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Our team: Certified Machine Guarding Safety Specialists,

Our Certified Machine Safeguarding specialists will visit your plant to identify the tasks and hazardous points on your machines. We then recommend solutions for each identified hazard that stems from an ANSI/ISO Standard or OSHA regulation. A detailed report is provided that states all the dangerous points of the machine, the ANSI/ISO based solutions, We identify each machine by make, model number, serial number, we then take a photo of each hazardous condition that we find and provide you with both the risk category and regulatory justification.  Then we provide you our recommendations.  Our dedicated, full-time machine safeguarding experts have the experience and expertise to ensure your equipment meets international and regional safety standards.

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated:

Our process depends on partnership. You know how to make your products, and we know how to make the machines that make those products safe. Together, we collaborate to develop and implement solutions that not only improve machine safety, but meet regulatory compliance and reduce your overall risk. Over the years, Podojil & Associates, Incorporated has established a reputation as one of the most trustworthy and knowledgeable providers in the industry. We have worked with a number of fortune 500 companies ranging from Aerospace, Casino Gaming, Automotive, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Steel, Packaging and Converting and many more industries.  Our machine safeguarding experts have worked for OSHA & State OSHA, Boeing, Allied Signal, Lockheed Martin Aerospace, Lockheed Advanced Development Systems Company (Skunk Works, Northrop Grumman, and elsewhere.  

At Podojil & Associates, Incorporated we developed and copyrighted the saying " Big or Small, We Can Safeguard Them All"