Baseball Major League Friendship Tournament 2019 May 17 - 18, 2019

Tournament Rules

Pool play - Home team is listed 2nd (home team to turn in scores to Tournament Director) Bracket play - Better seed is home team (home team to turn in scores to Tournament Director)

Machine Pitch rules

a. A coach for the batting team will feed the pitching machine.

b. Batters will be given max. (6) pitches per plate appearance or (3) swinging strikes.

c. Balls in the dirt prior to reaching the plate will be called a no pitch however; if a player swings it will be called a strike

d. An at-bat will not end on a foul ball, an additional pitch will be granted.

e. Caught foul tips are considered outs if on a 3rd swinging strike or the 6th (or greater) pitch. 

1) Pitching machines will be set at approx 44 mph. Tournament director may adjust the speed of the machine if too slow or too fast for the tournament. Pitching machine will be operated by the coach of hitting team.

2) Pitching machine is in play. If the ball hits the pitching machine and rolls foul before the base it is a foul ball. If it stays fair, then rolls foul after the base, then it is a fair ball.

3) 75 minute time limit will be used with the umpire and scorekeeper responsible for calling a game. No inning will start after the 75 minutes has elapsed. Championship game has no time limit.

4) All players in lineup will be in the batting order.

5) Teams can pull up minor league players to avoid forfeits and those players are not required to play entire tourney.

6) Games can be started with only 8 players. The 9th spot will be an out. Any players late to the game will be added to the end of the line up at the start of the next full inning. Late players will forfeit the (3) innings field play requirement and only be allowed to bat rest of the game.

7) All players are not to sit in consecutive innings and every team member bats. Teams can field 10 players, 4 outfielders (no rover) and 6 infielders. If playing with 8 players, you must have a pitcher and catcher.

8) The 10 run rule will be in effect after the 4th inning is completed. 3 1⁄2 if the home team is leading. The 5 run rule applies for the tournament. If a team is leading they are allowed to add 5 more runs in an inning. If a team is behind they are allowed to catch and pass opposing team by 5 runs. This rule does NOT apply to the last inning.

9) Bunting is NOT allowed. Showing bunt followed by any swing is not allowed. Batter will be called out and no runners may advance.

10) Players may not advance when the ball is thrown back to the pitcher from the catcher.

11) Players can steal on a passed ball** only. A base runner may advance ONE base on a passed ball with the exception of home plate. Ball must be batted to advance runner home..

** A passed ball is defined as one that ends in foul territory, outside the batter’s box and out of reach of the catcher in their normal crouched position.

12) There is no “must slide rule”. There is a NO contact rule where runner must avoid contact through sliding if needed. Interference can be called on the defender. ANY malicious contact deemed so by umpire will warrant ejection.

13) There will be no infield fly rule.

14) International Tie-Breaker Rule will be used when game is tied at the end of regulation in bracket play and Championship game. Player who completed the last official at bat will be placed at second as a base runner with 0 outs. Pool play can end in a tie.

15) Line-ups will be given to the opposing coaches prior to the game. Each team is required to keep its own book.

16) No infield practice before the games. Please have players warm-up in the outfield.

17) Player throwing of any equipment in anger will receive a team warning from the umpire. Second occurrence will result in an ejection.

18) The only reason for a player not playing in a game is either injury or coaches disciplinary action. Whatever the reason, it is necessary to inform the league coordinator, opposing coaches, and umpire in charge prior to the game.

19) All rules above may be adjusted prior to tourney start. Any changes made will be presented to each coach prior to start of their first tourney game. Common sense will be the final rule.


1) Win/Loss.

2) Head to Head.

3)Runs Allowed up to 10 pergame.

4) Coin Flip.