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Middle School Student Parent Handbook
International School Bangkok, 2023-24

Welcome to the Middle School at International School Bangkok. We are so glad you are here. Please read over this handbook so you can become familiar with all the opportunities our school offers. We have designed our programs, schedules, groupings, and classes with you, the middle school student, in mind. Middle School is a special time in your life. Your teachers, advisors, counselors, coaches, and administrators are here to support and guide you to make the most of your middle school years.

Our vision, mission, and definition of learning below describe the school we want to be.

Our Vision

Enriching communities through the intellectual, humanitarian and creative thoughts and actions of our learners

Our Mission

Through outstanding teaching in a nurturing environment, ISB inspires students to:

Learner Attributes

Our Definition of Learning

ISB values meaningful and transferable learning where we construct understanding by developing and applying knowledge, skills, and attitudes. As learners, we develop and show our understanding when we:

ISB Values

Respect, Care, Integrity, Responsibility, Courage, Commitment, Balance, Gratitude

Office Contact Information

MS Principal                                     Mr. Dennis Harter

MS Vice Principal                                     Mrs. Cindy Plantecoste

Associate Athletics Director                     Ms. Kelley McKenna

MS Office                                            02-963-5895

MS Attendance                                02-963-5894

Admin Secretary                                     Khun Phremjit (Nan) Zannier Porzella

Admin Secretary                                     Khun Walairat (Aor) Wattanaungkoon

School Psychologist                             Mr. Ryan Ruhl

Counselor – Grade 6 & 7                             Ms. Brenda Perkins

Counselor – Grade 7 & 8                             Mrs. Lindsey Moore

MS Counseling Office                            02-963-5893

Counseling Secretary                             Khun Sariya (Namwan) Montrivat

PowerSchool                                           Khun Arintra Tangsathitkiat

Outdoor Education Director                        Mr. Elliott Bowyer

Service Coordinator                                Mr. Kerry Dyke


DEIJ - ISB Statement

At ISB we understand that the issues we are facing around diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) are far reaching, and as such, we are committed to taking a proactive approach to eliminating all forms of racism, discrimination, prejudice and bias.  

We are devoted to being a community that is welcoming, inclusive, and equitable.  It is not enough to simply be diverse.  We are dedicated to creating spaces where diversity can flourish by uplifting individuals and social identity groups to be proud of their uniqueness while honoring differences.

Our community is actively engaged in reflection and action planning to ensure that our school is creating and maintaining an inclusive culture where everyone feels they belong and where students leave ISB with the attitudes, values, and tools they need to enrich the world.

We know that this work is ongoing and will require continual focus and commitment. We come to this task with deep humility knowing that we have much to learn.  We invite you to learn alongside us.

Parent Partnership at ISB

At ISB, we value our partnerships with parents and always seek to work together in the best interests of children. We know, however, that there will sometimes be challenging moments, differences of opinion and times of anxiety as we support children through their various stages of development.

As a school, we commit to high quality in all that we do and to adhere to the values of care, responsibility, commitment, gratitude, courage, balance, respect, and integrity.  We are also committed to promoting a culture of care for all of our community.

In return we ask that our parents commit to the same values as well as the expectations described below.

At ISB, we ask parents to:

  1. Adhere to all security and child safeguarding policies and practices.
  2. Model our values at all times and contribute to the caring ethos of the school in all interactions.
  3. Remain calm and respectful to allow those involved to resolve the issue.
  4. Make contact with teachers as soon as possible if you have any concerns. When the teacher and parent work together, concerns can be solved quickly or interventions can be set up in a timely manner.
  5. Know that it is important to fully understand any given situation from more than one perspective.
  6. Communicate with the school as individual families.  We work hard to maintain confidentiality and we ask that you do the same.  Issues and concerns are best addressed on a case by case basis with the person most directly involved.  
  7. Use the proper channels of communication to seek help with issues or to share concerns. Approach the right member of school staff to help resolve any issues or concerns. There are clear guidelines about which staff member to contact about specific issues.
  8. Direct your messages only to those who are directly involved when using email to communicate. Including multiple families or groups on an email is inappropriate and can make a small problem much larger.
  9. Understand that social media is not the place for airing frustrations or lodging complaints.
  10. Schedule meetings with teachers or administrators in advance whenever possible.  
  11. Trust that decisions made by the school are informed decisions with the best interests of children in mind.  If you disagree with a decision, please follow proper channels of communication and work positively with school staff to understand how and why those decisions were made (e.g. class placements, behavior management, grades, etc.)

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Welcome        1

Our Vision        1

Our Mission        1

Our Values        1

Office Contact Information        2

DEIJ @ ISB Statement        3
Parent Partnership at ISB        4

The Basics        

Middle School Structure        6

School Hours        6

Schedule        6

After School        6

Bus Departures        7

Attendance        7

Health Services        8

Parental Communication        8
Counselors        9

The Library        9

Bookstore        9

School Supplies        9

Technology        9

ID Card        10

Uniforms        10

Visitors        11

Transportation        12

Home Learning        13

Assessments, Reporting Progress, and Report Cards        13

Beyond The Classroom        

School Sponsored Events        15

Field Trips        15

Class Trips        15

Athletics        15

Activities                16

Service Learning        16

Fund Raising        16

Performances and Assemblies        16

Social Events        16

Lunch and Break Time        17

Food and Beverages        17

Hallways        17

Lost and Found        17

A Safe and Caring Environment        

Types of Conflicts With Our ISB Values        19

Consequences For Conflicts With ISB Values        20

Examples Of Conflicts With The ISB Values        21

Academic Honesty        23

Substance Abuse Policy        24

Security and Emergency Procedures        24

ISB Harassment Policy and Procedures        24


MS Schedules        27

Home Learning Policy        27

Teachers List By Advisories        29

Parent Code of Conduct        30

The Basics

Middle School Structure

Grade Levels

 The Middle School includes grades 6-8. We want you to get to know your classmates, your teachers, and your school community. To make our school feel smaller, we emphasize the grade level communities. Each grade is unique in their learning and social needs. Each grade is then broken up into 12-14 advisory groups, so that a small group of students can get to know each other and work closely with an adult regularly throughout the year.


Through our advisory program, we build communities where you are known, feel valued, support others, and grow. We want you to always have someone to go to with your questions and concerns, whether they are academic or social. We also want you to have a caring group of peers to support you. Advisory is a smaller unit within each grade level. These families of approximately twelve students and one advisor come together three times a week. Advisory is where you learn about the weekly events and announcements, plan for your Middle School activities, grow in social skills and study habits, and develop an inclusive, safe, supportive community within our school. Each Advisory member is expected to participate fully and to model our values - It’s an important time!

School Hours

Everyday, school starts at 7:40 am and ends at 2:45 pm.  We occasionally have early release days, calendared for some Wednesdays, when school ends at 1:10 pm. These early dismissal days are clearly identified on the school calendar.


Your schedule rotates through an eight-day cycle, always starting with an advisory or flexible block. This allows you to learn in your classes at different times, thus avoiding sleepy mornings in the same subject. You need a chance to learn at your peak learning time in every academic class. Days alternate between being  “odd” and “even,” with odd period classes meeting on the odd days and even period classes meeting on the even days. Sometimes for special events, we will use a different timetable for classes. You’ll know about these special schedules in advance. Signs with the day’s schedule are always posted around the middle school building. 

After School

There is often a lot happening on campus after school at ISB. Students are welcome to stay on campus after school when they have an activity. We encourage you to get involved in scheduled after-school clubs, activities, performances, and sports. You may also stay after school to meet with teachers or to use other areas of the school for school approved activities with adult supervision.

Middle School students may use the following designated and supervised areas (if available) outside of school hours:

Bus Departures

If you take the bus home, you have three departure times to choose from - some MS students may be involved in HS Activities (e.g. JV, Varsity)

Regular Bus - Door to Door

MS Late Bus

2:55 - 3:55 PM

MS/HS Activities Bus
3:40 - 5:00 PM

Arrival at ISB

Depart ISB

Depart ISB

Depart ISB

7:15 AM

3:05 PM

4:00 PM

5:10 PM

Drop off at the top of Soi

Drop off at the top of Soi


Please make sure that you are aware The regular bus drops off at the home address, however, the Late and Activities buses drop off at the “top of the soi” (meaning the top of the street connected to the main road). They do not take passengers directly to the residence.


Attending school is important. Our teachers plan great lessons for you every day. If you are not here to participate, you miss significant learning opportunities that may impact your overall achievement.  You can’t participate in after-school activities if you are absent from school that same day. ISB MS does not run online classes while on-campus learning is happening. Students should check their email, Google Classroom, and with the teacher to determine what work and learning they have missed.

Excused Absences

Some absences can’t be helped. These types of absences are considered “excused”. Excused absences are usually because of:

Travel with family, vacations, or outside-of-school activities during the school year are NOT excused absences and will be listed as “Unexcused Absence”.

Absence Procedures

If you are going to be absent, your parents should contact the MS Office secretary to inform us of the absence and give us the reason. You may also bring a note signed by your parent or guardian to the MS Office secretary giving us the reason for the absence. If you know about your absence ahead of time, contact the teachers of the classes you will miss before the absence in order to collect and complete your work in advance.

Take responsibility for your absence by checking what assignments you missed.  You will be given sufficient time to complete any missed assignments or assessments.

Temporary Guardianship

Your parents may need to leave town for a variety of reasons. During this time, ISB does not believe it is healthy or safe for you to be at home without a designated guardian. Household help such as a maebaan or driver or an older school-age sibling is not considered a guardian. Your parents have to appoint a temporary guardian to stay with you when your parents are not home with you. A form can be found on Operoo in the Parent Portal to provide temporary guardianship information.

Your parents inform the school:

Early Departures, Late Arrivals or Pre-Arranged Absences

As with any absence, your parents need to inform the school when you miss any part of a school  day. Parents may call or send you to school with a note. Anytime you arrive late, please check in directly with the MS Office secretary before heading to your locker or class. You will need a late pass from the MS Office to arrive into class.

Because we are a closed campus, anytime you need to depart early you must sign out at the Middle Office. The office will provide you with a Gate Pass that you must have in order to leave campus.

If you know about an upcoming absence ahead of time, contact the teachers of the classes you will miss before the absence in order to collect and complete your work in advance.


Being on time is a show of respect. You are expected to be on time for each class each day. We do not want you to miss important learning and instructions or to distract the class by entering late. If you arrive late to school, please check in with the MS Office secretary directly. If you do not have a note from your parent, the tardy will be marked as “unexcused”.

The ISB middle school tardy policy is as follows:

Health Services

ISB has full-time nurses available during school hours every day. The nurse is also available during after-school activity time until 5:10. If you are not feeling well, you may visit  the nurse during your break times. In cases of extreme illness, you may request a note to visit the nurse from a teacher if you are too ill to continue with class.


If you require prescription medications to be taken at school, your parents will need to give your medication to the nurse for him or her to administer to you. Because losing medication puts your health at risk, we do not allow students to carry their own prescription medication during the day. If you do fall seriously ill at school and the nurse believes you need to recover at home, the nurse will contact your parents and send you home once your parent or guardian signs out for you at the Middle School office.

Students who have clinically diagnosed high sensitivity to air pollution need to contact the Health Center in order to request an official accommodation to support a healthy alternative.

Parental Communication

From time to time parents will have questions or concerns about your learning or progress at school. We are all here to help and our team has a range of expertise as teachers, counselors, school psychologists and administrators. When a concern comes up, parents should contact us as soon as possible. Parents don’t have to wait for parent conferences.

If parents have a question about anything classroom related, they should contact the teacher directly. Our teachers will be happy to meet with them, speak on the phone, or communicate by email. Teachers know the students best and can address any issues. Our teachers welcome the chance to talk to parents about how students are doing.

If parents have a more general concern, they should contact the counselor. Counselors work with the student on academic and social emotional support. In cases of conflicts between students, counselors work with all those involved to find solutions and help students feel heard and cared for.

If parents have concerns about the academic program, disciplinary issues, or safety, they should contact a middle school administrator.

For more detailed and further information, please also see “Parent Partnership at ISB” section on page 3.


Our Middle School wants you to feel safe and supported as you journey through these unique years. Our counselors understand the changes and complexities of being a middle school student. Counselors help with a variety of academic issues: student schedules, learning help, and preparation for the transition to high school. They are also resources to help you with other social and emotional issues that might occur at school or outside of school. Whether it’s a disagreement with friends, anxiety over schoolwork, or a problem at home, the counselors can provide guidance. You are always welcome to see them. The Counseling Office is a welcome place of support for students.

The Library

The library welcomes you. Our Main Library supports the school's mission by facilitating the effective, creative, and ethical use of information, along with the pursuit and appreciation of a wide variety of literature. The librarians will always help you find a great book to read that matches your interests and level. They help you become effective and efficient users of information. The library hours are 7:00 am to 4:30 pm from Monday to Thursday and 7:00 am - 4:30 pm on Friday and from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm on Saturday.


Please visit the Main Library Site at for further information including access to the catalog and news.


You can get everything from computer thumb drives, to assignment organizers, to ISB uniforms, PE uniforms and calculators at the campus Bookstore. The Bookstore is on the first floor next to the Health Center, below the Main Library.

School Supplies

Most school supplies you need are available at the ISB Bookstore. For each grade we provide pre-packaged bundles of supplies that you can purchase. You can also wait until you’ve met with your teachers, who will inform you of the supplies needed for that particular class. Campus Card accounts can also be topped up at the Bookstore.


The Middle School recognizes that technology serves as a dynamic tool for learning that optimizes productivity, connectivity, collaboration and creativity. The program provides enhanced learning opportunities in our classrooms and promotes the development of responsible digital citizenship. When used properly, these tools support your learning and growth. As such, middle school students are provided with a school-issued laptop. Students may not bring a different non-school-issued laptop to use for school.


Whenever you use technology at the Middle School, you are agreeing to use it appropriately and not to harm others in keeping with ISB Values. It is important that you understand your role as a responsible technology user seriously. You are expected to model respectful, responsible, computer use at all times.

ID Card    

Bring your ID card to school every day. You use your card to do many things at ISB:


If you lose your card, you will need to pay for a replacement card at the ID card office. If you forget your card, you can still buy things by telling the cashier your ID number, or you may borrow money from the MS Office and pay us back later. Secretaries will help open lockers at the start of the school day, at 7:10 AM.


Money can be deposited onto your ID card through your parent's online account, at the Bookstore, or via the Kiosks located near the Chevron theater.


Our school uniform helps create a comfortable  and focused learning environment and identifies you as part of the Middle School. It is a reflection of the seriousness of purpose for your academic experience. The uniform is also designed to be respectful to our multicultural community and our host country of Thailand. Unless otherwise stated, you need to wear your uniform for the entire school day. Please keep the following in mind:


On Fridays, we acknowledge Panther Spirit days and students may wear ISB Panther team gear, club shirts, or other ISB-related clothing, in accordance with Special Dress, Game and/or Performance Attire  guidelines (see below).

Alternate Dress Days

On occasion, we will have alternate dress days, when students do not have to wear their school uniforms. The student bulletin will let you know when the Alternate Dress Days occur. Commonly accepted standards of modesty and neatness will ensure that student dress and appearance is appropriate and non-offensive in our multicultural, school setting.

Special Dress, Game, and/or Performance Attire

You can wear specific, celebratory clothing in the place of the ISB uniform polo shirt on special occasions as approved by the administration. On special holidays or school sponsored spirit days when the administration approves a change in dress code, you will want to follow a few guidelines:


You are allowed accessories such as a belt, watch, and some jewelry under the following conditions:

P.E. Uniforms

The ISB P.E. uniform helps you fully participate in all athletic activities in your P.E. class. Please print your name on the P.E. shirt so that we can return it to you in case it is misplaced or lost.  

Items Such As Phones Or Personal Electronic Devices

We value face to face interaction and attention to each other and our learning. For this reason, we do not allow MS students to use their phones or personal electronic devices during the school day. If you need to make a phone call, you may use a school phone in the MS Office. The office staff can help you find a phone number if you need it. If you bring your phone to school, it should be left in your backpack/locker, in silent mode or turned off. Students may use their phones after the end of the school day. Phones that are taken out of lockers without permission during the school day will be confiscated and turned into the school office.

If your parents need to reach you during the day, they may call the school and we will pass on the message or find you for the call.


Student guests are welcome to the Middle School, and we want your visitor’s experience to be positive for everyone. If you have a special guest in town and wish him or her to join you for a school day, you will need to gain permission from an administrator and we ask that visitors not go to individual classes, as they can be a distraction to the learning environment. Please make sure your guest is dressed appropriately. If possible, let them wear an ISB uniform on the day of the visit. Because our first priority is that student learning not be interrupted, we sometimes limit the number of visits to campus. We ask that visitors only come to ISB for one day, to minimize the disruption to learning.



Bicycles may be ridden to school and parked at the covered bicycle racks provided. Students are advised to properly lock their bicycles. Bicycles should not be ridden around the classroom buildings, sidewalks, walkways, on the grass, fields, or other areas on campus except for the service road. All bicyclists, whether walking or riding their bikes, are required to wear a helmet that is strapped while on campus. It is our hope that you will be safe whenever you ride a bike by wearing your helmet at all times.

Other Vehicles

Only students with a valid Thai driver’s license may drive any motorized vehicle.  This means that no middle school student should be driving scooters or golf carts. All riders and passengers, either on a bicycle or on a motorcycle or scooter, must be wearing a helmet that is strapped on properly while on campus.


Safe, comfortable bus service is available to all students for getting to and from school, and we want you to have a safe and respectful experience on your rides to and from school. In addition, there are after-school activity buses to conveniently get you home when you stay for any of the after-school activities.


You are expected to model our ISB values when on the bus. This makes for a pleasant bus ride for everyone. Your bus driver has an important job transporting a busload of energetic students to school and home. We need you to help your driver:


When students do not meet the expectations, they may be suspended from riding the bus.    

Skateboards, scooters, and Other Wheeled Transport

Students may come to school on skateboards, rollerblades, and push scooters. These must be parked and stored at the front of the school, in the bike parking area. Appropriate safety equipment should be worn, and a helmet is required if riding the equipment onto campus. Areas around buildings and in the general school campus may not be used for roller skating, skateboarding and rollerblading, or similar.

Home Learning

ISB Middle School values its learning program and in order to maximize your learning an appropriate amount of home learning will be assigned to you regularly. Completing your home learning is one of the keys to your academic success. We also want to allow you time to pursue your own passions and develop a healthy, balanced lifestyle. ISB Middle School’s Home Learning guidelines (see appendix) are written to help you find that balance.

Assessments, Reporting Progress, and Report Cards

Standards-Based Assessments

We believe that the purpose of assessment is to promote learning.  Through regular assessments, either formative or summative, your teachers collect a variety of evidence to identify your level of achievement towards the Learning Goals in each of your classes.  The evidence helps you understand your strengths and how you can improve your learning, and helps your teachers understand how they can improve instruction.  In addition, assessments form the basis of reporting to you and your parents both your progress along the way, and your final level of achievement towards the Learning Goals at the end of each semester.

Reporting Progress

Teachers use PowerSchool online to regularly post and share with you, both your “Habits and Attitudes For Learning” (HAL) and “Attainment of Learning Goals” in each of your classes.  You and your parents may access all of this information and attendance record on-line through your individual PowerSchool accounts.  

Report Cards
The school year is divided into two semesters; the first ends in December and the second in June.  A Final Semester Report card is issued at the end of each semester.  The semester report card contains a separate page for each of your classes, summarizing both your Habits and Attitudes For Learning and Attainment of Learning Goals in each of those classes.  During the October Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences and April Student-Led Conferences, you will participate in a discussion with your parents and teachers about your progress towards your Habits and Attitudes For Learning and Attainment of Learning Goals in each of your classes.

NOTE: You will receive a report card “hold” in PowerSchool if you have outstanding debts, overdue books, or other incomplete or unfinished issues.  This means you will not be able to access your semester report card online. You will need to clear the issue in order for your report card hold to be removed.

Beyond The Classroom

The ISB Middle School experience includes more than academics. Middle School is a time when you learn about, and sometimes discover,  your talents, interests, and potential both in and out of the classroom. The school wants to help you explore the non-academic areas in which you thrive.

Get involved! You will find school more enjoyable when you make the most of the extra-curricular activities. Being involved in school activities helps you to gain new friends, explore your own interests, discover new abilities, and simply have fun. You can learn more about our service, sports, and activities programs online, in the student bulletin, or in the MS Athletics Office.

School Sponsored Events

The Middle School provides opportunities for you to learn in unique settings. This allows you to expand your comfort zones, take new risks, and grow closer to your school community members.

Student Insurance

While ISB maintains limited student accident insurance coverage for activities authorized by and under the supervision of school authorities, each student is required to obtain his/her own adequate medical insurance. On overseas trips travel insurance is mandatory and will be included in the trip cost for all students.

Field Trips

When an opportunity arises for you to participate in an enriching experience outside of school, your teachers may organize a field trip. Any time students leave campus, you will be asked to submit a parent-signed permission slip granting permission for you to join your classmates in a new learning opportunity. Depending on costs, you may also be asked to pay for a portion of the trip. Field trips are extensions of ISB classrooms; regardless of venue, we expect each Middle School student to be an ambassador for ISB. You represent our values and our student body; you are held to the same standards of character and behavior both on and off campus.  You are expected to be in dress code for ISB field or class trips unless otherwise stated in directions provided for the trip.

Outdoor Education Trips

You need every opportunity to learn about yourself and your abilities in Middle School. We want to provide safe and caring learning environments outside of the classroom walls so that you stretch yourself to try new things and expand your boundaries of comfort as a global citizen.


Every Middle School student will be required to take Outdoor Education as a part of their curricular program at ISB. Outdoor Education Trips are 3 Day / 2 Night  excursions away from school with your advisory class and led by ISB’s own dedicated Outdoor Education team, the Wild Panthers. These excursions take place at the ISB-owned Environmental Wilderness Campus situated 2.5 hours from ISB in the Nong Ya Plong area, Petchaburi Province. As you  prepare for your adventure, you will receive information from the Wild Panthers team through PE classes and your Advisory program. This will ensure you are well prepared and organized for the adventures that lay ahead. Parents will also receive emails from the Wild Panthers in the lead up to each program.


When you participate in an athletic program you are developing skills, enjoying a physical outlet, and learning to work with others in a challenging environment. Because we are all different people with different levels of athletic skill and interest, the school offers various levels of after-school sports.


The ISB Middle School offers many activities both during the day and after school. Each semester a new guide to the club offerings is published. You can view it online or pick up a copy in the MS Activities Office. In addition, pay attention to the student bulletin for information on club meeting times and offerings. The clubs offered at the Middle School are widely varied to make sure that there is something for everyone.  

Service Learning

Creating Caring Global Citizens is part of our school’s mission, and at the Middle School, we give you opportunities to create positive change in our world. You can join many clubs and service trips devoted to improving the world around us. Through these activities, you will also discover many of your own hidden talents and passions. For more information on service opportunities, contact Mr. Dyke (

Fund Raising

Sometimes students want to raise funds to support organizations in need. Generally service learning is more effective when it goes through the five stages of investigation, preparation, action, reflection, and demonstration. If after going through the process, your team believes that fund-raising is the most effective manner to reach your goals, we would like to support you with that. Please contact Mr. Dyke ( before starting fund-raising activities.

Performances and Assemblies

You will regularly be invited to attend school assemblies, performances,  shows and other special events in our world class facilities. Usually your advisory teacher will escort you to the specific section reserved for you.  Follow these guidelines so we may all enjoy the events:

Social Events

Celebrating with friends is one of the great things about your Middle School years. You need opportunities to make new friends, get to know old friends better, and just enjoy yourself. As a result, the school offers social events after the regular school day.


As with any school-sponsored event, we want you to have the best time possible in a safe environment. You’re expected to model the ISB Values. Dress codes, permission slips, and opportunities to pre-purchase tickets will be made available to you prior to each school event.  

Lunch and Break Time

ISB provides what many students think is the best school food they have ever had. You get to enjoy it inside our bright, attractive cafeteria or at the outdoor seating area. Be respectful to the staff and your peers during lunch. After eating, clean up after yourselves


You also have a fair amount of free time during lunch. Please remain in the supervised areas during this time. The supervised areas are

Food and Beverages

Some more notes about food on campus:


For everyone’s safety and comfort you should not run, shout or play around in the hallways. Also work with those around you so everyone can get to their next class while maintaining physical distance.

Lost and Found

You can model ISB Values by helping return belongings to their owners. If you find an unattended item at school, please take it to the Lost and Found in the Middle School office. In the case that you are missing something, the Lost and Found is one of the first places you want to check. The PE office also has a Lost and Found for items that are collected in the locker rooms or on the sports fields.  Once a month, the PTA displays all items left in the Lost and Found. Items that are not collected at this time are donated to those in need, when possible.


A Safe and Caring Environment


In order to ensure that the Middle School is a positive and supportive environment for you to learn  and enjoy your school, all members of the community need to consistently exhibit our ISB Values of Respect, Care, Integrity, Responsibility, Courage, Commitment, Balance, and Gratitude. Sometimes students make decisions that do not align with our values and/or detract from learning. When this happens the student will undergo a process that will provide the student with an opportunity:

Depending upon the behavior and harm, there may also be further consequences to ensure that the student has a clear understanding of the responsibilities associated with being a member of the ISB community.

Types of Conflicts With Our ISB Values

We do our best to maintain a positive community. Sometimes people make poor choices or mistakes. When students engage in behavior that is in conflict with the ISB Values the following Categories guide the Principal and Vice Principal in their work with students. Consequences will be aligned with the Categories and the unique circumstances of each case.

Category One

This category represents the vast majority of disciplinary incidents. These are the day-to-day reminders or warnings to students to be safe or to act properly. Examples of incidents in this category include, but are not limited to dress code violations, arriving unexcused late to class, running or shouting in the hall, unsafe play, and behavior disruptive to a positive learning environment. In most of these cases, the learning or reinforcement of good behavior takes place on the spot and students are asked to make verbal plans to avoid repeating the behavior. Repeated Category One behaviors can lead to more serious consequences.

Category Two

This category covers incidents of more significant concern. Examples include, but are not limited to, repeated or excessive tardiness, rude behavior, use of profanity, cutting class, actions that may endanger self or others, and disruptive behavior. These are referred to the administration; parents may be contacted and counselors are informed. Teachers are involved if their awareness of the incident will support the student. Category two offenses may result in detention or suspension (see below), at the discretion of the Principal or Vice Principal, based on the seriousness of the offense and the past record of behavior of the student. Parents are notified if a student is suspended. The student may be asked to complete a Values Learning Plan (see below) relating to the incident.

Category Three

This category represents the most serious discipline cases in the school, those which threaten  the community’s well-being and/or put people at risk. Acts of intimidation or bullying, harassment, fighting, drug and alcohol use, stealing, lying, and cheating are examples of Category 3 behaviors. These incidents are rare at ISB. Following a thorough investigation, offenders complete a Values Learning Plan and receive consequences reflective of the seriousness of the offense. The school counselor is involved in a counseling role and outside counseling may be recommended. In order to best support the student, his or her teachers may be notified. These cases are referred to the administration, parents are contacted, and communication with parents is required. Given repeated offenses or in an extreme case threatening the physical safety of self or others, a student may lose the right to continue to be a member of the school community and be suspended or expelled.

Consequences For Conflicts With ISB Values

When a student’s actions are in conflict with ISB values the consequences could include but would not be limited to, a verbal or written plan, parent phone calls, parent conference, loss of privileges (e.g. field trips, after school activities), loss of free time (detentions), temporary removal from a class, service to the community, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, permanent removal from a class, and expulsion (permanent removal from school). Disciplinary decisions are based on balancing the welfare of the student and that of the broader school community. Please see below for a description of different measures of consequences.

Values Learning Plan

Students involved in a discipline incident may be asked to draft a Values Learning Plan (VLP). The format of the VLP provides the opportunity for students to describe what happened, reflect on the results of their actions, clarify personal and school values and design a strategy to avoid repeating such behavior. This is an important part in the process of values guidance, learning and support. In addition it offers parents and the adults at school a common foundation in guiding students. For some serious situations or repeat offenses, a student may need to conference with the adults, including parents, administrators, counselors and/or teachers to discuss their actions and their plan to improve.


For some infractions students may lose some or all of their free time at school. This typically is a lunch and/or break detention. Students can bring their lunch to the office, but will be separated from their normal lunch or break activities. This consequence is often used when behaviors take time away from learning. Students give up their free time as a result.


Being a member of our community requires that students adhere to the school’s Values. A student may be suspended from school and prevented from participating in the community should he or she exhibit behavior that:


The length of a suspension is relative to the severity of the incident, past record of behavior, and the unique circumstances involved. The Principal can approve up to a five-day suspension. The Head of School must approve suspensions longer than five days.


Suspensions remove a student from the learning community to provide time for reflection on ISB values and their commitment to abide by them. A student on:

During both in- and out-of-school suspension,


A case may arise in which a threat to safety, consistent record of misbehavior, lack of academic progress or effort, or the breach in conduct is so significant that a student will be required to leave ISB and not return. Depending on circumstances, a student may have a pre-expulsion hearing with the Principal, Vice Principal, parents and Head of School. Expulsions are ultimately decided upon by the Head of School, based on the recommendation of the Principal.

Examples Of Conflicts With The ISB Values

Behavior Off Campus 

Our support, guidance and concern for students developing into responsible citizens do not stop at the school gates. Students engaged in unlawful activity, acts of intimidation, digital bullying or physical violence, might be held responsible under school disciplinary guidelines. This is true especially when other ISB students are involved, and the action off campus affects the climate or learning of students on campus. ISB also accepts responsibility as a member of the community to keep students safe. If we are aware of inappropriate or dangerous student behaviors off campus, we will reach out and communicate with parents.


The Middle School is committed to creating a harassment-free learning environment: a safe, non-threatening environment in which students can learn and teachers can teach.  Each of us is responsible for helping to create this positive educational environment, which is free of harassment or intimidation based on any criteria including, but not restricted to, age, race, religion, disability, creed, color, ethnic origin or ancestry, gender or sexual orientation. Harassment of any employee or student by any other employee or student or by anyone with whom a student or employee may interact, damages the school atmosphere.


Acts of harassment should be reported to an adult, including teachers, counselors, or school administrators.  Once informed, the adult refers the student to the appropriate person who will take action.  Acts of harassment by adults are referred to the MS Administration. Cases of reported harassment are investigated seriously and consequences, when deemed appropriate, reflect this seriousness.

As people interact it can be difficult to distinguish between playful or misguided interaction and harassment.


Harassment includes:


If someone continues to harass you, we ask you to be strong and tell someone (a teacher, your advisor, a counselor, an administrator) who is obliged to stop it.  If you are aware of someone else being harassed, be a good friend and let an adult know so that it can be stopped.

Abusive Language 

The use of profane or abusive language is in conflict with ISB Values and should not be used.  

Public Displays Of Affection

These types of behaviors are not appropriate at the school. They can make others feel excluded or uncomfortable.    

Weapons at School

School is not a place for weapons or dangerous articles. Having these items at school escalates the possibility of harming self or others whether purposeful or accidental. Sharp items like knives, box cutters, scalpels, etc. are not permitted anywhere other than appropriate classroom environments where they may be used and under the supervision of teachers. Guns (including toy replicas) are not permitted on campus at any time.

Skipping Class

A missed class results in a visit to see the Principal or Vice Principal to explain. If the absence is found to be skipping, parents will be contacted and a detention will be assigned. Further incidents of skipping may result in multiple detentions, suspension or other consequences.  


It is important that we consistently demonstrate respect for school and personal property. Any student who marks, defaces, breaks or destroys school property will be responsible for cleaning, repairing or replacing the damaged item, and may be subjected to additional consequences.


The ISB community is founded on the values of respect and responsibility. Any person stealing demonstrates a lack of respect for peers and themselves. Any student engaged in theft will be suspended, and subject to other appropriate consequences. The most effective way to ensure that we as a community are safe from theft is to take individual responsibility for our belongings. Therefore we offer each student a hallway locker and a P.E. locker. Students should not leave any belongings unattended. To minimize the risk of loss, please:

Academic Honesty 

Learning to work on your own and with others are both important lifelong goals. In general, school assignments will be directed to either develop your independent working skills or your ability to work collaboratively with others. Teachers design assignments, projects and learning opportunities so that you have a rich experience. If you cheat you rob yourself of the chance to learn. To use outside help or materials not allowed in an independent assignment is cheating. If you are unclear about whether an assignment is independent or collaborative, ask your teacher.  


As an example, it would be cheating if you:


Because cheating is considered a serious offense, (category 3) parents will always be contacted if a student chooses to cheat. If it is the first time the teacher will contact the parents. For multiple offences the student will be sent to the office. In addition:

Substance Abuse Policy

Smoking, alcohol use, and any other form of substance abuse is not allowed at ISB.  The possession of any illegal substance is forbidden on any part of the school grounds or in the immediate vicinity of the school.  ISB is a non-smoking campus.  This includes roadways and open areas surrounding the ISB campus.  As a Middle School student you may be subjected to ad-hoc hair testing for drugs.  Random drug hair testing of grade 8 students occurs regularly.

Self-Reporting of Substance Abuse

If a student self-reports prior to a drug test, the student will be required to complete a minimum of six counseling sessions within a period of six weeks with an ISB approved counselor and to continue the counseling if recommended. The external counselor will share with ISB a summary of their findings. The parents will pay the cost of the counseling. If these actions are completed, no additional disciplinary action will be taken.

Positive Result from Drug Testing

If a student “self-reports” after the initiation of a drug test, and/or the results of a student's drug test come back positive, the same consequences as from Self-Reporting of Substance Abuse apply. The student may also be suspended for up to ten school days.

Second offense:

Two positive test results, sufficiently spaced in time that they cannot both arise from a single dosage will result in student expulsion. A refusal to take a drug test will be considered as a positive test result.  

Security and Emergency Procedures

Security is a prime concern to ISB. We have emergency procedures in place in the event that we have to move staff and students out of the building and/or off of the school grounds, or “Lock Down” the facility in the event of an intruder. Following is a brief outline of the school emergency procedures. A detailed review of emergency procedures will take place in Advisory and practice exercises will occur periodically.

Emergency/Fire Drill Procedures

The signal for an emergency/fire drill will be a long continuous ring.  Students line up quietly and immediately leave the classroom, remaining in single file. Students should quietly follow the directions on the Emergency Exit maps. Teachers should be the last to leave their classes and should turn off all electricity and close doors on their way out. In silence, so that directions may be given, students and teachers should then proceed directly to the Stadium Field. Do not stop at your lockers. Students and faculty will group by Advisories on the field. Students will report directly to their Advisory teachers for attendance. Attendance will be taken by the Advisory teacher and reported immediately to the attendance secretary. Students and staff will remain in the Advisory groupings for further instructions.


In the event of an extended evacuation, Advisory groupings will move to Rajendra Gym. The Middle School proceeds from the Stadium Field to Field B, and enters Rajendra Gym through the far door facing Field B.

“Lock Down” Procedures 

In the event of an intrusion into the school by a person wanting to harm members of the ISB school community, the school will move into a “Lock Down” Procedure - indicated by a PA warning announcement. The Normal Operation Signal will be when the bells stop ringing and the Head of School comes on to the intercom and signals the end of the drill.

General rules to be followed:

Emergency School Closure 

In the event of an Emergency Closure of the Middle School, we will respond in the following manner:  

ISB Harassment Policy and Procedures - updated September 2019

ISB is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment in which our students can grow and develop to their full potential and are protected from harm. At ISB, we welcome people of all races, ethnicities and nationalities, people with diverse abilities, people who are LGBT, people with different family structures, people who are English Language Learners, people of all religions, people from different socio-economic backgrounds, and people of all body types.

Harassment is prohibited in our school. Each of us is responsible for helping to create a positive educational environment. A positive educational environment is free of harassment or intimidation based on any criteria including, but not restricted to, age, race, religion, disability, creed, color, ethnic origin or ancestry, and actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Harassment of any employee or student by any other employee or student or by anyone with whom a student or employee may interact in order to fulfill job or school responsibilities is a violation of ISB policy.  The school will publish procedures related to harassment in student and staff handbooks.

Students are to report acts of sexual or other harassment to their teachers, counselors, school administrators, or other adults in the school. Once informed, the adult will refer the student to the appropriate school authority who will take action in accordance with school policy and/or the school division’s code of conduct and corrective action procedures as stated in the student handbook. Acts of sexual or other harassment by adults should be referred to the Division Principal.  Students and their parents may choose to file a formal grievance.

Depending on the type of harassment and whether or not the harassment is a repeat offense, disciplinary action up to and including expulsion will be taken.  

Privacy and Use of Media

ISB employees and associates may take or use photographs or other media that include student images, exemplars of student work and/or images of students taking part in a school event or activity. These photographs/media are used to provide ISB families with information about their child(ren)'s education and/or to provide information to other parties about ISB. The images may be published on ISB approved platforms.  Parents with concerns or questions should arrange to meet with the relevant divisional principal.

Safeguarding Team Members 2023-24

Designated Safeguarding Lead:  

Name:                 William Randall                         Email:       
Position:         Director of Student Services                Location:         LDC

Deputy Safeguarding Lead:

Name:                 Debi Caskey                                 Email:       

Position:          DOS-Learning                                Location:           Main Admin Building

Whole School

Name:                 Dr. Dhave Setabutr                         Email:       

Position:          School Health Coordinator                    Location:         Clinic

Name:                 Ryan Ruhl                                 Email:       

Position:         MS/HS School Psychologist                 Location:          MS Office

Name:                 Nicole Tessmer                          Email:       

Position:          ES School Psych/Counselor                 Location:         ES Office

High School:

Position:                  HS Counselors

Location:                 HS Counseling Office


Middle School:

Position:                MS Counselors

Location:                 MS Office

Elementary School:

Position:                 ES Counselors

Location:                 ES Office



MS Schedule

Home Learning Policy


At ISB we encourage a balanced lifestyle that reflects rigorous learning through classes and opportunities that reflect physical activity, creativity, personal “passions”, family time, and sufficient time for sleep. With this in mind the goal of home learning is that it complements class work in a meaningful way that enables students to develop creativity and/or achieve personal excellence.

What is the purpose of home learning?

Home Learning is:

Daily Home Learning Time Guidelines By Grade Level Monday - Fridays:

The time guidelines listed above include home learning from all subjects, including daily independent reading expectations. Music practice (instrumental and/or choral) is not included in this guideline.


Actual time required to complete assignments will vary with each student’s study habits, academic skills, and selected course load. If a child is spending an excessive amount of time working at home, the parent should contact his/her child’s teachers. A student’s total daily work at home should not exceed the guidelines.

Home Learning on Weekends and Holidays, and MS Assessment-Free Days

We value that weekends and holidays are for family time and/or non-academic pursuits. With this in mind, teachers will not assign additional home learning over a weekend or holiday. Fridays, or last day of school before a holiday, are a school day and thus, home learning could be assigned but should not exceed the time requirement expected for one week night’s work.

No home learning will be assigned at all during the October Break, Winter Holidays, Songkran Holidays.


No assignments will be due or assessments scheduled on the first days back to school after the major holidays outlined above.

Student and Parent Responsibilities

My responsibilities as an ISB student are to:


My responsibilities as an ISB parent are to:

Parent Code of Conduct

Welcome to International School Bangkok.

Student Safeguarding is a priority at ISB. It is for this reason that ISB has developed and adopted a Student Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct for ISB Staff, Associates, Visitors and Parents.

ISB values the partnership of parents and the school to promote the learning of our students and protect the safety of our community. While we welcome parents / guardians on our campus, we maintain guidelines and structures that prioritize student learning and safety.

ISB requires that all Parents visiting  our campus:

Everyone entering ISB needs to be aware that CCTV is in operation at all times on our campus.

All of us at ISB want you to know that we genuinely value our Parents on campus and we ask for, and appreciate, your support in providing the safest environment for our students.

         Respect                               Care                              Integrity                          Responsibility

         Courage                          Commitment                     Balance                              Gratitude

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