Schools for Climate Action

Climate Action Options for School Boards

We encourage school boards, as public institutions charged with the welfare of children, to pass resolutions which:

a) declare that climate change is a children’s issue

b) support federal carbon pricing as a way to protect current and future students

We also encourage school boards to deepen their impact by promoting a variety of additional actions that mitigate climate change and improve the welfare of children. Many school districts have already adopted many of the measures below:

Public Discourse, Endorsements, and Planning

Greenhouse Gas Reductions:

On-Going Practices

Greenhouse Gas Reductions:

Buildings and Grounds


Enact a committee of stakeholders to develop a Climate Action Plan and to break the “spiral of silence

Connect with existing municipal, county, and state climate action plans

Include carbon budgeting in spending decisions

Calculate greenhouse gas emissions baselines

Join carbon-pricing or GHG reduction campaigns such as Put a Price on It! or Under2MOU

Walk and Roll to School program

Low or zero emissions school bus fleet

Purchase energy from clean energy providers

Meatless Mondays

Local food purchasing

Composting programs

Recycling programs

Building efficiency for both new construction and retrofits (insulation, lighting)

Install solar panels and heat pumps

Water conservation and rainfall capture measures

Asphalt abatement/rain gardens

Carbon banking in trees and soils

Incorporate climate science, climate justice advocacy, and climate action in curriculum standards and coursework

Existing examples:

San Diego USD Climate Action Plan

Center for Climate Protection’s Walk and Roll Day

San Francisco Unified Zero Carbon Initiative

Portland Public Schools Climate Justice Curriculum