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National Blue Beret Packing Checklist v24
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National Blue Beret Packing Checklist                                                             PRINT






Uniforms / Clothing

Bedding/ Towels


ABU Shirts IAW CAPR 39-1


Sheet set, white, twinXL, 1 fitted/flat/pillowcase


ABU Pants  IAW CAPR 39-1


Pillow or buy one for $5


T-Shirts (sand)


**Wool Blankets Provided/If you are allergic, bring one

ABU Belt



Washcloth, white


Pair boot socks, black

Bath towel, white


Pair blousing bands


Personal Items

Pair military boots, black


Shoe Shine Kit

Set of uniform insignia (Amn, NCO)



Clothes hangers

M-65 Field Jacket or Gortex/Sage Fleece


Laundry bag, mesh, with name


Pair athletic shorts (mid-thigh), black  

Padlock for locker (programmable combo is best)

Pair sweatpants, black

Glasses / Contacts

Sweatshirt or Hoodie, black


Wristwatch (conservative)


Pair athletic socks, white

Flashlight, small with batteries

Pair athletic shoes



Camera (optional) batteries or charger, memory




Debit/Credit Card






Mission Ready Items:  Must Fit in Pack

Hydration pack


Shampoo / Conditioner / Gels



Whistle and lanyard





Notepad and pen


Hair pins/bands/hair spray





Soap/Shower Gel



YELLOW Rope, polypropylene, 3/8”, 25 feet


Deodorant / Antiperspirant



Sunscreen SPF 50


Toothbrush / Toothpaste



ChapStick with spf


Razor/Shaving cream



Bug Spray with DEET


Lotions / Body Powder



Safety glasses, clear


Feminine Hygiene Items



Sunglasses, black conservative


Pair shower shoes/sandals



Pair of foam earplugs

Foot powder

Poncho (orange)

MoleSkin / 2nd Skin



First aid kit, small, for yourself


Shoe inserts (Optional)

Knee Pads, optional

Athlete's Foot Cream



Work Gloves

Prescription Meds  (INHALER & EpiPen)

(In Ziploc, original container and listed on CAPF-160 in form packet)


Common OTC meds are provided. If you have a unique OTC med or supplement, bring it In Ziploc, original container, and listed on CAPF-160 in form packet)


Forms and Documents, etc:


CAP Membership Card (current and not expiring during the activity)


Health Insurance Card


Documents needed for travel (i.e. itinerary, boarding passes with a confirmation number if flying)


NBB Smartbook - PRINT it. READ it. KNOW it, and BRING it!



 Note-CELL PHONES: Cadet cell phones will be turned in during in-processing and temporarily re-issued Sunday evening and during Flight-Night-Out. Bring your cell phone charger.

Seniors: ABU or Blue BDUs are required for ES, TACs, and any personnel working off the compound.

**Wool Blankets are provided. If you have a wool allergy, please bring a conservative, solid-color blanket.


Do NOT bring any of the following:

See the Smartbook for a complete list of contraband items.