Joslin Elementary

Campus Advisory Council (CAC) Minutes

Wednesday, March 7, 2018, 3:15-4:15

PRESENT: Lindsey Taucher, Michelle Degon, Patrick Aziz, Summer McKinnon, Lisa Presswood, Julie Barschow, Mary Lynn Smith, Chris Farley, Ms. Ross, Ms. Torres, Steve Rosok Ryan Turner, Jenice Barr

  1. 315pm Call to order: by Julie, second by Chris
  2. approve last month's minutes: by Chris, secon by Michelle
  3. Citizen’s Comments : NONE
  4. Open forum/comments :
  1. French program updates by Mr. Aziz: David Kauffman reports this specialized language program can serve like a magnet program, attract strong advocates for the campus in the future
  1. Response to requests for information : NONE
  2. TUPCrockett Block Party 4/21, 11-2
  1. Needs JES booth for PR - TUP
  2. Possible show or craft by jaguars?
  1. Discussed demo by choir or craft staffed by students
  2. Legacy of Giving showcase -- Mrs. Turner and McKinnon can assist with Student Council doing a presentation of their work in advance of following week’s demo in community
  3. Sell Raffle tickets connected to spring JES event
  4. If we have 2-3 CAC & 2-3 PTA help staff, can cover the three hrs with 1 or 1.5 hr shifts
  1. AISD CAC topics -- moved in order but all were covered
  1. Discuss Federal No Child Left Behind  funding (Title 1) for upcoming school  year
  1. Prelim funding is 23,000
  1. Review prior year district and campus  TAPR  
  1. Discussed writing lag and reasons for it statewide and AISD not being highly concerned due to statewide struggles with prompt, etc.
  1. Provide input on campus budget [BTO] -- Members discussed, esp. AP, PSS, 5th staffing & Specials funding gaps in $ and schedules
  1. 5th likely be 1 classroom due to caps high and vague after 4th grade
  2. Specials will be .5 due to one 5th grade class
  3. PreK future plans with early dismissal so will need fill in gap by ExtendACare or Sunrise
  4. Set ad hoc meeting for 3/21 to discuss how to get AP to 100% staffed/funded for next year [at 90% now with current budget]
  1. Adjourn -- Chris moved, second by Mary Lynn

2017-2018 CAC Meeting Dates:

September 13th

October 11th

November 8th

January 10th

February 14th

March 21st March 7th

April 11th

May 16th

Meetings will take place in the library unless otherwise noted above.