Frequently Asked Questions: 2018/2019 Adult Winter Reading Program

Q: Why do I have to put in my birthdate when I register for the Winter Reading Program?

A: Our program fully complies with the federal law: Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).  This means that all ages must input their date of birth to sign up for the Winter Reading Program.  The good news: you only need to sign up once!  The username and password that you create can be used for our future Winter AND Summer Reading Programs!  Entering your birth date also verifies that  you’re signing up for the correct program.

Q: Why are we recording pages rather than books?

A: Recording pages allows you to record a wider variety of materials!  You can record your books, eBooks, Audiobooks, and now magazines that you read to reach your goals for the program.  Or do you find yourself reading things like all 1,296 pages of War and Peace?  If you do, now you can finish the Winter Reading program with just one book!  Log your books when you have finished, or stop by multiple times to update your progress!  

Q: I don’t remember how many pages were in my book.  -OR-

Can I listen to Audiobooks for the Winter Reading Program?

A: Check out a website like GoodReads or Amazon to find the page count of the title of your book.  Need help?  Give us a call at (314) 821-5770 option 2!

Q: What do I need to do to be entered in the Grand Prize drawing?

A:  All you need to go is log your pages before the close of the program on February 10!  You’ll automatically be entered into the drawing when you log 1,000 pages and a second entry once you log 1,500 pages.  

Q: When can I pick up my Winter Reading Prize?

A: You’ll be notified when you have prizes ready to be picked up.  Prizes may be collected anytime while supplies last (including after the conclusion of the program)!