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Upcoming: My first chapbook of short stories that I started at the beginning of the pandemic.


YUCK! Show

        Shadow puppetry and storytelling performance, November

Short story “HOLE SEVEN,” December

Published in the anthology Make the Gold Course a Public Sex Forest, edited by Lyn Correlle and jimmy cooper

What If, playwright

Directed by Skye Fort and produced by Trap Door Theatre, Chicago IL as part of a one-night show in July called WOWZA!


Writing a few plays and short stories. Some of which will not be finished.

Studied woodworking and carpentry.


Strange as it Seems, playwright

Directed by Skye Fort and produced by TrickLock Theater Company, Albuquerque NM. November.

Childhood Beauty, playwright

        Directed by Skye Fort and produced by Trap Door Theatre, Chicago IL. March.


Relocated to Chicago from Boston

Wrote my first play based on the research I conducted in Berlin and abroad, marking the beginning of my theater involvement. An artist of many mediums, I finally closed my visual arts studio to focus on movement, live art and writing. The influence of my visual background is strong in my writing, presentation, stage direction and promotion.


Traveled to Berlin for three months to study theater and redirect my artistic practice. Relocated from Berlin to Western MA to Boston.


Childhood Beauty, performance for “SOLO” by Loculus Collective, Northampton MA

Walking/Not Walking, duration performance, Berlin, Germany

I’m too sad to (after Bas Jan Ader), video, Berlin, Germany

Moments of Intentional or Unintentional Live Art, writing


FREE SLAPS for Straight-Identified, Cis gender White Men, public performance, Northampton MA

DANCEDANCEUTOPIA, Smith College of Art Museum, public performance, Northampton MA


Banana Bread, performance, MAP Gallery, Easthampton, Massachusetts

Painter’s Dance, performance, Easthampton, MA


Stair Elevator Threshold, performance, Beverly, MA

Dance for Cecily Brown, performance, Boston Museum of Fine Arts

will you tattoo JR on my ankle, performance, Beverly, MA

Dance Until Something Happens, durational performance, Lily Pad, Cambridge, MA


BFA from Montserrat College of Art, printmaking and art history

Selected past exhibitions


Head Smell, performance collaboration by Suz Evans and Sam Chao


Strangers by Em Peake, Flying Object, Hadley MA

Artrageous29, Montserrat College of Art, Beverly MA


Inside/Out, Lily Pad, SOWA Boston

YARD 2, small works show, Cambridge MA

ArtRageous28, Beverly MA

Why Not? 301 Gallery, Beverly MA


Be Here Now, Northampton City Arts Council Biennial, Hosmer Gallery

Up To Here, Montserrat College of Art, BFA Thesis

ArtRageous27, Beverly MA

YARD, Cambridge MA

Boston Printmakers Arches Biennial


Crane Estate Sculpture Show, Ipswich MA

Hale House, Beverly MA

Suzz Evans, Tom Maio, Eddie Negron, 301 Gallery, Beverly MA

Everything Red, Bear Gallery, Beverly MA

SOAP, Bear Gallery, Beverly MA

Schlosberg Gallery, Beverly MA

Montserrat Gallery, Beverly MA Boston

Printmakers Arches Biennial 2012

Gallery Della-Piana, Hamilton MA

Internship at Sheperd Studios, SOWA


curated Aestete Ludimus, Bear Gallery

Hell Town Gallery, October Group Show, Provincetown MA