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Resource English 12


Sharon Hill


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848-8200  X639

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Google Classroom Codes:  Period 3 b9z8ev7

                                       Period 4  62doaj    

Course Description

        English 12 will focus on literature, informational texts, and media throughout thematic units.  Students will focus on critical analysis through the discussion of various texts.  Writing focuses on argument, research responses, critical analysis, narrative writing, note taking, and creative writing.  Emphasis is placed on the preparation for higher education and careers, including communication, research, and critical thinking skills essential for life tasks.

        Themes                                                Content

MP1 Identity and Culture                                        Short story, epic poetry, informational text

MP2 Exploring Personal Identity                                 Analyzing fiction (novel)

MP3 Choosing Your Future                                        Research

MP4 The Individual                                                Analyzing documentaries

Course Expectations and Assessments


Course Policies 

Students may retake/correct tests and edit writing assignments per their IEPs.  Students are encouraged to speak with me at any point in the marking period to discuss missing assignments or make-up work.  

Required and Recommended Materials 


I am available for after school assistance as needed with advance notice.  

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences