Illinois School Nutrition Association (ILSNA)




Please notify ILSNA at of your intent to submit a proposal along with any questions you may have on the RFP no later than December 20, 2018.  This will ensure you receive all answers to any questions and receive all Appendix documents, upon request.  



ILSNA was established in 1950 as the state affiliate for the nationally recognized School Nutrition Association.  We are a professional association comprised of K12 School Nutrition professionals, the majority of which operate or work within the regulations of the United States Department of Agriculture National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs.  In the past 10 years, ILSNA has significantly grown in services offered and almost tripled membership.  Whereas we currently have 650 members from throughout the State of Illinois. 

The ILSNA seek a dynamic and innovative Executive Director who is able to build upon our existing achievements, offering insight for growth and value to our members along with industry sponsors.  Though the Board of Directors leads the organization, we seek an Executive Director to guide leadership and develop a successful transition for each annually changing/transitioning ILSNA Board member.



The mission of the Illinois School Nutrition Association (ILSNA) also referred to as the Association is to mentor our membership in the advancement of good nutrition for all children.



The Illinois School Nutrition Association is affiliated with the School Nutrition Association.



        ILSNA represents nearly 650 school nutrition professionals statewide. ILSNA supports individual, district owned, industry, state agency and non-profit members. Industry memberships are based on three levels: Gold, Silver and Corporate. 


Our Executive Committee includes: 1) President 2) President-Elect 3) Vice President 4) Incoming Vice President 5) Immediate Past President.  This is a 5 year commitment on the Executive Committee, a one year term at each level. The Secretary/Treasurer is also included on the Executive Committee, holding a two year term.  

The Board of Directors includes the above Executive Committee members and the following committee chairs:  Industry Advisory, Professional Development, Public Relations, Membership, Legislative, Nutrition, USDA Foods, SNF Ambassador. A member of our association management company is required to be present at each board meeting.



ILSNA meetings include in-person meetings and conference calls.

All conferences are scheduled and supported by our current management association. Registration (online and manual) and set up for conferences is part of the management association contract.



We maintain and update our association management company contract on an annual basis.

Conference contracts - It is the expectation of ILSNA to have the Executive Director seek out optimal locations and pricing up to 3 years in advance.  These options should be presented and approved by the Board of Directors.

Existing Contracts include (See Appendix):

2019 Annual Conference, June 25-26, 2019 - Drury Lane Theatre, Oakbrook Terrace, IL

2020 Annual Conference -  Drury Lane Theatre, Oakbrook Terrace, IL

2021 Annual Conference - BOS Center, Springfield, IL

2022 Annual Conference - BOS Center, Springfield, IL



The Executive Director shall be contracted with the Association by the Board of Directors pursuant to such terms and conditions as established in the official position description.  The term of the contract coincides with the fiscal year of the Association.


The Executive Director is responsible to the Board of Directors for the effective conduct of affairs of the Association.  She/he performs responsibilities with respect to the Association mission, goals, objectives and related policies.

Executive Director Position Responsibilities:

Committee Support:

Executes all decisions of the Executive Board by providing necessary liaison and staff support to Committee Chairs and members, including but not limited to:


Finance:  Reports to and coordinates with the Secretary/Treasurer.

1.           Manages the finances of the Association.  Keeps records for IRS filing and coordinates filing with the accounting firm.

2.     Transfers/creates and maintains ILSNA Bank Account with President and Treasurer signees.

3.   Creates new and maintains existing Purchasing cards for Executive Board and approved Board Chairs, as needed.

2.           Assists the Treasurer in monitoring the annual budget and long-range forecasts in conjunction with the Executive Committee.

3.           Manages and executes investments and contracts of the Association as they are established by the Board.  

4.           Processes payment for allotted funds in accordance with procedure.

5.           Prepares financial statements for timely dissemination for all Board meetings and audit reports and requests of the Treasurer.

6.           Provides additional support as requested by the Board of Directors for the successful management of the association.

Membership:  Reports to and coordinates with Membership Chair.

1.           Keeps accurate database of national, state only, corporate sustaining membership and the corporate partnership program.

2.           Seeks information from other surrounding states and compare their membership and corporate rates to current ILSNA rates to advise board if changes need to be made.

3.           Obtains membership information from SNA.

4.           Sends industry members invoices for membership renewal by October 1st.


Public Relations and Communications: Reports to and coordinates with PR Chair.

1.           Maintains the ILSNA email address.

2.           Maintains member email addresses.

3.           Maintains and updates the ILSNA Website with advertising and any other pertinent information.  The website should constantly be monitored/maintained to reflect current information.  Any specific updates approved by Board should be updated within 48 hours.

4.           Coordinates the design and printing of any materials and distributes as requested by the chair.

5.           Works with the Public Relations Chair in sending letters to board member's district superintendent, notifying them of their staff member’s participation with the ILSNA.  

6.     Works with Public Relations chair to promote ILSNA social media platforms.


Meetings:  Reports to and coordinates with the President.

1.           Makes all arrangements for ILSNA board meetings to include meeting room, meals and hotel reservations.

2.           Prepares and distributes ILSNA board meeting notices and processes reservations.

3.           Sets up and/or coordinate all rooming arrangements for the ILSNA board meetings and meals.

Special Events:  Reports to and coordinates with Chair of event.

1.           Maintains member and prospect database for mailings.

2.           Prepares and distributes all materials as requested by the chair of the event.

3.           Assist as need with venue selection.

4.           Compiles attendees list after event to be distributed to participating vendors.


Annual Conference Committee:  Coordinates with Conference Chair and conference committee

1.           Acts as conference registration chair for attendees and exhibitors.

2.           Responsible for running the conference registration desk and developing a work schedule for board members to provide assistance.

3.           Negotiates contracts for speakers, hotel and exhibit center.

4.           Maintains a database of vendors for conference mailing.

5.           Updates the exhibitor contracts and is responsible for printing, distributing and processing.

6.           Mails signed contract with pertinent information to vendors.

7.           Coordinates printing, setup and display of signage for conference meetings and exhibit center.

8.           Maintains and updates the registration brochure to include printing and mailing.

9.           Prepares packets for onsite registration to include name badge, meal tickets and ribbons.

10.        Prepares attendee list.

11.        Develops and oversees the printing of the Annual Conference program book.

12.        Handles all speaker bios and AV requirements.

13.        Handles the pre set up of all AV requirements with hotel and exhibit center.

14.        Coordinates with exhibit center or decorator where applicable the needs of vendors.

15.        Orders all awards and gifts in conjunction with the conference as directed by the President.

16.        Handles all hotel and travel arrangements for speakers as needed.

17.        Makes arrangements for all photography.

18.        Manages conference on-site.

19.        Compiles attendee list after Annual Conference to be distributed to participating vendors.

Illinois Newsgram (Four annually: 2 paper copy/mailed, 2 digital/e-mailed):

1.           Send reminders requesting articles/reports from all committee chairs

2.           Oversees all advertising.

3.           Solicits  new advertisers and retain current advertisers.

4.     Collects all ads, reports and articles for inclusion in NewsGram from Board of Directors and SNA.

5.           Mail or e-mail all issues of Newsgram to all ILSNA members.

ILSNA Monthly Newsletter:

1.           Creates, edits and publishes monthly e-newsletter.

(See Appendix for Sample of Newsgram and Monthly E-blast)


Secretary/Treasurer:  Coordinates with Secretary as needed.

  1. Sends the Treasurer monthly a list of all receipts from members that need to be approved for   payment.  
  2. Sends the Treasurer monthly a list of the monthly checks to be distributed for approval.


USDA Food Shows:  Coordinate with USDA Foods Show Committee

1.           Coordinates with the Illinois State Board of Education for the USDA Food show dates/locations.

2.           Works with ISBE to acquire contracts for USDA Food Show sites.

3.           Develops and sends post card/registration information to potential participants.

4.           Handles all vendor registration.

5.           Coordinates with each ISBE – registration and set up.

6.           Attends each USDA Food Show to facilitate all site needs.

7.           Compiles attendee list after USDA Food Show to be distributed to participating vendors.

8.           Registers USDS foods committee members eligible to attend the ACDA Conference and secure hotel reservations at ACDA host hotel.


Legislative:  Coordinates with Legislative Chair

1.           Mails communication on issues to officers and other persons as directed by chair.

2.           E-mail legislative alerts.

3.           Registers committee members for LAC, secure hotel reservations for committee members.

4.           Works with the Legislative chairs to update items to be distributed at LAC and state Legislative Day

5.           Prepares LAC team packets, as directed by Legislative Chair.

6.     Orders any gifts as needed for LAC.

Industry Conference:  Coordinates with Industry Advisory Board (IAB) Chairpersons

1.           Coordinates with the IAB for show dates/location.

2.     Develops and sends marketing materials and registration information to potential participants.

4.           Handles all attendee and vendor registration.

5.           Attends Industry Conference/Show to facilitate all site needs.

7.           Compiles attendee list after Industry Show to be distributed to participating vendors.

8.           Secures hotel room block and reservations at host hotel.


SNA Annual National Conference (ANC):  Coordinate with Ex. Committee

1.  Registers board attendees for SNA ANC, book hotel rooms and airfare if needed.


SNA National Leadership Conference (NLC):  Coordinate with Ex. Committee

1.  Registers executive committee attendees for SNA NLC, book hotel rooms and airfare if needed.


SNA Executive Director Meeting:

Attends annual meeting at SNA Headquarters in Arlington, VAin August.


History:  Coordinates with President

1.           Keeps paper copies of all materials produced and file under a yearly title to ensure a preservation of history for the association.

2.           Assists the President when needed to research back files.



1.           Stores, conducts an inventory and  tracks all  ILSNA materials including the ILSNA booth.

2.           Updates all insurance policies annually.

3.           Handles all not for profit filings with the State.

3.           Performs monthly computer back-ups and forwards to the Treasurer.

4.           Provides a USB backup of current year tax file to Treasurer annually.

5.    Prepares a Board Agenda with all supporting documents for all board meetings (3-4 annually)

6. Provides expert insight on all above areas, inclusive of investment and budget opportunities.

7.        other duty assigned by the Executive Committee


APPENDIX (Available Upon Request)

  1. Recent financial statements, including a current balance sheet (Available Upon Request)
  2. Current bylaws and any proposed changes
  3. Recent year-end financial reports, audits, and federal & state tax returns (Available Upon Request)
  4. Current operating budget (Available Upon Request)
  5. Approved FY19 Budget (Available Upon Request)
  6. Meeting, membership or other association brochures - Available at
  7. ILSNA Quarterly Newsgram Sample
  8. ILSNA Monthly Newsletter Sample 
  9. Current signed conference contracts (Available Upon Request)
  10. ILSNA Travel Reimbursement Policy  



1. The Illinois School Nutrition Association will sign a one (1) year contract at the rate of $___________ per year ($__________ monthly). Association management company _____________agrees to provide management services to ILSNA for the period of February 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.  As this is a shortened contract year, note the awarded association management company will be paid on the above monthly rate for each of the 11 months of service.  If agreed upon with ILSNA and the association management company, the association management company will be compensated for any day/s they may start prior to this contract actual start date on a prorated basis. The management fee will be paid in equal monthly installments at the beginning of each month.


Association management company will receive annual evaluation by the ILSNA Board of Directors. The evaluation results will be reviewed with the association management company.  If both parties are amicable, a contract renewal may be negotiated.  In no event will the management fee be reduced below the base monthly rate.


2. Out-of-pocket travel expenses incurred by association management company on behalf of ILSNA will be reimbursed based on the ILSNA travel reimbursement policy, attached to this contract. The traveler will be subject to all provisions of the travel policy and subsequent changes, should any occur. Association management company, will be limited to travel expenses for only one staff person at all events excluding the Annual Conference, unless approved by the ILSNA Executive Committee. All expenses reimbursed shall be documented by receipts.


3. Additionally,  the association management company will be reimbursed for copying services in excess of 300 copies a month, all postage incurred by ILSNA and any reasonable office supplies needed as purchased and approved in accordance with ILSNA budget parameters. A monthly accounting of out -of-pocket expenses will be furnished in the first ten days of the following month. It is expected that the association management company have a phone line for use of ILSNA business and shall be paid for by association management company.  This will not be reimbursed separately from ILSNA as it is included in the monthly rate ILSNA pays the association management company.


4. A “bills to be paid” report will be presented to the ILSNA Treasurer for review on a bi-monthly basis for all expenditures. Upon approval, electronic checks will be issued for payment for all expenditures when available. The monthly retainer amount for association management company shall be paid via direct deposit.


5. All records, files, computer data, etc. are the sole property of ILSNA and will be provided to ILSNA upon demand. The association management company will provide all software and hardware for the management of ILSNA. Exception – should the client desire a client-specific software, not used by association management company in its usual management, ILSNA will pay all expenses incurred for usage of that software.


6. This Agreement may be terminated without cause by either party upon a 90-day written notice to the other of intent to terminate without cause.


7. This Agreement may be terminated by either party with cause upon a 30-day written notice to the other of intent to terminate with cause.


I.    The Contractor or the Association may terminate this Agreement, at any time, for cause, by giving thirty (30) days written notice thereof to the other. Said termination shall be effective on the last day of the month following the month in which notice of termination is given.

II.   The Association may terminate this Agreement at any time with immediate affect and without notice for cause. For purposes of termination for cause without notice, "cause" shall mean any one or more of the following:


a.            The commission of any act or omission which reflects bad faith, dishonesty or constitutes

fraudulent act; the conviction of any misdemeanor or felony (other than a minor traffic

violation for which the law does not provide incarceration) whether or not committed in the course of performing the duties described herein or related to the duties and activities of this Association;

b.            The loss, suspension or revocation of Contractor's Driver License;

c.            Any act or omission which constitutes insubordination or is the willful refusal to carry out any instruction or direction of the Association for a period of two days after written notice of breach is given and the Contractor fails, within such two day period, to take corrective action;

d.           The willful disclosure of any confidential, proprietary or trade information of the Association to persons not authorized to know the same, unless such disclosure is required by law or court order or similar process;

e.            No workers' compensation insurance shall be obtained by ILSNA concerning the association management company or its employees. The association management company will comply with the workers’ compensation law concerning the association management company and it's employees and will provide to ILSNA a certificate of workers’ compensation insurance if requested.

g.            The use, possession, sale, transportation or distribution of any controlled drugs or

substances at any time and whether or not involved in the Association business or related to the Association's activities; and

h.            The presence of alcohol in the Contractor's system or being under the influence of alcohol either by observation or the result of a blood alcohol test showing a blood alcohol

concentration of .05% or more while conducting or being involved in the tasks, duties and activities of the Association.

 i.  Any act or omission by the Contractor which adversely impacts the Association, including but not limited to any act or omission which reflects bad faith, a lack of professionalism or the best interest of the Association;

j.    The violation of any law, statute, ordinance, rule or regulation of any government or administrative agency which regulates the activities or conduct of the Contractor or Association;

8.   Neither federal, nor state, nor local income tax, nor payroll tax of any kind shall be withheld or paid by ILSNA on behalf of the association management company or it's employees. The association management company shall not be treated as an employee with respect to the services performed hereunder for federal or state tax purposes. The Association management company understands that it is responsible to pay, according to law, income tax. If the association management company is not a corporation, the association management company further understands that it may be liable for self-employment (Social Security) tax, to be paid by association management company according to law.

9.  Because the association management company is engaged in the association management company's own independently established business, the association management company is not eligible for and shall not participate in any employee pension, health, or other fringe benefit plan of ILSNA.

10. Any notice given in connection with this agreement shall be given in writing and shall be delivered either by electronic mail to the President of ILSNA or by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the party at the party's address.

11.  This agreement may not be assigned, in whole or in part, by the association management company.

12. Any dispute under this agreement or related to this agreement shall be decided in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois.


Send all questions and request for documents referenced in Appendix to:  ilsnarfp@gmail

No later than December 20, 2018

Proposals deadline

January 7, 2019

Screening of proposals by search committee

January 8-11, 2019

Interviews scheduled with full Executive Board

January 16, 2019 (Location in Chicagoland area)

Exec Director/association management company recommended to ILSNA Board.

January 18, 2019

Contract awarded and signed

January 22, 2019

Last day of existing contract with current association management company

January 31, 2019

Effective date of new  association management company contract

February 1, 2019


For questions regarding this RFP, submit in writing to by end of business day December 20, 2019.  This will ensure all receive answers to any questions and all Appendix documents (upon request).

Proposal Submission:

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