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Safeguarding Policy

In accordance with the Church of England Safeguarding Policy our Church is committed to:

The Parish will:

Each person who works within this Church community will agree to abide by this policy and the guidelines established by this Church.

Appendix 1

Procedure for dealing with safeguarding allegations or concerns

Whenever a child, young person and /or adult reports that they are suffering or have suffered significant harm through abuse or neglect, or have caused or are causing harm to others, the initial response should be limited to listening carefully. If someone makes a disclosure this might be the only time they will tell someone about what is happening.



· Listen

· Take what is said seriously

· Only use open questions (who, what, when, where and how)

· Remain Calm

· Take into account the person’s age and level of understanding

· Check whether they mind you taking notes – at the end you can check with them that you have understood everything correctly

· Offer reassurance that disclosing is the right thing to do

· Establish only as much information as is needed to report

· Check out what the person hopes to result from the disclosure

· Tell the child or adult what you are going to do next

Do Not:

· Make promises that cannot be kept

· Make assumptions or offer alternative explanations

· Investigate

· Contact the person about whom allegations have been made

· Do a physical examination


· Make brief notes at the time and write them up as soon as possible

· Record date, time place and actual words used

· Record facts and observable things, not your assumptions

· Don’t speculate or jump to conclusions


· If there is immediate danger to a child or adult contact the police – Ring 999

· Otherwise avoid delay and take action: talk immediately, within 24 hours to either activity leader, PSO, The Incumbent, Churchwardens and share any concerns

· Within 24 hours the nominated PSO reports concerns to the DSA

· The DSA will advise regarding reporting to child/adult social care and/or police. This must be done within 24 hours.

If in any doubt seek advice from child/adult social care and/or police.

Safeguarding Policy                                        Version 2.0                                    January 2024