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1.        Authority

        SC 406, 1106,                 1107

        Pol. 308, 408, 508

        614 AR

Employment of all permanent, temporary and part-time District personnel must be approved by the Board. The Board shall authorize payment of salaries to employees.

Actions by the Board to employ staff on a contractual basis may include the name of the individual, position title, salary, period of employment, position classification, method of payment and budget category to which the wages are to be charged.

Actions by the Board to employ temporary or part-time personnel may include the name of the individual, position title, rate of pay, position classification, the maximum number of hours or days an employee may work, school or vocation assignment to which wages are to be charged.

The minutes of Board meetings shall record all actions with regard to resignation, retirement, death or discharge of all employees, or non-retention of a temporary professional employee. Each action shall include the name of the employee, date upon which salary or wages will terminate, and position formerly held.

2.        Guidelines

Daily sign-in and sign-out procedures adequate to meet wage and hour requirements and Board policy may be required of all employees.

Salary or wages may be withheld for unapproved time off, in accordance with established procedures, by the Superintendent.

        Pol. 530

Overtime can be scheduled and paid when authorized in advance by the immediate supervisor.

The payroll shall be certified by the Business Manager.

        614 AR-1

Pay Day Schedules

All personnel shall be paid according to a specific schedule determined annually.

        614 AR-2

Direct Deposit Payroll

Each employee at the time of his/her employment shall select the financial institution that s/he wishes to use for our direct deposit payroll.

The employee may change the financial institution by completing an applicable form that must be presented to the payroll secretary.

School Code

406, 1106, 1107

Board Policy

308, 408, 508,


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