77.10 Blazing
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77.10 Blazing

387. I’m out of the household drama.  Others take advantage, and I’m the poorest guy in the family due to being stuck with her.  

388. Cool morning.  Internet out at home, so I walked to Starbucks.  Need the exercise bad.  Perfect walking temperature.

389. The time has come to challenge my IBM* self to become fit, wealthy, and in the best relationships of my life.  What have I been waiting for?  To become incapacitated? To die?  As I get started, I have to organize what few possessions mean anything to me, throw out any unused items, collect my financial documents, and get ready to travel.  Problem is - I’m tired.  (Blazing Saddles)  Health problems make working 10X hard problematic.  Without fitness and money, you will not attract the women you want in your life.  Period.

390. What if another day goes by and you didn’t walk and lift weights, you made no money in your online affiliate marketing business, and you didn’t get laid?  How is that a way to spend the dwindling number of days you have left on this planet?  What I am doing is scaling my life down to the essential elements that make me happy.  For whatever reason, I am clumsy as hell this morning.  I have spilled tea and creamer in separate incidents.  Dropped more spoons and paper than need be dropped.

391. As far as it goes, nothing is more important to financial health than writing 3,000+ words per day.  Nothing.  This gives me fodder for videos and helps me start the day strong and get at least 2 hours of traction out of the way.  Until I solve problems with diabetes and bph, I can’t get a good night’s sleep.  I will wake up several times with an urgent need to urinate.  The high blood sugar has me drinking tons of water and tea late into the night, and the bph makes it hard to empty.  Now that I have my Flomax back, the night urination is down.

392. I have for too long had a lofty goal of creating a marketing system to let anyone take an affiliate program and run it through a series of promotional steps to guarantee a recurring income.  Once the program is set, I will sell the ebook, use a list to promote shiny objects, and hire my first virtual assistant in the Philippines to work the system for me.  One thing I need to do is stop bookmarking interesting articles online.  Either jack them, or use them to create my own posts.  Going back to reread later is insane.  Wastes time and dilutes the impact.  Same for videos and cool images.

393. AAI is almost a synonym for ADD.  I am out to take my “flaws” and turn them into an affiliate marketing system.  So much of what I know is dated, and recent changes like FB paid marketing can take a total newbie and have them dominate online marketing in seconds.  As I am attempting to return to the life of perpetual travel, having a set daily schedule is not in the cards.  However, having daily boot and shutdown rituals is.  No matter what time I wake up or retire, I want to make certain actions more than habits but thoughtful rituals.

394. Part of my day is a 3 mile walk.  Takes about an hour.  But you can include so much in that hour:

395. Main Accomplishments During 77:

  1. Health
  1. Wealth
  1. Relationships

396. I don’t like to ruin a walk with too much multitasking, but a walk is one of the few places to get in some small health improvements without having to schedule them separately.

397. Ho’oponopono is a silent or oral meditation you can perform alone.  I like doing it on solo walks I take every day.  In some form or another, you will find ho’oponopono in all of those self-help workshops like Lifespring, Landmark, Trusting You Are Loved, and more.




398. Four Simple Steps: Repentance, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Love.  These are the forces that have amazing power in your life.

The mantra goes like this:

  1. I’m sorry.
  2. Please forgive me.
  3. Thank you.
  4. I love you.

I put #4 first.  You can use any order you want.

399. The reason it works is because there is no outside world.  All peace comes from within.  You don’t have to be at fault in a situation, but you can claim it and take responsibility.

400. One of the advantages of AAI is you don’t get bored.  When you see information you can use, you write about it immediately.  If you post quotes or images or videos, you link to them immediately.  If you have an AP, you include it right away.  You save your AP links in a spreadsheet for use at any time.

401. What is my path?  The core of anyone’s life theme remains health, wealth, and relationships.  Not always in that order.

402. When it comes to relationships for IBMs*, I’m not sure any of us has a clue.  I didn’t understand women in high school.  I didn’t understand women in college.  And I sure didn’t understand the women I married.  And I have a string of divorces to prove it.  In my opinion, “mail order brides” make the best wives for IBMs.  Period.

403. Why IBMs* should choose MOBs?

  1. you can purse women who are younger, taller, prettier, sexier, smarter, and better-educated than you can find at home
  2. you are old enough now and have made enough mistakes to know (we hope) to choose the perfect spouse/partner for your remaining years
  3. IBMs have met their “obligations” to ex-spouses and children, and are now free to live their remaining years how they see fit
  4. you can search the world for only those women who give you a rise in your levi’s
  5. you don’t waste your time or destroy your liver on inappropriate women met in bars
  6. if you want a young wife and a last chance family, you can find them
  7. if you want an older, sophisticated travel partner and life mate, you can find her even easier
  8. IBMs*

404. I need a place for Julia Cameron’s morning pages and JA’s 10 ideas.  Daily.  If I can’t break the sugar addiction, I will need drugs and insulin soon.  Something I don’t want.  All of the diabetes experts are full of shit because they don’t know you.  I could go raw vegan and drop my sugar levels to the floor, but at what cost?  At 65, I need more protein than ever to prevent muscle loss and to rebuild my fitness levels.  I won’t do that on a vegan diet except by including protein shakes.

405. Swipe files are obsolete.  Think Pinterest. When I do research now, I create a Board and pin whatever article I find interesting.  When I go back to write an article or post, I revisit the pin and now have images to add to the post or quotes or whatever.  Keep all of your research organized in one place with images, videos, and links.

406. As I add articles and explore plugins, it’s hard not to notice how far behind I have fallen in regards to the power of Wordpress and how to promote.  I’m embarrassed.  Due to the changes, my upcoming system of ADD and letting the web guide me is more important than ever.  In addition, I want to create my old time pdfs or at least revise the old ones to eliminate the points of hype that no longer work that well.  Create a new template for posts.

407. At this point, I’m not charging as hard as I did at half this age.  I want to leave a legacy.  My system is based on the stoics.  Constant improvement.

408. We all have to decide what the base of our business is.  Internet marketing comes down to only 2 criteria:  Traffic and conversion.  Traffic is the hardest in this information glut Internet.  Conversion is the most important.  Yesterday, I read the Introduction to The Laptop Millionaire.  I read the book a few years ago, and didn’t put much into place.  The real value of the book is mindset.  The skills needed are well known.

409. With affiliate marketing, you don’t really need your own product.  However, in this day, I believe you do.  You can use affiliate marketing to build your skills and your list, but the big money comes from writing ebooks and building them into a suite of products.

410. In my case, I am using writing at least 3,000 words per day as the base of my Internet business.  Even though I believe video is taking over sales pages, the combination of video and text works even better in the SERPs.  The combo removes the need for traditional SEO for the most part, but by going deeper into optimization and monetization, you can take advantage of both.

411. All of this helps with my own personal development.  I am getting in prime shape for an old fart, reversing self-inflicted diseases like diabetes, getting rid of stuff so I am free to travel, and going 100% real foods in my diet.  Becoming a perpetual traveler again is all about sloughing off obligations and creating online recurring income that does not require a job.

412. I need to be 1% better at:

  1. blogging
  2. video blogging
  3. SEO
  4. guest posting
  5. creating banners
  6. classifieds
  7. press releases
  8. facebook
  9. twitter
  10. google+
  11. linkedin
  12. youtube
  13. vimeo
  14. podcasting
  15. video marketing
  16. article marketing
  17. forum posting
  18. blog comments
  19. joint ventures
  20. yelp
  21. google places
  22. page jacking
  23. video jacking
  24. push notifications
  25. email marketing
  26. list building
  27. social bookmarking
  28. create ebooks
  29. curation
  30. hubpages
  31. webinars
  32. teleseminars
  33. social networking
  34. microblogging
  35. ezine ads
  36. ad swaps
  37. CPA
  38. launching a product with affiliates
  39. find and pull
  40. pushcrew
  41. viral content buzz - http://viralcontentbuzz.com/
  42. social triggers - http://socialtriggers.com/get-press-with-no-connections/
  43. link to other bloggers
  44. polls and surveys
  45. working the forums
  46. interviews
  47. good email signatures
  48. forum signatures
  49. create a udemy course
  50. better headlines and titles
  51. FB groups
  52. FB pages
  53. content marketing
  54. giveaway events
  55. document sharing sites
  56. slideshare
  57. coupon sites
  58. answer sites

413. I really have been going at affiliate marketing all wrong.  I don’t have to know every marketing strategy inside out.  I just have to be 1% better than most at everything from SEO to video to using social media.

414. “Note that there is such a thing as forum etiquette or proper conduct. You may need to post regularly in certain forums and build up a bit of a reputation before you are allowed to post links or start threads or begin self-promoting. Even then, don’t do it too often, or you’ll risk being banned.”

415. “Be sure to reply and respond to any comments or feedback that you receive in your threads, and participate in the forum generally—after all, if it’s a focal point for your niche, it’ll be a great place to engage with potential readers, build authority, make new connections, and more.”

416. Watching Phelps and Biles in the Olympics is more than inspiring.  Each has made the sacrifices you once saw in Michael Jordan.  These premier athletes have practice schedules that are inhuman.  As an old fart, I don’t have too many more chances to maximize my health, wealth, and relationships.  I would hate to think that I checked out of this world without a final chance at love and happiness.

417. You might be an introvert if:

418. Being An Introvert Means:

419. Reinventing Your Theme.  Each day, the Divine gives us the chance to reinvent ourselves.  Few take advantage of it.  Most of the time, we waste the present worrying about the future or beating ourselves up over past mistakes.

420. Whenever I make exceptions to my rules, I pay a price.  For me to keep diabetes under control without drugs or insulin, I have to eat only real food and walk at least 6 miles a day.  For me to control the food that goes into my mouth, I must be conscious of not getting hungry.  When you’re starving, no food can top Pop Tarts.  None.  Especially frosted brown sugar cinnamon.  They must have a celestial origin.  I don’t know what the serving size is.  I need 4 to 6 to really put a damper on hunger.  And as you can image, that consumption takes my blood sugar levels to places I don’t want to go.

421. The diabetes gurus propose everything from 100% raw vegan diet to pure protein.  No one advocates sugar or processed semi-foods, but after that, the advice is varied.  Whole grains or no grains.  Beans or no beans.  Dairy or no dairy or some dairy (raw).  Real food or supplements or both.  The experts cannot be all correct - or can they?  What may work for the “average” diabetic may not work for you.  The whole concept of average has ruined jobs and medicine and education.  Don’t let it ruin the rest of your life.

422. My main health issues at age 65 are:

  1. type II diabetes
  2. enlarged prostate
  3. urgency of urination
  4. toes starting to crossover
  5. inflation of some foot joints
  6. brain not as sharp as it used to be
  7. loss of muscle mass
  8. fitness
  9. lack of energy
  10. dry mouth

423. And probably several more that I don’t even know are ravaging my mind and body.  I need major dental work either in Thailand or the Czech Republic, or possibly Cuba if I have to wait.  My PT theme is built around health, wealth, and relationships.  Of course, all 3 areas are intertwined.  All of my writings are based on what I learn and what works for me.  You have to follow your own path.

424. Daytime Activities:

  1. walking
  2. writing
  3. posting articles
  4. creating videos
  5. testing plugins

425. My main area of focus for now will be on getting my blood sugar back to normal and getting fit and strong for upcoming travel to Europe and China.  To be able to travel to the Ukraine and woo the most beautiful women in the world, you better have game.  A penis and a job will not suffice unless they start shooting at the Russians again.  That’s why if you want the ideal relationship abroad, you need the wealth to go there and the physical game to keep a younger woman happy.

426. I do recommend that IBMs* become mail order husbands.  This will eliminate 99% of the scammers.  You will know the woman is after you, not a green card.  

427. What I have to balance is getting my life moving in the right direction without putting myself in an artificial goal prison with a deadline for each item.  It’s obvious from my enlarged prostate and addiction to sugar that I must chart my own course to tackle diabetes.

428. The idea of rituals is to make habits of what you consider vital to your happiness and well-being, and make them automatic.  Things you don’t want to think about or decide on.  You don’t want to think about whether or not you’re going to floss your teeth.  You just want to do it.

429. One trick from James Altucher I want to adopt is writing down 10 ideas on some subject each day.  How can you improve your health, wealth, and relationships?  Most of the ideas will suck, but so what.  If you do this daily, that 3,650 ideas a year.  How many do you need?

430. 10 Ways to Improve Your Daily Routine:

  1. take a morning walk to McDonalds and begin writing
  2. on good days when I have access to a car, take a morning walk at Jax Beach
  3. start waking up early (3:33) and getting my writing out of the way
  4. stay away from the house for up to 10 hours to get more done
  5. drink a small pot of coffee before leaving the house
  6. find something I am saving to throw out
  7. use lotion before going to bed
  8. engage at least one low level worker in a restaurant or store
  9. remove coercion from my daily work routines except for small rituals
  10. start outlining how to use ADD method of marketing

431. Why concentrate on finding your last wife abroad?  Because you can.  There’s no need to pursue the spinster choir director at church, or a dried up bitter alcoholic at the bar, when stunning women 20+ years your junior are waiting in China, Colombia, and the Ukraine.  If you want a new family with a very young bride, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam await.  The world is full of choice as long as you have the stones to follow your dreams.

~ Chaz