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The history book, We Dare To Do What We Dare To Dream, was written for the Perkins 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2010.  It traces the origin and development of the Perkins Schools.  This 400-page book includes other related chapters and pictures, as well as faculty/staff and graduation lists from the past 50 years.  An Addendum to this original book was completed in 2015.  It includes corrections and additions to the original book and information for the years 2011-2015.

Please send the complete order form, along with payment, to the address below.

 Make checks payable to Perkins Alumni and Friends Association

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Perkins Alumni and Friends Association

PO BOX 259  Sandusky, OH  44871-0259


History Book – We Dare To Do What We Dare To Dream


Cost:  $15 per book


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Addendum – 2011-2015


Cost:  $ 6 per book


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