Donalee White

“Super G-MA”

OR Living a Life worth Writing About

“What does a woman do who has suffered seven years of battering by her first husband, has voluntarily jumped out of an airplane 10,000 feet above the earth, has white-water rafted Class Five rapids, has lived in a commune in Berkeley in the 1970s, has single-handedly taken two adolescent daughters and later three grandchildren on 9,000 mile camping trips around the United States, has hiked over 500 miles of the Appalachian Trail and bathed in a back woods hot springs in the mountains behind Big Sur, has attended the largest outdoor rock concert in history with 650,000 people, has ridden horseback in a four hour fox hunt, has held her father’s hand as she witlessly watched him die of a heart attack, and has woken up an hour before her alarm goes off at three o’clock in the morning? She writes!” (Excerpt from an award-winning essay—“Why I Write”)

Readers of this Human Book will be able to pick a chapter from the extraordinary life of a sixty-seven-year-old Grandma, listen to a poem, essay or short story, and then ask questions for additional story-telling details. It’s the ultimate “Never Judge a Book by its Cover.” She hobbles (bad knees due to hiking while obese) around Wake Forest campus with her waist long bright white hair (saves forty-dollars a month in hair styles) and tie-dye bucket hat (sunlight hurts her green eyes)—well, everybody likes the hat. Behind the slightly radical, obese, and antique look is a spirited woman who has lived life on the edge ever since pole-rafting a section of Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway at age ten!