Summary of Results of CAMTB February 2019 Survey -

● 23 Organizations responded representing over 11,500 individual members

● Top 4 Primary Objectives

○ #1 Engage with State parks/State agencies

○ #2 Collective statewide voice

○ #3 Effective communication and sharing of knowledge base/best practices between clubs

○ #4 Track legislation that affects MTB/trail access and recommend actions

● Top things CAMTB should be actively doing

○ #1 Create an effective way for clubs to communicate, share resources, knowledge, best practices, funding/grant clearinghouse

○ #2 Engage state agencies in effective partnership

○ #3 Track legislation that affects MTB/Trail access; potentially draft legislation

○ #4 Foster positive image of mountain biking for the state of CA; include education and diversity

○ #5 Engage with federal agencies/track Forest Service plans

○ #6 Engage with land managers for trail access/approval

● Importance of formation of CAMTB

○ 22 of 23 rated the formation of a statewide trail advocacy organization as very critical or critical

● Funding model: Ideas about a fair monetary ask of support from individual California MTB and Trail organizations to help fund CAMTB

○ Potential options offered

■ % of membership revenue

■ Sliding scale to be determined by clubs ability to contribute ($1 - $10 per member)

■ Flat rate (i.e. $3 per member, $500/$1000/5K/10K annually, etc.)

■ Track willingness to provide volunteer expertise in addition to cash contributions