Dark Ones Guild Charter


Acting Guildmaster - Markus




The Dark Ones Event Coordinators Guild shall be devoted to helping events have trained people available for an Event Head, an Exchequer, and a Historian.

  1. Event Head (works with Site Liaison, can choose committee/council members, finds people to manage various tasks that are not covered by the other Guilds)
  2. Event Exchequer (manages the budget, collects event revenue, disburses funds to cover expense receipts)
  3. Event Historian (tracks volunteer hours, manages the “Call Around” process to encourage volunteers and donations)


It will also actively encourage mutual support and constructive feedback among its membership, so that personal satisfaction by the members and improvements in the quality of Dark Ones events can take place.


The goals of the Guild are:

  1. Provide a creative and/or social outlet for its members.
  2. Attempt to ensure that there is adequate management and funding for the events.
  3. Provide recognition for members.
  4. Provide a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere that helps to ease concerns that others may have about stepping up to take on these important management roles.

The goal of the Event Head, Exchequer, and Historian Depts is to:

Discuss challenges, and determine procedures to make each of the Event Triumvirate jobs easier.



Guildmaster: This position is the administrative head of the Guild, the term of office is one year, and it can only be held by a Dark Ones member. At the end of the one-year term there will be a vote of the guild members to choose a new Guildmaster, or re-elect the previous one.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

⬩  Acting as the focal point and chief contact for all guild matters.

⬩  Providing both leadership and direction for all guild projects, including periodic meetings.

⬩  Ensuring that the guild provides appropriate support for all Dark Ones events, as described in each guild’s listed goals and statement of purpose.

⬩  Tracking membership activity and rank within the guild.  

⬩  Recruiting volunteers to hold event positions, ensuring that all event tasks are managed.

⬩  Tracking names of guild members who worked before, during, and after the event.

⬩  Creating an Annual Report due at the Oligarchy Meeting prior to the Spring Symposium.

⬩  Reviewing all pending membership advancements in the guild.

⬩  Choosing Officers and reviewing each position yearly, allowing all guild members the opportunity to apply for management roles.

⬩  Reports to the Dark Ones Event Director.

Apprentice: A guild member that has been recognized by the Department Head, and is on the path to Journeyman within a guild department.


Journeyman: A guild member who has completed Apprenticeship training within a department, and has received the approval of the Department Head, and confirmation of the Guild Master.

Master: A guild member who has achieved the title of Journeyman in all departments within the guild, has maintained Active status in the guild for five years, and has received the confirmation of the Guild Master.