The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Rules Governing Parental Involvement Plans Act requires each school to develop a Parental Involvement Plan each school term.  You will find copies of the 2018-2019 Parental Involvement Plan located on the information stand in the school’s lobby. A copy will be posted onto the district website at the end of October. The goal of the plan is to involve parents of students at all grade levels in a variety of roles, including and without limitation:


The ADE requires each school to have a Parent Facilitator, a certified and licensed teacher, who helps the school administration and faculty to ensure the above items are occurring in each school.  Mrs. Jamie Shoemaker is the Parent Facilitator for Sherwood Elementary.  


A parent interest survey is included in the Sherwood Elementary PTO Packet (extra copies are located in the lobby).  If you would like to serve on any committee or help volunteer, please fill out the survey and return it to your child’s teacher or school office personnel. A parent involvement survey is located on the PCSSD website under the school directory.

We encourage you to join the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and become an active member. The cost is $5.00.


Please be sure to log in ALL of your volunteer hours in the blue Parent Resource Book located in the lobby.  We would like for our school to receive credit for all of the wonderful support parents and community businesses and organizations, give our school.  The volunteer hours are submitted twice a year. At the end of November, hours for March 16, 2018 through November 17, 2018 will be submitted and November 18, 2018 through March 15, 2019.


The Sherwood Elementary Parent Center is located in the Larry Fuller Media Center.  Books, materials, various literature, and technology support are available to help you assist your child at home. All items will be checked out through our school Media Specialist, Mrs. Sandra Guthrie.  Anytime you visit the Parent Center, please sign the Red Log Book.  Items in the Parent Center will be available for check out in October, 2018.

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