Dr. Daniel Scott Miller Runfola        

William and Mary        

424 Scotland Street

Williamsburg, VA 23185

Phone: 508 - 316 - 9109

Email: danr@wm.edu

Research Lab: www.geoquery.org

Current Positions

2017 - present

Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Science, William and Mary

2014 - present

Senior Geospatial Scientist, AidData, William and Mary

Academic History


May 2012

Clark University Graduate School of Geography

Primary Advisors: Dr. Colin Polsky and Dr. Robert Gilmore Pontius Jr.

Dissertation Title: Human-Environment Interactions across Space and Time

Bachelor of Arts

May 2008

Georgia State University Department of Geosciences

Summa Cum Laude; Research Honors

Past Professional Activities

2017 - 2018

2012 - 2014

2010 - 2015

Inaugural Director, Data Science Program, William and Mary

Postdoctoral Fellowship, National Center for Atmospheric Research, CU:Boulder

Senior Analyst, The Cadmus Group

Research Grants & Other Funding

Peer-Reviewed Academic Publications (* indicates with William and Mary student co-author)

  1. *Goodman, S., BenYishay, A., Lv, Z., Runfola, D., 2019. GeoQuery: Integrating HPC systems and public web-based geospatial data tools. Computers and Geosciences.
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Computer Software (* indicates with William and Mary student co-author)

  1. *Goodman, S., BenYishay, A., Runfola, D., 2017. GeoQuery: Dynamic High Performance Computation for the Retrieval of Arbitrary Spatial Data. Summary Available online at http://www.geoquery.org/. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.28363.59686
  2. *Marty, R., Goodman, S., LeFew, M., BenYishay, A., Runfola, D. 2016. GeoSIMEX: A R Package for Estimating Parameters in Linear Models incorporating Spatial Imprecision. https://github.com/itpir/geoSIMEX
  3. Runfola, D., Lv, Miranda, BenYishay, A., 2017. GeoMatch: A R Package for Propensity-Score Matching in Conditions of Intervention Spillover. https://github.com/itpir/geoMatch

Datasets and Reports (* indicates paper with William and Mary student co-author)

  1. *Batra, G., Anand, A., Goodman, S., BenYishay, A., Nyoteshwar, J., Runfola, D., 2017. A Value for Money Analysis of GEF Interventions in Land Degradation and Biodiversity, http://www.gefieo.org/evaluations/value-money-analysis-gef-interventions-land-degradation-and-biodiversity
  1. Runfola, D.M., BenYishay, A., Buchanan, G., Nagol, J., Tanner, J., Environmental Impact of World Bank Projects: A Case Study of Integrating Value for Money Analysis into Impact Evaluations. What Works? Value for Money in Impact Evaluations. Independent Evaluation Group, the World Bank.
  2. Polsky, C., Pontius, R., Giner, N., Decatur, A., Runfola, D.M., and Rakshit, R., Plum Island Ecosystems LTER Landcover, 2013.  Marine Biological Laboratory. Available Online: http://pie-lter.ecosystems.mbl.edu/content/holmes-land-cover
  3. Polsky, C., Pontius, R., Giner, N., Decatur, A., Runfola, D.M., and Rakshit, R., “HERO Object-based lawn mapping exploration of suburbia: rationale, methods and results for the NSF Plum Island Ecosystems Long-term Ecological Research Site.


Courses designed and taught at William and Mary:

Applied Machine Learning (APSC 691)
Data Driven Decisionmaking (DATA 201/301 [COLL 200])

Computational Geography (APSC 691)

Breaking Intuition: How Data is Changing Our World (DATA 100 [COLL 100])

Courses taught at other institutions:

Decision Methods for Environmental Management and Policy (GEOG 261), Clark University

Formal Training

Seminar in College Teaching, Worcester State University (Fall 2011)

Workshop on Undergraduate Mentoring, Clark University (Summer 2010)

Student Advising at William and Mary


Self-designed major advisor

Mollie Gaines, Lauren Hobbs, Noah Kim, Emma Lather, Hyun-Jik Lee, Graham Melville, Elizabeth Rosen, Campbell Scheuerman, Mallika Suri, Daniel Tay, Jennifer Traver, Audrey Way, Hemasree Yeluru, Rebecca Youngerman

Undergraduate RAs*, Monroe Scholars**, and Honors Thesis***


Institutional (William and Mary) and Extramural Service

Reviewer -

Journals & Books: Lakes & Reservoirs: Research and Management, Environmental Management, Landscape and Urban Planning, International Journal of GIS, Remote Sensing of Environment, Remote Sensing, Mitigation and Adaptation, International Journal of Remote Sensing, Elsevier Global Books, Geoscience, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Development Engineering, Nature Sustainability, PLoS One, Land Degradation & Development, Climatic Change

Grant Competitions: National Science Foundation (Geography and Spatial Sciences), Department of Homeland Security (BTI Center of Excellence), United States Agency for International Development

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