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Equity Index Overview
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        Equity Index Overview

 Equity Index Methodology:


We arrived at our Equity Index by looking at a series of data points that represent:

  1. school environment,
  2. staff preparedness, and
  3. student demographics.

For each individual variable (subcategory) in these big 3 "buckets", we calculated a simple ranking among all schools. We then averaged a school’s ranking across all variables to arrive at the final “ranking” of schools.

We have decided not to publish our analysis or the underlying data (which is all available to the public -- that is how we accessed it) because we are wary of the way that 'rankings' and 'scores' and data can be used to cast a negative light on schools and their students. We do want to call attention to the fact that MANY of our schools are facing significant stressors, and the difference between the Equity Index numbers of these other schools and the ones that received Equity Fund donations in March 2019 is very small.

Variable Descriptions

1) School Environment

2) Staff Preparedness


3) Student Factors


For each of the demographic fields below, we looked at the percentage of students at each site who fall into the following groups for the 2018-2019 academic year:

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