Molly Keener

No God, No Booze, No Coffee, No Life: No, not really, but when you give up and let go of closely-held beliefs and customs after decades, it is equally liberating and terrifying. Talk with me about my evolving spiritual journey, and how the overlap of letting go of a Christian theological identity alongside the medically-necessary, cold-turkey cessation of alcohol and coffee consumption has impacted my life.


Breaking Up with Therapists Isn't Hard to Do: But having the courage to find one in the first place IS! I have lived with mental illness for years, and have been in therapy at various points to help me live with it, and I understand the fear and frustration and shame that comes with feeling incapable of caring for yourself. I cannot offer answers, but I can offer hope of learning to live well with a managed mental illness.


Stillness in the Winter Woods: Being in nature, especially during winter, settles my soul. If you, too, are a fellow nature-lover, woods-walker, hike-taker, come swap tales of favorite trails and travels.


Copyright French Mints: I experienced a serendipitous fall into copyright librarianship, and while my career path has not been what I thought it would be when I set out to be an academic librarian, it has been a blast! Did you know that you own THOUSANDS of copyrights?! It's true! Join me for a quick crash-course in copyright and fair use, and hear a bit about how I became a professional copyright nerd.


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