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My book about TelePlay Therapy 

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This book is for all of the children who bravely share their feelings and thoughts and dreams through play with or without the help of a screen.


Theresa Fraser

Maritime Play Therapy Centre

P.O. Box 722

Pictou, Nova Scotia Canada

B0K 1H0  

March 19, 2020

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I used to see my therapist at the Play Therapy office.

In this special place I didn’t need to use words to show my feelings. I could play out what was bothering me or what I wanted to share.

Now there is this virus that can make people feel sick.  We are all staying in our homes until the world feels better.

I am catching up on some school work but I miss my Play Therapist.

My Mom and Dad said that there is another way I could go to therapy. I now visit my Play Therapist with the help of  our tablet.

It felt different at first but now

I play with toys that we have at our home and my therapist is still with me as I am playing. I can imagine my therapist being right there with me.

            I feel strong again!

          Very Very Strong !

(Theresa Fraser, 2020)