Diverse Learners:

Demonstrate an understanding of ways students differ in approaches to learning both individually and culturally by creating instructional opportunities that are equitable and adaptable to diverse learners.


Learning Outcomes


Learning Styles


Universal Design for Learning (UDL)


  • I can define student learning outcomes that are measurable for all student ability levels.
  • I can define the concept of differentiation and scaffolding.
  • I can identify formative and summative assessments with a variety of attention to varied learning styles.
  • I exemplify providing helpful and constructive feedback to students in a timely manner.
  • I can define the principles of diverse learning styles, Visual, Aural, Reading/Writing, Kinesthetic (VARK)
  • I can identify equitable and adaptable learning opportunities guided by student cultural diversity.

  • I can identify the importance of cultural needs for student success both academically and socially

  • I can identify a logical sequence of success in meeting outcomes based on understanding Universal Design Learning including explaining all aspects of the Syllabus, providing examples that include diverse cultural references and providing resources easily downloaded and printable.  
  • I can identify a support network that can enhance my understanding of the changing student demographics.


  • I can select and implement a variety of differentiated and engaging strategies to show students are successfully meeting learning outcomes.
  • I provide timely and helpful feedback to students to strengthen their success in meeting learning outcomes
  • I can align assessments with learning outcomes and show multiple assignments and exams to document student learning.
  • I can curate activities to meet individual academic and cultural approaches for student success.
  • I can differentiate instruction and assessment to meet diverse student needs.
  • I can adapt instructional plans to provide individualized instruction to students based on both cultural needs such as understanding timelines and the importance of communicating with faculty and support staff..

  • I can provide a course based on UDL principles and include navigable online resources and print materials that are culturally relevant.
  • I can collaborate with others at the department and College level to plan experiences for students that take into account cultural and learning diversity.