5/29/19 NEP BOD Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 10:07am

Present BOD Members: Brian Ainscough (Boston Bolts), Jason Braga (NEFC), Paul Turner (FCUSA), Adam Scott (LFC), Peter Bradley (GPS), Ian Burgess (Seacoast)

Absent BOD Members: Liz Lima (Select)

Also in attendance: Gabrielle Ehrlich and Jeff Perry (Financials), Sean Carey, Kelsey Mahoney (Minutes)

5/29/19 Meeting Agenda Items:

  1. Season update and review
  2. Technical Committee update
  3. Budget Review: 2018/19 Season
  4. Budget Proposal: 2019/20 Season
  1. Possible new staff positions
  2. Member club development/investment ideas
  3. Philanthropic and “community project” ideas
  1. Set date for next meeting

Motions Moved

  1. Motion passed to put 4/23/19 NEP BOD Notes in order – with the added list of Executive committee members
  2. Motion passed for Jeff Perry to make adjustments for the 2019-20 proposed budget

Action Items

  1. Technical Committee recommendations for 2019-20 Season put forth to Membership then BOD
  2. Sean to do some research on NEP futsal league feasibility
  3. Propose NEP Futsal League to Membership
  4. PDP discussion at Membership Meeting
  5. Discuss sponsor options for next year

Next Membership Meeting: June 26th at 10:00am at the Fore kicks in Marlborough

  1. Season update and review
  1. This Spring the goal differentials have been on a whole better than previous years
  1. Higher percentage of teams playing the right games
  1. Technical Committee update
  1. Technical Committee will be 1 year rolling membership
  2. Possible February date picked for Licensing/DOC event
  1. Event geared towards NEP DOCs
  2. Agenda to be discussed at next tech meeting
  1. League Structure
  1. Current rules and regulations
  1. Basic info is currently on NEP website
  2. NPL roster freezes were in effect last year, but not asked for same rules this season… needs to be addressed as permanent rules for future seasons by technical committee
  1. Regulation/Promotion
  1. Current initial pathway into the NPL at U13 has seen an increase in yellow/red cards
  2. Coaches behaving differently
  3. System is not bringing out the best of the coaches/clubs
  1. Recommendations for 2020-21 Season
  1. Must have membership meeting to discuss the possible changes for 2020-21 season
  2. Then recommendations will be put forth to the BOD

  1. Budget Review: 2018-19
  1. 2017-18 Clarifications        
  1. League Fees Expense
  2. Admin Support
  3. Trainer
  4. Trophies and Awards

  1. Budget Proposal: 2019-20
  1. Motion moved, seconded, and all present in favor for Jeff Perry to make the following adjustments to the proposed 2019-20 Budget
  1. Lower some of the expenses and raise revenue
  2. Add $35,000 to net wages for possible Social Media Manager new hire
  3. Add $10,000 for inner city grant
  4. Add $2,000 to each of the 24 NEP clubs for scholarship grant
  1. Outstanding/Fluctuating Line Items
  2. Field Rental Costs
  1. NEP subsidized the following:
  1. Lancaster and Taunton Jamborees
  2. NEP Final 4
  3. State Cup
  1. Could NEP subsidize NPL games at a central location for a couple weekends?
  2. Lancaster is the vast majority of NEP rentals
  1. NEP buy the 6 back grass fields?
  1. Fitchburg Facility is in the works and a possible rental option
  2. NEP could potentially invest in its own field structure
  1. Social Media Manager
  1. NEP considering a new hire for position
  2. Could develop app for NEP league and bring in sponsors through the app
  3. Could have NEP Magazine
  4. Website
  1. Philanthropic Options
  1. Look at certain groups to donate to that will benefit league or support league’s mission
  2. Inner-city good works

  1. Other Business
  1. BOD has done the following:
  1. Updated ByLaws
  2. Supported NEP mission
  1. Next BOD Steps
  1. Transparent budget
  2. Bi-annual meetings
  1. NEP Futsal League Possibility
  1. To be proposed at next membership meeting
  1. State Cup
  1. Make it region-based?
  2. NEP Regionalized Event?
  3. Discuss at NEP Members Meeting
  1. NE Championship
  1. Possible new setup  - proposed by Sean Carey
  1. Championship Elite Division where each club only gets 1 slot in this division
  1. 24 clubs, 3 groups of 8
  2. Take into account geography so outliers are in different groups
  3. 4th group could be non-NEP clubs
  4. Could be the pathway to get into NPL. Winner could get promoted to NPL

Motion to end meeting at 11:42am seconded and passed