Stranger Things


Col 1:1-8

(The School of Athens by Raphael)

The Good News Comes to Connect Us

We begin our series in Colossians with Paul's prayer for people he doesn't even know.

 Discovery Questions


Read Colossians 1:1-8. Make the time to pray like this for a list of family, friends, and/or neighbors daily for at least a week. How can praying like this consistently connect us better to one another? (Be realistic.)

With your family:

Spend time with your kids sharing in the task of praying for others.

With your small group:

  1. Read Colossians 1:1-8.
  2. What stands out to you in these verses? Why?
  3. What bothers you about these verses? Why?
  4. Discuss the self-reflection question above.
  5. Use this passage as a guide to pray for those in your circles of influence.
  6. Given this passage, what should you do this week?


Next week, continue in Colossians with Colossians 1:9-13. Read ahead and come better prepared.

Reading the Bible Through as a Church for 2018

We will be reading a Bible plan from YouVersion, "Walk Through The Bible 365 - April"

We encourage you to:

1) Download the YouVersion Bible app onto your device;

2) Then select "Plans" and then "Find plans;"

3)  Search for "Walk Through April" and find "Walk Through The Bible 365 - April" plan;

4) Select "Start plan."  

5) Each month you should be able to "catch me up" to the first day of each month and stay on track reading through the Bible together.

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