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Who’s managing the Google My Business listing? Free advice...

This is a free service provided to companies by Google, if you are unaware of who is managing your Google Listing for you under the “Owner” side of the account, that should be the owner only. After that there are different roles available:  manager and site manager. These are the roles where your employees or someone you assigned or hired to represent your company can manage your listing on your behalf. The owner of any company needs to insure they have the keys to there Google listing to insure they are not absorbing tremendous un-needed costs for a free service provided by Google. If you feel that you need assistance in taking the keys back, feel free to call us anytime at +1 (531) 600-9711 or email us at: support@gmbgusa.net.


GMBG LLC is not a Google affiliate. We had our beginnings by providing years of volunteer services to churches and  non-profit’s, assisting with web development and incorporation services. Only after that volunteer time  have we opened to provide additional services to the public. We provide many web development services like: managed online listings (Bing, Google, and etc), assistance with moving your GPS or Google “Pin location” (many businesses have customers that are being directed to the wrong locations due to errors or old data), we build professional websites, we offer website builder products (build your own website, with 24 hour support reps available to assist you with any questions), we sell domains, we offer web hosting, SSL certificates, web security, online marketing, we have professional business workspace support products like email, online storage, and calendar, we also provide business consultation, and we are also available to provide business & nonprofit formation services.

Your website is the landing page for your business, but it can be hard to direct traffic to your website without help. Let us help you create an advertising campaign and optimization plan to get you the recognition you need to keep your business flourishing.

If you are interested in setting up a free web-check for your business to see how you can better make an impact on the web, feel free to contact us soon!  We are here to assist you in your next venture to insure that you get the results that you deserve while you continue to build on offering the best possible services to your customers.

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