Sixth Grade Bulldog Pride Newsletter

From the leadership team


Monday--Lesson 15: Converting Decimal Division into Whole Number Division using Mental Math

Tuesday--Lesson 17: Divisibility Rules

Wednesday---Lesson 18 Least Common Multiple        

Thursday--Lesson 18: Greatest Common Factor

Friday--Test: Module 2 Topics B-D

Honors Math

Monday--Lesson 12: Distributing Expressions

Tuesday-- Lessons 13/14: Writing Division Expressions

Wednesday--Lessons 15/16: Read and Write Expressions in Which Letters Stand for Numbers

Thursday-Lesson 17: Write Expressions in Which Letters Stand for Numbers

Friday--Lesson 18/19: Writing And Evaluating Expression--Addition and Subtraction and Substituting to Evaluate Addition and Subtraction Expressions

Next Test tentatively scheduled for November 8th.


Monday - Tuesday: Comparing 3 texts and the ideas embedded in them.

Wednesday: Nonfiction comprehension test

Thursday: Summary - “Letters of Wilbur Wright”

Friday: Citing text evidence

*Students should be working on their weekly homework in their blue folders and Achieve articles throughout the 9 weeks.*


Monday-Friday: Thermal Energy Unit Continued

Cold Cup Challenge: Testing Designs

Social Studies


Tuesday and Wednesday: geography and lifeline of the Nile

Thursday and Friday: Hieroglyphics and Afterlife

girls Health and Pe

Students will participate in bowling games (terminology, scoring rules, skills, and safety rules).

boys health and pe

Students will participate in bowling games (terminology, scoring rules, skills, and safety rules).


Monday- Timed Drill

Tuesday- Bellwork Set Up

Wednesday- Learn 8 and 1

Thursday- Achieve 3000

Friday- Review and catch up


Focus: We are continuing to work on scales, long tones, lip slurs, music, and sightreading in all classes.

         All students should be working out of their books and recording their assignments on a weekly basis.

         They should have 45 exercises passed off by the end of the nine weeks.

Please try to take care of all band fees by December 7, 2018.

Band Fundraisers this year:  Lollipop sale in October and World’s Finest Chocolate Sale in January.

 Remaining Activities for the week of Oct 29, 2018

Tues:         Last Football Game-Be at the SLHS Stadium for 5:15;   You can still wear your pink

                       Pink out shirt or maroon shirt with blue jeans for the game.

Wed:        No band practice

Thur:        No band practice