pick in the top 20. That’s unheard of. They should have already grabbed their WR and DB with their previous picks, so what now? How about the Heisman trophy winner? HB Julian Conner out of Fresno St. rushed for over 1800 yards last season and can be the
work horse that the 49ers need on offense. Look for them to go with the Heisman winner here.

Pick: HB: Julian Connor, Fresno St.

21. Cincinnati Bengals (9-7) *via Minnesota Vikings

Coach Gouch
Needs: HB, WR, LB

The Bengals were eying Connor i think but i don't think he’ll be here for them at #21, but they could focus more on fixing that defense. The best linebacker on the board right now will be Jimmy Filipovic out of Duke. I think they could also look at Reggie Dawson, the CB out of Alabama. It will be a toss up, but i will give the edge to Filipovic here with the 21st pick.

Pick: LOLB: Jimmy Filipovic, Duke

22. Baltimore Ravens (10-6)

Coach Bhicks14
Needs: DL, WR, S

The Ravens had themselves another strong season but ended in the wild-card round. They have a very solid team position by position but they could use another WR to compliment Jarvis Landry. Luckily as we mentioned this is a WR heavy draft! There should be another stud WR left here and his name is Franklin Norris out of Troy.

Pick: WR: Franklin Norris, Troy

23. Seattle Seahawks (11-5)

Coach Mindenplaya
Needs: OL, TE, DL

When you look at the Seahawks roster, you say to yourself, wow these guys overachieved. They have some serious question marks, and it starts with that offensive line. They desperately need to upgrade that line, unfortunately there’s nothing much out there that will fit here with the 23rd pick. I still think the Seahawks line is so bad, they need to take a shot at grab Mario Wolfert out of N.C. State.

Pick: LT: Mario Wolfert, N.C. State

24. Cleveland Browns (12-4)

Coach Pettigrew95
Needs: LB, WR, OL

The Browns have a strong team, if there were any issues it would be at linebacker. Most of the top linebackers will be off the board here at #24 so the Browns need to get creative. There is a lot of noise coming out of Southern Utah with the LB Rashaud McCluster running a 4.6 40, which is very good. I think that's where the Browns are going to go, to try and upgrade that position.

Pick: LOLB: Rashaud McCluster, Southern Utah

25. Green Bay Packers (10-6)

Coach Lhu27
Needs: WR, TE, DL

The Packers are one season removed from winning the championship. So as you can expect they do not need much help. However, it looks like they lost TE Jimmy Graham so they are absolutely going to need to replace that big target. The Packers can look at two possibilities here at TE. Noah Ryan out of Kansas or Mike Tipton out of Ole Miss. I think Ryan fits this team better.

Pick: TE: Noah Ryan, Kansas

26. Jacksonville Jaguars (10-6)

Coach Enzo
Needs: QB, WR, S

The Jaguars finally let go of Blake Bortles. That means they are going to need a QB and now! I believe the once rated top QB in the draft will be dropping here to the Jaguars. D.J. Spurlock who had himself a strong combine, should be the Jaguars top pick here with the 26th pick if he’s still around. Which we think he should be.

Pick: QB: D.J. Spurlock, Tennessee

27. Oakland Raiders (3-13) *via Houston Texans

Coach Kalikarpenter
Needs: QB, WR, OL  

The Raiders are about to have back to back picks here and i'm sure they will be upset that Spurlock was taken ahead of them. They wont let that happen again and they will take the best QB available, which should be Houston Vickers out of Tennessee. He has arguably the strongest arm in the draft and that's something that has to be appealing.

Pick: QB: Houston Vickers, Tennessee

28. Oakland Raiders (3-13) *via Atlanta Falcons

Coach Kalikarpenter
Needs: QB, WR, OL

I think the Raiders should go best available here. Having 3 first round picks is great and sometimes you have to just take the best player available. CB Reggie Dawson out of Alabama might be here for the Raiders, and if i were them i’d grab him in a
heart beat! Adoree’ Jackson is the #1 CB and behind him is Gareon Conley, it would be better to grab him some insurance.

Pick: CB: Reggie Dawson, Alabama

29. Chicago Bears (2-14) *via New York Giants

Coach Remo357
Needs: LB, OL, QB

The Bears swapped picks with the Giants when acquiring Odell Beckham Jr. in the offseason. Also in the trade they lost MLB
Roqoan Smith. They will need to replace him, and replace him with this pick here. The problem is there wont be a serviceable LB here. So the next thing they need to upgrade is their offensive line. That’s where they should go here.

Pick: LT: Timothy Gritton, Illinois

30. Philadelphia Eagles (8-8) *via Los Angeles Rams via Los Angeles Chargers

Coach Latinyank77478
Needs: LB, S, CB

The Eagles have a nice solid squad and the only real weakness i see is at Linebacker, but like the issue previously noted linebackers have a big drop off after the big 4. So the Eagles will need to go with the best player available here, since they have such a solid team. There is a very good CB on the board still in Denard Arnold out of UCLA, and he’d be a great fit in Philadelphia.

Pick: CB: Denard Arnold, UCLA

31. New York Jets (16-0)

Coach NYRedskins35
Needs: DL, OL, CB

The Jets went undefeated last season but lost in the Super Bowl. So they
don’t have many holes, or do they? They actually do, and it’s odd. Their offensive and defensive line are both in need of some serious upgrades and with the 31st pick it’s going to be tough to have an impact player available. Unless you believe in Khari Broussard like we do! This monster from Bama should be able to fill that hole.

Pick: DT: Khari Broussard, Alabama

32. Arizona Cardinals (15-1)

Coach GiL_GaRZA
Needs: OL, TE, CB

Cardinals already had a first round pick, and grabbed the best TE in the draft. Now they should go after a defensive back to finish the first round. We really like Craig Feeney the CB out of Indiana, but we also like FS Henry Purvis from Troy. So which one is taken here? I think Feeney is the better fit.

Pick: CB: Craig Feeney, Indiana