8 Ways for a Better 2018

It’s 2018! We hope that 2017 was full of small successes, a bit of self-improvement, and a whole lot of gratitude. But if you’re like us, at Deceased Pet Care, we’re always looking to be just a bit better every day. That’s why we put together a quick list of 8 ways to make 2018 the best year yet for you and your pet. Don’t feel you have to do all these, just pick one or two that speak to you, and go from there. After all, it’s best to do something today, your tomorrow self with thank you for.

  1. Be Healthy - That’s right. YOU be healthy. If you’re focusing on your health, you’re naturally going to have more energy, a happier perspective, and more moments of fun with your pet. They say you can’t pour from an empty cup, so fill yours up in 2018 by focusing on your personal health.

  1. Share the Moment - There’s no motivator like a positive one. And your pet is sure to be that while they wake you up in the morning, or greet you with smiles and wagging tail after you return from work. Reward their unconditional love by spending some time and taking them on a walk, jog, or just tossing the ball in the backyard.

  1. Start Saving - Emergencies are inevitable. That’s why it’s best to be financially prepared. Start a fund today for veterinary or pet related emergencies. If/when the moment, comes, it’s sure to be stressful. Don’t let money be a factor.

  1. Get Microchipped - We’ve talked about this in several blogs before, but there’s no real reason to not get your pet microchipped. It ensures if your pet gets lost, they can be scanned at the nearest vet or pet shelter. You can be contacted and greatly increase your chance of reuniting if something happened.

  1. Learn a New Trick - Have you always wanted your dog to high-five or be the perfect dance partner? Well, 2018 is the year. It’s never too late to learn something new, and the process is sure to create a deeper bond between you can your pet.


  1. Bring Home a Buddy - As you know by now, we’re all about adoption. If your pet seems a bit on the lonelier side, consider bringing home a companion. Just make sure you’re fully committed to the health and wellness of all animals in your home.

  1. Get a Checkup - We know, no one likes going to the vet. But there are few better ways to start 2018 then with a clean bill of health, and a plan to stay there. Consider setting an appointment for a general check up to make sure it’s a clear year.

  1. Play More - If you ignore every other recommendation, we implore you to make this a priority in 2018. By spending a bit more time with your pet in playful ways, both parties benefit. You get to experience loads of serotonin and happy endorphins from the play, and for many, the mindlessness of pet play can serve a brief break from the chaos of the day. We could all use five more minutes of fun in our day.

So what’d you think of our list? At Deceased Pet Care, we’re shooting for all eight. But even if we master just one, it’s a better year for us and our pets. Thanks for joining us. See you next month, and best wishes for you and your pet in 2018.