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Perquimans County High School


2023-2024 Athletic Handbook

Revised August 10, 2023


The coaching staff of Perquimans High School is dedicated to the development of the total student athlete. Both the physical and psychological growth of each person is conscientiously considered when planning and implementing our athletic program.

Our professional staff is aware of the individual needs of youth as well as the social implications of being able to work as a member of a team. Students will be given the opportunity through extensive training, excellent equipment, and good coaching to reach their maximum potential both academically and athletically.


The Perquimans County High School mission is to produce young men and women who have the capacity to be successful citizens in our highly competitive society. We are committed to achieving this goal. We also want students to leave Perquimans County High School and be able to say that they are proud to have been a part of Perquimans Athletics.


Since it is a privilege to represent a school in athletics, the school must have the authority to revoke the privilege when student athletes do not meet the standards set forth. This responsibility not only exists while the athletes are involved in their chosen sport(s) but shall be required of them most certainly while at school as well as other times.  A student athlete is expected to be a positive contributor to Perquimans County High School All students are invited and encouraged to take part in this program. As the program is voluntary, all athletes desiring the advantages of participation in the athletic program should be prepared to follow all rules and regulations as determined by the athletic staff, administrators, and School Board. Participation is a privilege that can be revoked. Those not willing to comply with the rules and regulations will not be permitted to participate in the program.

We understand that in athletics, situations may arise where parents have questions and/or concerns. When these situations occur please utilize the following protocol: 1). Contact the assistant or head coach regarding the matter. 2). If the situation is not resolved, contact the athletic director. 3). If further assistance is warranted, contact the principal. Please follow the steps listed above as described prior to contacting the central office.    


Students participating in the interscholastic athletic program are governed by the rights, protection, and responsibilities prescribed by the Perquimans County School District and the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA). Students who participate in the interscholastic program are required to meet the eligibility requirements and to follow the rules of both the NCHSAA and Perquimans County High School.

NCHSAA Eligibility Requirements

1.     Eligibility Form: The regulations require that all students must be eligible prior to the

dressing or participating in any interscholastic contest, whether or not the sport is

sponsored by the NCHSAA. Only those students listed on the eligibility forms are covered

by the catastrophic insurance. No student shall be listed on the form unless and until

documents substantiating eligibility are on file in the school.

(a)     Any student proposed for a contest is eligible at the school to which the local board of education assigns him within the unit of residence of a parent or legal custodian within the state.

(b)    When two boards of education within North Carolina by mutual agreement assign a student to a different school, he/she becomes immediately eligible for athletic participation, relative to the qualifications above.

2.  Residence: A student is eligible to participate at the school to which he or she is assigned

by the local board of education, within the administrative unit of residence.

“Residence” as used for athletic eligibility purposes is defined as the equivalent of the term “domicile” as applied by the courts of North Carolina. Under no circumstances can a student have more than one residence for eligibility purposes.


In the event the parents are separated or divorced, the residence of the student shall be that

of the parent to whom custody has been awarded by a court of competent jurisdiction. If no

custody has been entered, the residence shall be deemed that of the parent who had actual

custody immediately upon the separation.

3. Medical Examination:  Physicals: In order to be eligible for practice or participation in interscholastic athletic contests, a player must receive a medical examination once every 395 days by a duly licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant.  

Students absent from athletic practice for five (5) or more days due to illness or injury shall

receive a medical release by a licensed physician (MD, DO, NP, PA) before re-admittance

to practice or contests.

4. Eight Semester Rule: No student may participate at the high school level for a period

lasting longer than eight (8) consecutive semesters, beginning with the student’s first entry

into ninth grade or participation on a high school team, whichever occurs first.

5. Age of Player: No student may be approved for any athletic contest if his or her 19th

birthday comes on or before August 31, 2023, i.e., the date of birth was on or before

August 31, 2004.

6. Dressing for a Game or Practice: Ineligible players are not allowed to participate in

practice or during out-of-season workouts.

7. Professionals/Colleges: No student who has signed a professional contract will be eligible

for high school competition in that sport. No student who has played on a junior college

team is eligible to play on a high school team.

8. Gfellar Waller Concussion Awareness – All students, parents, coaches and volunteers must complete the GW Concussion checklist before the student is allowed to try-out, practice or compete in any sport.


Perquimans County High School Eligibility Requirements

The staff, teachers, and coaches at Perquimans High School encourage all students to participate

in extracurricular activities. It is our goal to have quality athletic teams with respect for themselves and those around them. We believe that team loyalty and unity breed success. A student athlete is a student first and an athlete second. Academic success is the ultimate goal.

The following is an explanation of the mandates that every student athlete will be expected to follow. It should also be understood that individual coaches may have additional rules and standards that each student athlete will be required to follow.

  1. Eligibility: Athletes must have passed 3 out of 4 classes during the preceding semester to be eligible at any time during the present semester.  

  1. Attendance: Student athletes must maintain adequate attendance in all classes throughout the school year as determined by the principal.

All students must meet the following local promotion standards:

a. Students entering grade 9 will have completed elementary and middle school.

b. Students entering grade 10 will pass/receive credit for a total of 6 courses including 1 English credit or 1 Math credit.

c. Students entering grade 11 will pass/receive credit for a total of 13 courses

d. Students entering grade 12 will pass/receive credit for a total of 20 courses

All senior athletes must take a minimum of three (3) courses during the fall semester. If a

senior takes just three (3) classes in the fall, they must pass all of them in order to be

eligible during the spring semester.  Senior athletes must be enrolled in a minimum of two (2) classes during the spring semester of their senior year in order to be eligible.  The principal will have the authority to waive these requirements when circumstances warrant.

 The following applies to students who do not have a physical on file.  Every student athlete is required to have received a physical before participating in any workout, practice, scrimmage, or contest. Each year the Athletic Director will announce the date and time of a free physical.

3. Appearance: A player’s appearance is indicative of his/her self-respect and determines the type of impression others have of them and their teammates. A dress code will be in effect for all away games as determined by the head coach for that sport. All student-athletes will be in uniform or wearing casual attire that is within the school dress code.

4. Travel: All athletes must ride the school provided transportation with their team to and from all away games unless otherwise approved by the head coach.

5. Parents/Guardian Conference: Parents or guardians of any athlete must meet with the Athletic Director before the sports season for their athlete to compete. The conference will be to review the rules and procedures in this handbook. These conferences will be held as general public meetings in the Perquimans County High School gym prior to the start of each sports season. The parent and the player must attend this meeting in order to be eligible for competition.

6. Parents Attending Practices: All practices for all sports at Perquimans High School are closed practices. The only people allowed to attend a practice session are the players, coaches, school officials, and support personnel. Parents picking up athletes should wait in the parking lot nearest the practice site.

7. Parking: All student athletes shall only use clearly defined parking spaces on campus. No vehicles are allowed in the fenced areas designated as “Authorized Vehicles Only”. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  1. Practice: All students are required to attend all practices whether they can actively participate or not. The only exceptions to this would be severe illness or suspension from school.

Any student who misses three (3) or more practices or team functions may be dismissed from the team immediately at the discretion of the head coach, athletic director, or school official.  

We believe that for a team to develop a “team concept” all individuals must be involved with the team at all occasions. Please keep this in mind when planning other events. Field trips, vacations, and any other extracurricular activities are not acceptable reasons to miss a practice or game.

Please be advised, fall sports begin during the first week of August.

Code of Behavior

Any student arrested, charged, cited, or ticketed for any legal offense must immediately report the matter to his or her coach. The student may be suspended indefinitely or for any term the principal, with input from the athletic director and coach, deems appropriate. The suspension may apply to the student’s participation in both his/her current sport and any future sport or season. Any misdemeanor charges involving drug/alcohol possession, stealing, or assault or other violent offenses, will be considered more serious and may result in longer or permanent suspensions.

Other infractions to the Code of Behavior may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Office Referrals: An athlete who accumulates office referrals for discipline infractions may be subject to suspension from athletic participation for the school year pending a decision by the Athletic Director, after a conference with the coach, principal, the athlete, and his/her parents.

Any athlete serving Out of School Suspension (OSS) will not be allowed to participate in practices or games for the duration of the suspension. The suspension will count against the number of missed practices for the athlete and may result in dismissal from the team.

  1. Leaving the Team: Any athlete who quits a team during the sports season will be required to meet with the Athletic Director or Principal to discuss the matter in detail. If an athlete does not meet this requirement, he/she may not be allowed to participate in any sport for the remainder of the school year and may forfeit all sports awards. If the athlete does not complete a sport season, he/she will not be allowed to participate in another sport until that previous sport is completed.

NCHSAA Felony Policy

      Effective Date: May 7, 1998

Any student who is subject to the NCHSAA 8 semester rule who (1) is convicted of a crime classified as a felony under NC or Federal Law; or (2) is a adjudicated delinquent for an offense that would be a felony if committed by an adult, is not eligible to participate in the NC High School Athletic Association sports program.

Responsibility for School Equipment

Perquimans County High School will supply each team athlete with the necessary equipment for practice and competition. This equipment is the responsibility of the athlete to which it is assigned.

At the conclusion of the sports season, the athlete must return the equipment to the head coach within one week of the conclusion of the season. The equipment should be returned only after appropriate cleaning has been completed.

Athletic Awards

Senior Scholar Athletes of the Year: Awarded to a male and female senior athlete each year based on the highest overall weighted GPA and participation in at least two varsity sports.

Athletes of the Year: Athletes of the year will be determined by a points system that will allow the athlete up to nine (9) points per Varsity sports season (fall, winter, spring) based on the following criteria:


        2 points for team entering NCHSAA playoffs

        3 points for being named All-Conference

        4 points for Conference Player of the Year

This will allow for an athlete to earn up to twenty seven (27) points in a school year but only 9 points per athletic season.

If a tie still remains, then multiple awards will be given to all deserving athletes.

There will be at least one male and one female recipient each year.

Student Athletes Drug Screening Procedure

  1. Each year, all student athletes in grades 6-12, who are participating in any interscholastic sport during the school year, will be subject to drug screening. Random testing will take place at any time during the school year.

  1. Student athletes and their parents/guardians shall be provided information regarding drug-screening procedures.    

  1. A random digit table will be used to determine which student athletes will be selected for random drug screening. Without exception, all student athletes shall participate in the drug screening program. Refusal to participate in the drug screening procedures will result in forfeiture of athletic eligibility.      


  1. Testing results will be reviewed by the Athletic Director.  The Medical Review Officer (MRO) will review all positive results and advise the Athletic Director of the validity of the report. When the Athletic Director has confirmed the existence of a positive test result, the parent/guardian of the student athlete will be contacted to schedule a meeting. The student athlete will be privately informed and will be given the opportunity to be retested within 48 hours. 

Results of Positive Drug Testing

First Positive:

The student athlete and parent/guardian are notified. The student shall be suspended from all sports for the remainder of that sport season or four (4) weeks, whichever is longer. 

Second positive:

If a student athlete tests positive for the second time during his/her high school career, the student and parent/guardian shall be immediately notified. The student athlete shall be suspended from participating in all sports for a minimum of one (1) year (365 days).

Third positive:

After a third positive test, it 

shall be assumed the 

student athlete has a serious 

drug problem and reinstatement to participate in interscholastic sports in Perquimans County Schools will not be in the best interest of the student or athletic program.


All test results will be confidential including the maintenance of the sample throughout the collection and testing process. A positive test will result in mandatory substance abuse counseling provided by Perquimans County Schools. A positive test will not result in suspension from school or notification to legal authorities.        

Revised August 10, 2023