Points in AWRA sanctioned points series races are awarded according to the car count as follows.

The last place racer is awarded one point. the second to last racer gets two points, and so on. For instance, if there are ten cars competing, then the winner will get ten points, the second place finisher will get nine points, etc. here is a chart to show the points for a ten car race.

Finish Position Points

1. 10 points

2. 9 points

3. 8 points

4. 7 points

5. 6 points

6. 5 points

7. 4 points

8. 3 points

9. 2 points

10. 1 point

The Top Qualifier is awarded one point.

AWRA races are considered to be one big race and are not separated into mains. Points are awarded for the overall finish rather than for finish position within a heat. For instance, if a racer qualifies 24th in a field of 24 cars, he is not locked out of the top eight racers. He will place according to his total accumulation of laps.

Racers may appeal points standings.

The AWRA will rule on all appeals and the decision of the AWRA Rules Committee is final.