Is developed by Filipinos?

Yes! is developed entirely by a Filipino development team at White Widget, along with assistance from volunteer Filipino doctors and translators.

Will be available in other languages?

Yes. Right now, we have 100+ volunteer translators working to make the app available in at least 16 languages and dialects across the country.

Have you reached out to the Department of Health for assistance with this project?

Yes. has been thoroughly reviewed by doctors, among them a representative from the DOH who walked us through their triage system and helped ensure that our results are as close to their guidelines as possible. We’re currently seeking formal accreditation from their department.

Why is still awaiting DOH accreditation?

The DOH has not yet released guidelines that match the nature of FightCOVID, which is a web form.

Does store any personal information?

No. Our self-assessment survey only asks for non-personal information to make recommendations. If you do opt to send your data to the DOH through our contact form, we may store that information in our servers on behalf of the Department. However, it is ONLY viewable by the DOH, and any doctors to whom the DOH grants access.

Is a replacement for COVID-19 testing?

No. only tells you if you should come in for testing. It does not diagnose you of COVID-19. The app’s goal is to reduce the number of people who go to hospitals to get tested by helping them assess themselves, based on the DOH’s guidelines. This reduces the strain on the healthcare system, and avoids accidental exposure to the virus for otherwise healthy people.

How does assess users? asks for information about symptoms, possibility of exposure, and comorbidities, then reports how at-risk you might be and whether you should go get tested. The app’s reports are developed based on a point system, which is informed by the DOH’s guidelines for COVID-19 testing.

You can see our algorithm in action with this flowchart

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You can also compare it to the DOH’s own guidelines: