Broccoli & Sweet Potato Fritter spiced yoghurt, honey (v)                                        £7

Burnt Eggplant Salad toasted coconut, hazelnut, cherry tomato, apple, beetroot (v/n)                £8

Salt Baked Beetroot honey, hazelnut, blue cheese yoghurt, fennel (v/n)                        £8

Roasted Courgette whipped feta, chickpea, peas, sunblush tomatoes (v)                        £8

Burrata pickled plum, yuzu, togarashi, ( sourdough ) (v)                                        £8

Prawns tamarind, green peppercorn sauce, thai basil                                                  £9

Grilled Mackerel burnt butter, ginger, bottarga, water spinach, tomato sambal                                  £10

Pan-fried Hake peanut & coriander chutney, coconut tomato sambal (n)                        £10

Crispy Pork Belly jalapeno salsa, ( miso sauce )                                                 £10

Angus Beef truffle honey, salsa verde, chicory, parmesan                                        £14


Saffron Potato preserved lemon, raisins, spiced yoghurt (v)                                        £6

Chilli Fried Rice peppers  (longanisa mince ), chilli sambal, fried egg, ( no soy )                                  £6  Roast Root Vegetables hazelnuts, whipped goats curd,  honey (n/v)                                          £6

Chocolate Panna Cotta coconut rum macerated cherries                                        £7

100 Hoxton Homemade Ice Cream / Sorbet                                                  £6

Please ask staff for today’s flavours

Vegan Menu


Ma-po Eggplant ( tofu ), shiitake mushrooms, eggplant, black bean, sichuan pepper (n)                £9

Burnt Eggplant Salad toasted coconut, hazelnut, cherry tomato, apple, beetroot (n)                £8

Roasted Courgette (whipped feta), chickpea, peas, sunblush tomatoes (v)                        £8

Salt Baked Beetroot (honey), hazelnut,( blue cheese yoghurt), fennel (v/n)                        £8

Root Vegetables hazelnuts, truffle honey,  ( whipped goats curd )                                £6

Chilli Fried Rice peppers, ( no longanisa mice, no chilli sambal, no fried egg )                                   £6

Saffron Potato  (preserved lemon), raisins, spiced yoghurt (v)                                        £6

100 Hoxton Sorbet                                                                   £6

2 scoops – Choose from today’s sorbet selection

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A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill

If you have any allergies please inform a member of staff

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