~Schools for Climate Action~

Climate Action Options for School Boards

We encourage school boards, as public institutions charged with the welfare of children, to pass resolutions which:

a) declare that climate change is a children’s issue, and;

b) support federal carbon pricing as a way to protect current and future students.

We also encourage school boards to deepen their impact by promoting a variety of additional actions that mitigate climate change and improve the welfare of children. Many school districts have already adopted many of the measures below:

Public Discourse, Endorsements, and Planning

Greenhouse Gas Reductions:

On-Going Practices

Greenhouse Gas Reductions:

Buildings and Grounds


+Enact a committee of stakeholders to develop a Climate Action Plan and to break the “spiral of silence

+Connect with existing municipal, county, and state climate action plans

+Include carbon budgeting in spending decisions

+Calculate greenhouse gas emissions baselines

+Join carbon-pricing or GHG reduction campaigns such as Put a Price on It! or Under2MOU

+Walk and Roll to School program;

+Low or zero emissions school bus fleet;

+Purchase energy from clean energy providers;

+Meatless Mondays

+Local food purchasing

+Composting programs

+Recycling programs

+Building efficiency for both new construction and retrofits (insulation, lighting)

+Install solar panels and heat pumps

+Water conservation and rainfall capture measures

+Asphalt abatement/rain gardens

+Carbon banking in trees and soils

+Incorporate climate science, climate justice advocacy, and climate action in curriculum standards and coursework

Existing examples:

San Diego USD Climate Action Plan

Center for Climate Protection’s Walk and Roll Day

San Francisco Unified Zero Carbon Initiative

Portland Public Schools Climate Justice Curriculum