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77.34 Hillbilly
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77.34 Hillbilly

818. As I write books, I have to focus on making a bit of money from affiliate marketing.  I can’t forget income.  77 days from now, I will take a 2 week vacation and travel somewhere.

819. Clickbank Notes:

        1. people looking to buy clickbank products don’t care about you

        2. they have problems they are trying to solve

        3. they are not trying to do you any favors

        4. 3 layers

820. develop product comparison pages

821. Certainly, in his own life, King was pulled this way. He was a man of enormous principle and selflessness, but he also had a number of affairs. This was a violation not only of his marriage, but the Christian teachings he preached at the pulpit. He knew better...but found himself doing it anyway. This tension must have been incredibly painful and shameful for him. So when King said that “there is something of a civil war going on within all our lives,” he wasn’t just speaking theoretically. He knew it firsthand.

822. After I cut items from pdfs to create posts, create sqribble pdfs by topic.

823. Make Chklines - PointsofHype a master list and include profile links.


825. Great explanation of the Maginot Wall:

826. Benefits of fasting:

The cycling of feasting (feeding) and famine (fasting) mimics the eating habits of our ancestors and restores your body to a more natural state that allows a whole host of biochemical benefits to occur. In recent years, it’s become increasingly clear that your body cannot run optimally when there’s a continuous supply of calories coming in.

Increase human growth hormone production (HGH) — Commonly referred to as “the fitness hormone,” HGH plays an important role in maintaining health, fitness and longevity, including promotion of muscle growth, and boosting fat loss by revving up your metabolism. Research shows fasting can raise HGH by as much as 1,300 percent in women and 2,000 percent in men.

        ~ As IBMs*, we need all the help we can get.

Prevent or reverse Type 2 diabetes, as well as slow its progression.

Protect against neurological diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease13 and Parkinson’s disease,14,15 thanks to the production of ketone bodies (byproducts of fatty acid breakdown, which are a healthy and preferred fuel for your brain) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF, which activates brain stem cells to convert into new neurons, and triggers numerous other chemicals that promote neural health).

Eliminate sugar cravings as your body adapts to burning fat instead of sugar.

827. Buy and redirect.

828. Chronic inflammation, also known as “unhealthy inflammation,” on the other hand, can cause widespread damage and trigger a host of dangerous conditions. If you suffer from chronic inflammation, the time to act is now—before things get out of hand.

829. Chronic inflammation is often mistaken as normal aging—when really, the aging process may not be quite as severe or damaging if inflammation were mitigated.

830. In addition to autoimmune disorders, chronic inflammation can contribute to a great many illnesses, depending on how it presents, including depression, cognitive decline (such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia), age-related macular degeneration, chronic kidney disease (CKD), type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease. These are just a few examples—chronic inflammation can underlie a great many significant threats to our bodies and minds.

IBMs* face many if not all of these medical challenges.  I use a vegan diet to fight diabetes, I’m starting to show some signs of age-related macular degeneration which rendered my father blind before he died with Alzheimer’s disease, and I’m not sure how much inflammation contributes to BPH.

831. We are heavier than ever before—almost 70 percent of American adults are overweight or obese.

I see this daily when I choose to ride the city buses.  We are a fat nation.  The stop in front of Walmart brings it to the forefront.

832. Eighty-four percent of millennials admit that they don’t know how to change a lightbulb. When asked what they do if one goes out, most either said that they call the landlord to fix it, or just accept having less light in future.

833. There can be no doubt that my generation (the baby boomers) have done more to create this crisis than any other. So, who will be the ones that will have to deal with the crisis, once it’s under way?  

834. After only 2 days of soup and salad, the blood sugar levels are getting better.  I am doing this one without exercise, but I may have to start walking again to get over the hump.

My energy levels are up already.  I worked six hours on the computer yesterday and took care of car repairs.  I maxed out the battery.

McDonald’s is definitely the new morning homeless shelter.  I’m amazed at some of the bitching.  One guy is here but has some work today.  They opened the doors 5 minutes late, and you would have thought Western civilization was in jeopardy.

Random Thoughts on 77 Days

1. With all the hard goals I have in my mind, spirituality is more important.  I need to find my better nature, put anger behind me, and create a nurturing living space.

2. I have to push myself physically as well as mentally.  To become the man needed by top foreign women, you have to look the part and perform optimally.  I need my physical problems, diabetes and bph, to be under control.

3. Part of my 77 days will be an integration of low carbon footprint will be to move toward being a digital aesthetic.  Only someone like the Unabomber can live off the grid so completely, and he was an evil genius.  Many spiritual leaders have gone aesthetic at various points in their lives (like the Buddha) only to advocate a middle way.  In this digital age, being aesthetic may mean having only one smartphone for all of your digital wants and needs.  But I do believe it includes not killing other animals for food.  Unfortunately, when I head in this direction, I start looking too much like Ted.

4. To get my minimum of 1 hour of walking each day, I will walk to the gym.  Add to the walk a 30 minute workout with weights, and I will have a base health regimen to augment a plant-based vegan diet.  Anything more will be vanity, but I will try to get in other exercise to keep diabetes in check.

5. As I beat diabetes, I will develop the cheapest foods possible to keep my blood sugar low.  The cheapest foods are rice and beans - the staple of most of the world - and pasta and marinara sauce.  I buy these on sale.  A person can eat a pound of pasta and a jar of sauce for less than $3 a day.  You can fill up on rice and beans for about $2 a day.  Food is cheap if you cook.  But McDonald’s will not get you there.

6. I love starches - rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, corn, and pasta.  I am determined to make McDougall’s Starch Solution work.  A raw food diet works better than anything else, but who can eat that much.  Starches give you enough calories to live on.  As I beat my A1c number down, I will add starches to the diet.  My base food   is my own vegetable soup that includes crushed tomatoes, onions, garlic, mushrooms, beans, green beans, peas, carrots, celery, corn, and whatever other vegetables strike my fancy.  It’s never the same.

7. Going aesthetic will make me an even cheaper bastard than I am now.  Instead of coffee at cafes, I can get it free at the gym and Publix.  If I do buy, it needs to be a senior coffee at McDonald’s.  I need to discover the free and cheapest stuff out there.  I want to make the homeless blush.  I will also start to shower at the gym each morning.  I want to be able to go anywhere in the country and survive.

8. Over 77 days, I need to study several areas and then create ebooks for the second 77 day gong.  These include learning all of the benefits the government makes available to seniors and the homeless.  There does not appear to be an easy way to gather and navigate that information.  I think it could make a good ebook, but most people would probably need a paid consultant.

The 11 Week Ultimatum

I am trapped by my family.  I have to be there for my 91 year old mother and my 36 year old nephew who lives with us.  I am the only one there to drive them to doctors’ appointments and work.  I have schedules to juggle including my own.  Some weeks, my driving people around totals over 25 hours.

At age 64, I don’t have enough years left to give up my life for other people’s needs.  Who died and made me caregiver?

The end has been determined.  No matter what the situation, I have told her and will tell the rest of the family the same thing - my exit date is April 23, 2018.  I need a life again.  And I don’t care if I am relaxing in Thailand or sleeping under a bridge in Florida.


The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA) requires background checks on American men looking to file immigrant

or fiancee visa petitions for foreign women if they met through a marriage agency.

An International Marriage Broker (IMB) is an entity - U.S. or foreign based - that provides matchmaking or social referrals between U.S. citizens/permanent residents and foreign nationals for a fee.

Passed in the wake of the Anastasia King murder allegedly to protect foreign brides, all it really does is take away privacy, free speech, and freedom from American men.

IMBs must:

- search U.S. sex offender public registries for information on the U.S. clients

- collect criminal and marital background information on American client

- provide this information to the foreign woman in her native language

- provide foreign clients with a government produced pamphlet detailing her legal rights in the U.S.

- obtain the foreign client's signed consent to release her personal information to the U.S. client

- limit of 2 fiance(e) visa petitions with at least 2 years between filings

All of these restrictions apply to IMB arranged matches, so there are many ways around the law. Just don't think this will be the last piece of insane legislation to restrict freedom of American citizens.

Anastasia King is not the only bride to fall victim to an abusive and sinister husband. If this is so important for foreign brides, why not make a law that applies to all women?

Simple. Americans would not stand for it at home.

It's easy to pick on groups with no power. And there is that pesky Constitution (what's left of it).

Good intentions make bad law. IMBRA is a poster child for unnecessary and flawed regulations.

American Men Still a Catch

For many foreign women, American husbands are still considered a good catch and a favorable match. Go figure.

I'm not sure if I am flattered or frightened.

Many foreign women view American men as better husband material, and not just on a financial level. Hollywood movies showing women's equality in marriage and relationships have no doubt contributed to the perceptions.

After a couple of divorces, I have become more jaded regarding marriage. Instead of falling into a relationship, why not search for exactly what you want without local fix-ups or sorting through women in bars.

My recommendations:

For younger men, women from Russia, the Ukraine, and the former Soviet Republics, Russian women are the sexiest and most stunning females on the planet.

Go for it. Don't apologize or settle. You will discover so many who are the right age, well-educated, and whose looks blow you away.

Caveat - watch the age spreads. For Russian women, 10 to 15 years younger will work fine. A larger age difference could be risky.

For older or more traditional men, nothing beats the Philippines. Filipinas are the most religious, family oriented women I have ever lived among.

Age differences are less of an issue. A Filipina will stay married as long as she can.

While a Vice-Consul in Manila, I have approved visas for brides 50 years younger than their American husbands.

For men who get pensions or Social Security, I would consider living out my retirement in the Philippines with a young wife. Immigration goes both directions. And a "fixed income" in the P.I. is a beautiful thing.

Golden Age:

For American men, you are nearing the end of the golden age for marriage and family.

You will never have a higher position in the minds of many brides to be.

You will never be able to attract a more desirable wife or mother for your children.

You have never been more able to find and communicate with the right woman for you without all of the social and cultural boundaries of the past.

Before governments and busybodies once again interfere in the process of love, marriage, and family, grab your perfect mail order wife.

Daily Grind Storm

I have to update my daily writing activities for the 77 day window I have to turn things around.  The serious push begins on October 8th, and should have changes as I go along.  I’m not sure whether or not surgery is in the wind.

My first dilemma is whether or not to come to the beach each morning at sunrise for a 3 to 5 mile walk.  My gut says yes.  I can go each day to Lucky’s Market for coffee and writing.  And good October sunshine on my back.

On rainy days, I can start working at 6 am at any McDonald’s near the beach.  Lucky’s opens at 7:00.

The whole purpose of my IBM manifesto is to build the perfect IBM and head for the Ukraine and China.  Living in Florida and actually having a tan seems like a must.

I think 1,000 words a day of walkabout is enough to identify key affiliate programs while having enough content to build my blogs.  Add a spun review article on a particular keyword phrase, and maybe I can sell a product or two.

These 1,000 words can be rambling or focused, and saved for later repurposing.

Now, the daily article is done on a topic, not a product.  If I do a spun article on diabetes, or wear over sunglasses, dozens of solutions to the problem exist.  I want people to buy the solution - any solution on my pages.

One sad fact is becoming clear - to have the time to write and work out, I have to give up TV once again.  I put it on in the background, and watch shows on DVR that I’ve seen before.  Useless waste of time.

The lone exception in NFL season will be live sports.  And not too much of that.  I don’t find it valuable enough to let it interfere with my life and work.

WS and Boredom

One of the worst things you can do in WS is to set up nasty goals that turn you back into a prisoner.

Write 3 articles per day.  Promote on social media.  Create a new animated video.

If I’m forcing myself to do something I “should” do, it’s probably not very good.  I need to remember the true walkabout nature of the web.

It’s becoming obvious that my walkabout will work with or without the car.  I can take walks at the beach or on the boardwalk.  Right now, it feels like a storm coming.

Changes to Make:

  1. make sure all blogs have the latest disclaimers and something about web hosting affiliate programs in the footer or sidebar
  2. about page for ecomm stores - put in a list of all stores for each subdomain and highlight the first one and mention that others are available if this one does not do the job
  3. log into freenom each day
  4. add more domains to nofollow link plugin
  5. write about how IBMs need to live under the radar re wealth and relationships
  6. use a twist tie to shorten my headset cord
  7. start carrying a full backpack when walking locally
  8. carry headset in a ziplock bag
  9. survival skill - first aid, herbal medicine, and healing skills
  10. create hundreds of IVpages
  11. use forum marketing to promote stores
  12. about spins for use in forums
  13. on ecompare, put other ALs in the scrolling images from CB, etc
  14. join forums related to stores and send traffic there
  15. use add to any on some of the best products
  16. put a static home page on each blog

Feeling Good

Recently, I have noticed myself feeling good for no particular reason.  It might just be driving along A1A near Ponte Vedra, or even walking to Cobblestone to catch a city bus downtown.

I’m always happy on days I go to Lucky’s Market at Neptune Beach to get my writing done with a cup of good coffee.

And then I realized what’s happening.  I’m not at the house listening to my mom’s dementia bullshit.  I don’t have to hear my nephew and the health care worker get into politics.  I’m free.

I also find myself doing chores around the house for exercise, and to take breaks from the computer.  I feed the critters (2 cats - 1 inside and 1 outside), wash and put away any dishes, and make the bed.

Yesterday I spent time clearing branches and bamboo in the back yard, and at 5:00 this morning, I ran the carpet cleaner to get the place looking better before someone comes from the bank tomorrow.

I would have never thought that trimming trees and bushes would be something I don’t mind doing.  Especially in 95 degree heat.  My energy levels are growing.

I download CSV files for my JVZoo purchases, and I have enough shiny objects to keep me busy for years.  The trick will be to create enough content to create my own CB or JVZoo programs.

I’ve been wasting too many bananas.  I like them a little on the green side, and others in the house are not eating any.  I need to make them a major part of my vegan battle against diabetes.

One loser:  I put the overripe bananas on the compost pile out back, and I never see them again.  The racoons will miss the bananas.