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Thanks for your email. Good news.

yes, we are sending Miki to school, the first day it is open. He will be waiting at the school's door from 6 am :-) And seriously, as you said if the school is open and we are all healthy he is back.

Frankly speaking, I am soo tired of the situation, as probably most of the parents are. When I speak to our friends people are exhausted. Wanted to tell you that we have friends who have kids in all types of schools here in Prague. From Park Line, and ISP to Scio and public ones. So we all are discussing the way schools handle this difficult and unexpected time. And I must say that our school has probably done it the best possible way. I haven't heard of any school offering 1:1 meetings which for first graders are the most beneficial. Plus that I very much appreciated the fact there was not much pressure from teachers for the kids to run with their learning. Many times Marketa was saying that the most important is that kids are safe, and not worry about the virus, and that they are entertained. And that they will catch up for anything that is not done now.

Miki is always looking forward for calls with Marketa. When the call is cancelled he is unhappy. I shut him in this room and enjoy the time of being by myself, as Marketa handles him perfectly. And she has tricks how to motivate him, I don't know how she is doing it. He does his home-work eagerly, practise reading without complaining, all this b/c Marketa asked. And whatever Marketa says is true, and is the most important, and generally everyone should listen to what she says :-)Sometimes when he is naughty, I tell him 'listen, you either behave yourself or I will write to Marketa and tell her everything', and almost everytime it helps to put him back to the track. You can tell her what I wrote, as I am not able to do it myself in Czech.

For lessons with Alex, they are also great! The way she handles the group calls, I can only say we are impressed. Both Witek and I. The group is hard to manage. So Oli is the only angel, the rest are closer to devils. Miki behind the group with English, always asking for a break, Vojta vulcan of energy and also has problems to focus for this 1 hour. Mareczek sleepy or late :-)And each of them has thousands of questions 'Ms. Alex can you show us Kraken / Ms. Alex can I tell / show you something / Can I go to the toilette / can I say something to Marek / Oli/ Miki etc, etc. And she stays calm and never ever loses her temper (what I would do every day If I were her). She is doing a great job. Not every teacher can handle it this way. Plus that she is always well prepared, there is scenario for every lesson. And she shares any other resources that can be helpful for us or interesting for the kids.