Accessing your Classes in Hapara

This year we are using Google Classroom to provision classes in Hapara. In order to access your classrooms in Hapara, you will first need to visit Google Classroom and accept your classes.

Also please note that Smart Share is no longer available in Hapara. The recommended method for sharing documents with students is now to utilize Google Classroom.

Below is a link to a video that outlines the process.

EPS EdTech   EPSEdTech    Twitter.png

Step 1: Using the Chrome browser, Visit Google Classroom: Depending on the level you teach, you will find one or several classrooms set up in Google Classroom. Click the ACCEPT button for each of your classes. 

Once you ACCEPT, you will be taken to you Google Classroom Page. You can choose to utilize Google Classroom with your class, or ignore it, but the acceptance step is required in order to allow for the set up of your Hapara class.

Step 2: Open Hapara - 

Then look for the Add A Class Button

Click the Add a Class button, then select the Sync Classes button.

Then select the classes (select the checkbox) you wish to Sync and click the Add Classrooms button.

Now your classes will appear in Hapara.