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Changes in MSG91 Send SMS API or old SendOTP API
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Changes in MSG91 Send SMS API or old SendOTP API

If you are not using OneAPI or SendOTP V5 API, we highly recommend you to shift to OneAPI, since it has multiple benefits like Multi-channel Communication using a single API, Real-time content changes without code changes, etc. API Doc | Help Doc 

If you cannot shift to OneAPI or SendOTP V5 API, you have to pass the DLT approved Template Id as an additional parameter, along with all other parameters as you are passing currently.

Additional Parameter (not required in OneAPI or SendOTP V5 API)

Parameter Name

How to find its value?


Numeric Value (This DLT Template Id can be found from your DLT platform)

Sample Encoded API URLs:

If you are using
Sendhttp API, pass DLT_TE_ID parameter in your API base URL

If you are using the V2 API, pass DLT_TE_ID parameter as below:

If you are using Old SendOTP API, pass DLT_TE_ID parameter as below:

Testing of SMS Content Template in DLT scenario:

1. Send an SMS by passing
DLT_TE_ID on your mobile number

2. Now, check your phone for this SMS; if you have received this SMS, that means that this Template, Header, and Template Id combination will work in the right way once the DLT Template is LIVE.

3. If you have not received this SMS, login to the MSG91 panel, go to the logs section, and search for this particular number. You will be able to see the exact reason for failure when you bring the cursor on the red failure sign.

4. Based on the failure reason, correct your mistake and try again.

Notes: Kindly start passing your DLT Template Id in your APIs today itself, so you don't have to make any changes on the Go-LIVE date!