District 32 Toastmasters                                                            April 26 - 28, 2019 Annual Conference                                                                                The Lakefront Hotel

                                                                                                   Anchorage, Alaska

Saturday Morning Workshops (in order by last name):

Marilyn Bennett, DTM

Discover Your Inner Clown

We were all born clowns.  As clowns we are the innocent, curious, and naive part of our personality.  This presentation is to help your inner clown emerge.  Attendees will engage in several exercises and fun interactions to feel more comfortable acting silly and laughing at themselves.  Attendees will get over any fear they had by taking the worry about looking foolish away, learn at a basic level that a clowns duty is the same as a Toastmasters - forget about ourselves and concentrate on connecting to the audience.

Roberta Craig, ACB, ALB

Leading With FTP

Do you wish for a better job? Do you feel stuck in your current position? Have you been offered a dream opportunity, but turned it down because of a past failure is holding you back? Leading With FTP (Forgive, Trust, Proceed) may be the answer. Workshop participants will explore what is holding them back, visualize the personal or professional goal they wish to achieve, then develop an action plan to achieving that goal.

Madonna Hanna, ACS, CL

Soar and Explore Your Communication Skills!

Madonna’s, highly interactive session provides an experiential learning opportunity to develop and improve upon speaking and listening skills. She will facilitate several hands-on communication activities that build upon one another throughout the 90-minute session.  “Soar to a Higher Level of Communication” will address and sharpen non-verbal, one way and two way communication skills.  By the end of the session participants will be able to recognize and analyze different communication styles, speak more clearly, and understand their club’s communication dynamics.

Manny Martinez, ACS, ACB

Training Wheels, Attitude, and Secrets

Is your Toastmasters club Alive? Do you run to your Toastmasters meeting, or do you run away as soon as your meeting adjourns? In this energetic, interactive, effervescent workshop, Manny Martinez shares how dusting off a Successful Club Plan brings bountiful benefits to your club. Whether you want to spice up your meetings, recruit and keep quality members, or create an atmosphere for communication and leadership success, this workshop is waiting for you!

Mary Morrison, DTM

Perfecting Your Pitch

Wow! More than 16,000 clubs around the world, and something unique about each one. In this interactive workshop, you’ll pick up at least three techniques to help you define and refine what makes your club a WOW for guests and members! Be prepared to perfect your pitch and fine tune your finesse to reach potential guests, turn guests to members, and transform members into club champions!

Sunday Morning Workshops (in order by presentation title*): 

4 x 4's of Communication Success and Stability

Talking is easy…Communication is hard.  Communication is vital in all aspects of our lives – personal, professional, and Toastmasters.  Our ability to communicate with others helps us to succeed.  This interactive workshop will focus on the 4 x 4’s of communication success, minimizing communication roadblocks, and evaluating key communication strategies.  Incorporating theory and application, you will leave Sara’s workshop ready to soar to communication success.

How to Invite Guests to Your Meeting

New members are an important piece of having a happy, healthy and vibrant Toastmasters club. Without them, a club tends to stagnate and lose energy. In order to get those new members, current members need to be inviting guests to meetings on a regular basis. It sounds simple enough, but for a lot of us it’s a pretty daunting task. This workshop will help members put together a strategy for becoming an expert on inviting guests to club meetings. We will put together a Toastmasters elevator pitch, talk about how to overcome the fear of rejection, and go over available Toastmasters resources.

The Power of Toastmasters: Beyond the Club 

Why did you join Toastmasters? How have you grown? The Power of Toastmasters continues the opportunity for personal growth in an encouraging environment. In the three segments of this workshop, you will learn techniques you can practice through Toastmasters to apply to life beyond your club. Do you want to grow an organization, support the team-building process for a strong foundation, and help an organization rediscover its own strength while building your own skills with all aspects of communication and leadership? You practice these skills when you work to sponsor or mentor a new Toastmasters Club or coach a struggling Toastmasters Club. This workshop will provide information for you to sponsor, mentor, or coach Toastmasters Clubs within D32.