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CB Number is an advanced Clickbank & Email Analytics tool for ANYONE who uses Clickbank and email marketing, whether you are a vendor, or an affiliate.

This development is currently in beta stage, and only limited to a small group of beta testers.

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  What’s New

  • 16 Sep: Fixing some aggregation bugs for our pretty graphs.
  • 15 Sep: TID reporting completed. Sales count added.

  Coming Soon

  • Daily Target Sales settings.
  • Hop Count and EPH reporting.
  • TID Grouping
  • Vendor JV Reporting
  • Vendor Conversion Reporting

The CB Number Story

Having been in the email business for close to 6 years, pretending that I know what I’m doing… and going around saying cliche statements like

“you should always guide your business by the numbers”…

I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t been tracking my operational numbers as much as I should.

I rely on gut feel more than I should. And honestly, my gut feel sucks.

I mean… just ask yourself… Do you know the X to these questions?

1) I am making X dollars more/less compared to 6 months ago.

2) X percent of my revenue comes from promos, the remaining comes from Adswap.

3) For every promo email I send, I make X dollars on average.

4) My list size is growing/falling by X % compared to 6 months ago.

5) My weekly target revenue (after refunds) is X dollars. And I have / have not achieved it for the past X weeks.

6) Do you have a traffic problem, or a conversion problem?

I don’t. But I should.

I cannot improve what I do not measure.

And the last thing I want, is to see my business going downhill… while being in denial, and think that “oh, everything’s great”.

So ya… if you DON’T KNOW, or CAN’T track your key indicators… that’s what CB Number is for.

The Features

        Daily reporting, similar to what you see in Clickbank, but with a breakdown

And you get to see net revenue (after refunds & chargebacks).

Aggregate by weeks, and start identifying trends.

Aggregate by month and check against your monthly targets.

Drill down to key statistics to guide your decisions.

        Or if you use TID for tracking, you can summarise the sales by it too..


And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our dedicated developer is working on the features.

Plenty of things to track, but we will rather be fast than be perfect.


Contact me at worklifeguy at gmail dot com.

I don’t bite.

Disclaimer: This product is NOT affiliated or endorsed by Clickbank or any email ESP. We are just regular affiliate marketers trying to make better sense of the numbers, in an EASIER manner.

While we do our best to validate the data 1034 times, there may still be teeny weeny bugs in the program. You are ultimately responsible for decisions made with the data. CB Number will NOT be held liable, legally or emotionally for bad decisions made by the user. We are however open to receiving constructive feedback on all bugs, and features that will improve your experience, and make better decisions supported by our numbers.