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How to Contribute an Object to the Crowdsourced Collection

The Center for Knit and Crochet Collections Resource


The Center for Knit and Crochet is embarking on a bold experiment. In 2018, we established a new digital resource for knitting and crochet designed to help individuals and cultural institutions around the globe–museums, galleries, libraries, archives and other public and private entities –share their knitted and crocheted treasures more effectively with each other, and with the public.

The focus of this multisource online collection will be on bringing to light “hidden objects” or “hidden collections” that are not currently available elsewhere online, or that are in the custody of diverse individual collectors or institutions, and are therefore difficult to locate and compare.

Together, we can build a crowdsourced collection that creates new opportunities to preserve, study, exhibit, and be inspired by knitting and crochet.

This document provides instructions for individual, private contributors[1] to upload objects into the repository. It assumes that you have reviewed our Collections Policy and Share Your Treasures guidelines for what is appropriate to upload into the repository. Note that all submissions will be reviewed before being made available to the public.


Users with between one and ten items to contribute can upload these items into the repository by  following the guidelines outlined on the following pages.

We recommend that you browse the CKC’s Crowdsourced Collection to get a sense for how objects are described and photographed before you begin.

Navigate to the contribution page at:

Upload Images

Each contribution should feature at least one image showing the object in its entirety. Additional views can show rear or side views, detail views or someone wearing the garment. If you include an image of a person, be sure you have that person’s permission to use the image publicly. We hope to update this guide with instructions on how to photograph objects in the near future.

General guidelines for image formatting:


Enter Information About Your Object

  1. Descriptive title

  1. Creator

  1. Date

  1. Dimensions

  1. Description/Story


  1. Contributed by:

  1. Add tags

  1. Include your email address

  1. Complete the CAPTCHA code

  1. Check the box to publish your contribution on the web

  1. Check the box to keep your identity private (Optional)

  1. Check the box to indicate that you have reviewed the Terms and Conditions

  1. Click Contribute

Congratulations! You have just submitted an item to the CKC Digital Repository. What happens now?

You will see the following message and instructions on your screen:

You will also receive an email informing you that your contribution was successfully submitted.

If you do not see this confirmation email, please check your junk or spam email boxes! This email will also contain a link that allows you to create a password for your account. Creating a password will allow you to edit your submissions.

Please note that your contribution to the CKC’s Crowdsourced Collection will be reviewed by CKC staff before it is made publicly available online. If we have any questions or concerns, we will contact you via email. Submissions will generally be reviewed and made public within 48 hours of submission, so stay tuned.

Thank you for participating in our test trial of user contributions to the crowdsourced collections!


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[1] Institutional contributors or private collectors with more than ten items to upload should contact The Center for Knit and Crochet at: for guidance on uploading larger numbers of items.