Year 0

Planet Vegeta formerly known as Planet Plant was originally the home of a technologically advanced civilization called the Tuffles. The Saiyans crash landed on Planet Plant thirty years ago after an asteroid struck their home planet, Sadala. At first the Tuffles accepted the refugees with open arms, but the Saiyans proved to be a very violent and disagreeable race of people that refused to conform to the civilized lifestyle of the Tuffles. The people began to barricade the cities, isolating themselves from the barbarians, and the Saiyans were left with no choice but to take refuge in the mountains on the arid wastelands of the Planet.

The Saiyans waged war on the Tuffles, constantly throwing themselves into the walls they raised around their cities but their reinforcements were impenetrable, countless Saiyans died trying to lay siege to the Tuffles capital city. After many years of futile attempts the Saiyan population slowly started to dwindle, the attacks became less and less frequent as their numbers shrank. The liberals of the Tuffles political party made the mistake of not killing the Saiyans completely, they instead offered the Saiyans technology and aid in exchange for peace and unity. However on one night, the man considered to be the strongest of the Saiyans and the most respected told his people of the coming of the full moon, many of them grew complacent, content with eating the crumbs and treats that the tuffles offered them but this man was not. He led every Saiyan that was still had a shred of pride to invade the tuffles stronghold in what many thought was a suicide attack. The Saiyans were heavily outnumbered and their backs were against the wall as the sun started to set and the full moon filled the sky, it's light empowered the Saiyan Warriors, allowing them to transform into the legendary Great Ape and destroy the tuffles entire civilization in a single night. All those who ever doubted the man that led them had no choice but to pay their respect, on that night under the full moon Kassav was crowned King of all Saiyans and his lineage would forever be the rightful rulers of Planet Vegeta.

Year 2

Much has changed on the Planet known as Vegeta, while the warrior race known as the Saiyans are still getting used to moving forward. King Kassav ushered forth a new era for the rest of the Saiyans, forming what was an entire organized army and maintaining the peace among them all. While there are but whispers of a potential rebellion planning on taking over the throne and perhaps making it their own, the man rules the entire planet with an iron fist ensuring that those who were intending such were punished. Shocking news is spread however when people find King Kassav deceased, something that's left the entire Race wondering where it was that the future of their race was going to be lead from here on out. Being survived by his oldest son Prince Kassav Jr. and daughter Princess Aspara, leaving the masses to believe that the Prince should wait until he is of age before he takes over the throne. While there were others that saw it only fit that Kassav's blood son by birth should be the only one to claim the throne. A council of Elites is formed instead with intentions on holding down Planet Vegeta until Kassav Jr. comes fully of age, in order to provide decisions in unison for the future of the planet while the young boy's words are still final even in his infant stages. Leaving those that intended a rebellion to plan quietly in the background their next set of moves now that the great King was deceased.

Year 3

The pools that were riddled with radioactive waste from the wars of the past being cleansed. The child known as Kassav Jr. assuming the position of King and under the tutelage of Kenkaku Yokoshima; a respected Elite among the Saiyan race. Many believing that young King was unfit for the throne and far too young, while there were those that had believed that he was going to be far better than his own Father Kassav. Entrusting a powerful warrior known as Bruss as the General of the army. One day what could be identified as a star coming into their planet crashes, leaving the Saiyans curious as to what it had been in particular. Ignoring it during the tournament that was taking place although to their surprise three blue and green skinned men appeared at a tournament held, all with intentions of trying to recruit people into their group and ruining the event for them all. The young Saiyan King found it to be disrespectful giving the Saiyans what they wanted; a fight. Ordering that they capture them all and toss them into their cells, learning that they were all apart of a race known as the 'Heran' and that they crashed onto the planet. Leaving the Saiyans to wonder exactly was  it was that they were planning?. .

Year 5

Finding yet another ship, the Saiyans entered aboard with the suspicion that their people were being abducted. Only to stumble onto yet another strange species of metal creatures known as the 'Androids', while their intentions remained unknown regarding what it was that they were planning on their planet. The Saiyans believing that they were all up to no good and had been abducting their own warriors. The Heran men that were caged being broken with one slain, leaving those on the planet to suspect exactly what it was that had caused this?.. With their own ship being found out in the process as a young Saiyan; Kolkas manages to discover the exact location to tell the rest of the warriors. The young King along with General Bruss amass the group to claim the ship of the Heran as their own. To their surprise however, the Androids showed up and protected the Heran known as Captain Harlock.

A fight ensues with Zes, and Karot showing true bravery during the match although the Saiyans were heavily out matched with the young King's tail injured by the unit known as M.O.T.H.E.R. Seeing that his men were being beaten young King flashed a moon, transforming all those that were involved into the great ape. Besting the Androids but even then it had not been enough with the transformation coming to an end. General Bruss showing exactly what it meant to be a Saiyan and intending on protecting the rest of them once a retreat had been called. The Androids revealing their true colors with the intent of slaying those that had been apart of the Saiyan race, with intentions on taking over the planet. The General fought until his very last breath.

The powerful Elite known as Kenkaku headed out himself to try and get rid of the powerful Androids, however even his mighty strength was not enough. The young Saiyan King saw no other option left but to unite his own people after two of his men were defeated, leaving him wondering if they were capable of standing a chance. With the Androids declaring that they had wanted the planet and if they did not head to the Heran ship known as the 'Ardent' they would all be slain. For his people the young King made the wise decision, ignoring his pride and hatred for the Androids and instead focusing on keeping the rest of his own kin safe. While viewing Kenkaku and Bruss both as heroes that were going to be getting statues built and their names talked about for the ages to come. The Saiyans take their leave with a few exceptions to traitors.

The fate of Vegeta left in the Androids hands. .